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Java arrives on Heroku code cloud

Larry Cable

the controversy is ... there is no controversy!

Seriously? Oh Herouku have abandoned the full J {2} EE specification and they are eschewing implementing containers! ... stop the presses clear the back page.

This is not news, pretty much all of the current Java clouds have already done this, perhaps with the exception of RedHat/JBoss for obvious reasons ...

This does however beg the question, how does this relate to VMForce.com, which was supposed (I thought) to be a strategic partnership between Salesforce and VMWare to deploy Java/Spring etc in order to capture the enterprise developers???

funny that the keen hacks @ the Register failed to investigate ... yawn


DEC: The best of systems, the worst of systems

Larry Cable

DEC hits

Well clearly the VAX 11/750, there was a time when no self respecting CS dept around the world would be seen without at least one of these machines running BSD ...

Which leads to the 'big brother' the 11/780 and 785, and VAXClusters (HSC-1) ...

not also to forget the DECStation which introduced the MIPS R2000 processor ...

and last but not least, the much underrated Alpha line of processors!



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