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Microsoft, Nokia, and MeeGo: Are they all doomed?



Nokia Symbian smart phones aren't without their problems,either! Even with several firmware updates an N95 used to crash quite regularly. The only way Symbian could compete would be to open source, zero licensing costs. Yes I know that was tried but it seems Nokia wants an instant answer, floundering from one ill thought through decision to another. They are no doubt beginning to feel the threat to their market share as Apple and Android have matured and continue to innovate. Nokia's answer has been to bury it's head in the sand, throwing a few crumbs to try and slow the rate of defection with free music and sat nav. Nothing other than Apple's mobile OS and Android is going to florish in this market due to their widespread adoption. These appeal to different types of consumer and the market is big enough for both. Back to Nokia, I can't help thinking that this decision to partner with Microsoft is too influenced by the guy's previous employment with them. If I were a Nokia shareholder, which I'm not, I would have serious doubts over the motivation of this move. They should have chosen Android and here's why. They could have differentiated themselves from other Android handset manufacturers by (1) the nokia name is still strong. (2) create their own slick UI layer skin with enough resources to apply this quicker than the competition when the Android version iterates. (3) support previous models with updates longer than competitors. (4) rationalise the number of models, concentrate on ground breaking hardware and battery life. (5) create more than one SKU for each model, especially flag ships to have a choice of vanilla Android. That's it my 5 point plan for when this MS folly fails.


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