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Paradise Papers were not an inside job, says leaky offshore law firm

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Re: "Fox News [...] no longer cares about the truth"

They used to basically be the same as other news outlets, just a bit of a conservative slant. Oh sure, the opinion shows like O'Reilly were pretty obviously slanted, but their actual reporting of the news was hard to distinguish from everyone else most of the time.

It REALLY changed in a massive way right when Trump was nominated. A lot of Trump supporters were abandoning it because they felt it was just another MSM site and were fleeing to Breitbart and other places. I guess Fox figured they had to shift with their audience, and now it is totally indistinguishable from what it was 18 months ago, and reports on Kelly Conway's world of alternative facts. It is basically Trump TV.

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Re: Welcome to the new order

Such revelations would seem to hurt his campaign against "the swamp" when it is shown we traded in the alligators and crocodiles that have inhabited previous administrations' swamps for Krakens and Loch Ness monsters.

Unfortunately he is the first US president with state-run media at his disposal - Fox News will say whatever he wants and no longer cares about the truth - the idea that they are "fair and balanced" is as outdated as the idea Google does no evil. So he will pronounce these leaks about his cabinet as fake news cooked up by democrats and Mitch McConnell to damage his presidency and the 35% of the voters who will support him even if he shoots someone on Fifth Avenue will swallow the lies hook, line and sinker.

It might be enough to get some of them to resign, if they are concerned there is more dirt on them hidden in those documents that could lead to jail time - figuring that once they resign the press will lose interest in them and might not expend the effort necessary to dig up said dirt.

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Re: "that Russia funded Facebook and Twitter"

We haven't hit a trillion dollars in annual military spending yet. If Trump gets his way for more unneeded increases in spending, it might get to 3/4 of a trillion so we will probably reach it eventually.

When trillions are talked about in the context of US military spending it is overall programs over many years, like several trillion for the post 9/11 'war on everyone' and a couple trillion for the F35 that will be spend over a couple decades.

Google, Twitter gleefully spew Texas shooter fake news into netizens' eyes

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Re: Measles and vaccines...

Your Dad's generation had MSM to filter out the crap. Now it's practically all bullshit all the time.

Yes, pretty much this. Back in the day Alex Jones would have a newsletter you had to subscribe to, so he would only have 3000 mouth breathers digesting his daily bullshit. Now he reaches millions, and the less crazy but still well into the realm of alternative facts sites like Breitbart have provided an outlet for conservatives who felt Fox News was too mainstream (though since Trump's nomination it has abandoned all illusions of being a news outlet and is now basically the US equivalent of state run media for Trump)

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Re: In the town where I live --

That's why bloggers and talk show hosts shouldn't be equated with journalists, because they aren't interested in facts, only in getting people to believe what they want. Depending on the blogger / show sometimes it might be the truth, or a slanted version of the truth, sometimes it is lies fabricated from whole cloth. Too many people only want to hear things that confirm what they already believe.

If they think liberals are evil, a false story about the mass shooter that tells them that is welcome. If it turned out the mass shooter was a Trump volunteer and went to his rallies, that would not be what they want to hear. So why not get the lie out now that "he's a liberal" in case it turns out otherwise and that gets reported in the press - then those who have already been told he's a liberal would see the claim he was a Trump supporter as "fake news". That would confirm what they've already been told - that the mainstream media owned by liberals and lies about everything. It becomes a self-perpetuating circle.

Though as I said above, this shooter's motivation was entirely personal, and his politics - whatever they were - are irrelevant since they weren't a motivation for his actions at least based on what I've read about so it far.

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Re: The weak of mind believe this stuff

More likely Alex Jones STARTED it, rather than parroted it.

The problem here is that people who like the mislead the public have caught on that if they tweet lies that are what a lot of people want to hear, there will be enough retweets that it will:

1) be assumed to be fact by millions because they will have "seen it from multiple sources" so when the mainstream media reports differently it is seen as "fake news"

2) Fakes out and overwhelms google and twitter's algorithms, so manual intervention is required to remove the bullshit.

Every time there's a mass shooting the alt right fringe figures like Jones push memes that the shooter was a liberal to push their meme that liberals are evil incarnate. He was given a dishonorable discharge from the Navy for hitting his wife and cracking the skull of his 11 month old daughter, and attacked the church because that's where his in-laws went and he apparently had it in for his mother-in-law. His politics are irrelevant, this was personal.

Microsoft goes to bat for Dreamers: Windows giant sues Uncle Sam to block staff deportations

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How can the electorate resolve the dysfunctional legislature?

It is now so dysfunctional that a republican majority can't even repeal Obamacare despite making that a core promise for seven years. It isn't even clear they will be able to pass tax cuts, which has been a constant theme of theirs for decades. The chances may have been reduced since Trump stuck his fat nose in telling them they should include repeal of some parts of Obamacare in it, which probably dooms it in the senate even if it squeaks by the house. That orange turd is his own worst enemy.

The democrats were successful at passing a few things (like Obamacare) when they had the majority, but the democrats look to be following the path of republicans with a civil war brewing inside their ranks, so even if they take back control of congress and got a democratic president in 2020 they probably won't be able to pass anything either.

Both parties claim to hate executive orders, but somehow only seem to speak up when the other party is in the white house. But since cooperation across the aisle is seen as weakness and grounds for being removed in a primary by your own party, that may be the only way left to govern.

Official US govt Twitter accounts caught tweeting in Russian, now mysteriously axed

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Probably ordinary hackers

Accounts with weak passwords, or a known email address that was able to be compromised for a password reset.

AMD, Intel hate Nvidia so much they're building a laptop chip to spite it

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Rumor has it

This product exists because of Apple. Specifically that Apple might switch from Intel x86 to AMD x86 to get a higher performance integrated GPU than what Intel can provide. Less clear why AMD would go along with this though, if there was a chance they could sell Apple an all AMD solution.

ATM fees shake-up may push Britain towards cashless society

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ATM fees haven't made the US cashless

While many banks offer free use of their own ATMs, if you use others you might pay fees totaling a few dollars depending on the ATM. I rarely use an ATM other than my bank's, but if I'm forced to I withdraw a couple hundred dollars so that I at least feel like I'm taking less of a hit based on percentages :)

No humans allowed: How would a machine-centric data centre look?

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Re: Overthinking

More to the point, why do you need data centers with more bandwidth and less latency to schedule a damn washing machine? Talk about grasping for straws! If that's the best they can do for use cases, I say let's not worry about it until some real use cases are found.

Even if you have machines serving other machines, ultimately it is humans being served by those machines being served by machines. If we're cut out of the loop entirely, it is only because some sort of Skynet type scenario has come to pass.

OpenSSL patches, Apple bug fixes, Hilton's $700k hack bill, Kim Dotcom raid settlement, Signal desktop app, and more

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@Ian Michael Gumby

I suppose you think that Ivanka and others in Trump's administration who are using personal email aren't also doing it to avoid FOIA / Presidential Records Act? That's the sole reason anyone uses personal email, and it doesn't matter whether it is a server in your home or a gmail cloud account. It is illegal, and especially after Trump spouted off about this and still thinks she should be jailed for it, it is hypocritical of ANY Trump supporter to excuse Ivanka's behavior.

Just because we don't have evidence of her sending or receiving classified information with personal email doesn't mean it hasn't been happening - maybe you would like an investigation of her that requires finding all emails she sent or received to determine that? I mean, you supported it for Hillary, so it should be done in Ivanka's case too? Or are democrats the only ones you want to investigate, and republicans get a pass?

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Putin potentially had a lot to gain with president Trump

Russia has been hit hard by the sanctions we imposed on them after they invaded Crimea, and low oil prices haven't helped. He knew there was zero chance of Hillary letting up on those sanctions, she's always believed in economic warfare to stop bad behavior. Trump is about as transparent and easily manipulable as they get for someone with Putin's KGB experience, so he would be a dream president. You puff him up by saying good things about him, and he likes you. You say bad things about him and he'll go a Twitter rant like an angry child. If Cruz had won the nomination instead, Putin probably wouldn't care who won - he might have even preferred Hillary over Cruz based on "devil you know" logic.

There is already evidence that the Trump team was looking into relieving the sanctions even before he took office, which could have perhaps had an innocent enough explanation if not for the press starting to shine a light on possible Trump/Russia collusion. If he had done it right after taking office, as Putin was no doubt hoping he would, he would have only added fuel to the fire so it was no longer an option. If there was no fake news free press and Fox News was our only media outlet, the sanctions would already be gone, since they've been treating the collusion investigation as a joke from day one (and will probably treat it as a massive anti-Trump conspiracy when he's impeached)

Had those sanctions been lifted, Putin would be toasting his success and be plotting how to manipulate his little orange puppet into supporting him taking back more of the former Soviet empire. Unfortunately for him he may have a sympathetic ear in the White House, but one who is no longer in any position to help him.

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I wonder what the Trump apologists' excuse will be this time?

If Hillary uses personal email "lock her up!", but if Trump's daughter does it I'm sure there's a good reason why that's perfectly OK. Open records laws? Those are for the opposition, not for us!

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How is a mistake like this even possible?

Google seems to have WAY more problems with the Pixel 2 than they've ever had on Nexus or the first gen Pixel. Maybe buying just a piece of HTC's operation wasn't such a great idea - they should have bought the part that does QA as well!

Pixel-style display woes on your shiny new X? Perfectly normal, says Apple

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The ones Samsung has been making for the past year or so are pretty good - displaymate says they are nearly as accurate as the Igzo IPS panels Apple was using. A lot of what you're seeing when you see the "unnatural" OLEDs isn't the panel sucking it is the colors being deliberately oversaturated by the OEM - a lot of Android phones come that way by default. Even Samsung was doing that the first few years they had AMOLED phones. Those of us who like accurate colors don't want that and think it looks horrid, but I guess there are a lot of people who prefer that look since it is more 'dramatic'.

I have no complaints with the panel in my X, I looked at the same photos side by side with my 6S plus and the colors were identical. It is nice seeing true blacks instead of the 'very dark grey' regions where black should be if you're in a darkened room.

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Exact same panels as on Samsung S8 / Note 8

Even has the stupid pentile layout... So it shouldn't have issues better or worse than those phones. The Pixel 2 uses an LG POLED instead of Samsung AMOLED, so the problems on one aren't necessarily the same as the other.

Image retention is (eventually) an issue with OLED in general, along with off angle viewing color distortion. While Samsung did a lot to mitigate it with their next gen panels that first appeared on the Note 7 (which all reviewers said had the best display they'd ever seen, though that was largely forgotten once they started catching on fire) which is probably why Apple finally decided to take the plunge with OLED.

There are tradeoffs with any display technology, I am able to see a slight color shift for off angle viewing on my X, and just checked a friend's S8 and it is the same on hers. There is zero degradation of off angle colors on my 6S plus, but that's one of the factors were IPS is superior. That's probably less important for a phone since you don't tend to use your phone at a 60* angle. Haven't seen any image retention, but I sure hope I wouldn't after three days!

No, Samsung, you really do owe Apple $120m for patent infringement

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Their lawyers make more money if they drag the case out

Why would they tell Samsung, "well, we think this is as good as you're going to do, you should pay up" when they can tell them "hey, we have a few more ideas on grounds to appeal this, so go ahead and just keep writing us those fat checks every month for the next couple years".

Take off, ya hosers! Silicon Valley court says Google can safely ignore Canadian search ban

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Re: @heyrick

Viktor Bout is a totally different situation, that's criminal law and dealt with an individual. You can't extradite a corporation.

DougS Silver badge


Newsflash - it's also subject to the juridictions of the individual countries in which it operates.

No, its not. If I started a business making widgets, and I put them on eBay offering to ship anywhere in the world, and you found you were able to buy one even though widgets are illegal in your country, your country can't do shit to stop me selling them, nor should it be able to. If eBay has a subsidiary in your country then maybe they could get eBay to stop listing them in your country, but they sure as hell couldn't stop eBay from listing them anywhere else since your laws don't extend to the entire world.

Google is only subject to the jurisdictions of the individual countries in which it operates to the extent that it has subsidiaries that do business there. But if Google is indexing my web page for product information on my widgets, that includes a link to eBay for buying them, your country should not have the power to ban Google from indexing my page worldwide just because YOUR country has a law against possessing widgets.

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Re: Disturbingly...

What, this is a revelation to you, that Google controls its own search results? Where did you think they got them, a unicorn whispering in an elf's ear who then typed the response back to you??

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Re: Hmmm...

Well, Google has a subsidiary that is a Canadian company - Google Canada.

Now the HQ is in the US, but that's a finer distinction. If Google were a company that operated solely in the US, and just made itself available in other countries via the internet then trying to enforce something like this worldwide would be ridiculous. But they do business in Canada, selling ads there and stuff. The Canadian court has no power over Google US, but they could make life very difficult for Google Canada, up to and including legally banning them from conducting business in Canada if they fail to do as the court ordered them.

I agree completely though that this is a slippery slope from "they are indexing sites selling counterfeit versions of our stuff" on down the line to where it is "they are indexing images of Muhammed" which a few countries might have a problem with. Not to mention what leaders with nearly unlimited power like Putin, and truly unlimited power like Kim Jong Un might want to do with sites/news that say negative things about them. Fortunately there is no Google North Korea for him to be able to apply pressure on.

Over a million Android users fooled by fake WhatsApp app in official Google Play Store

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Re: Unicode is evil

OK maybe my title was hyperbole, and I should have said "implementing Unicode without considering the security aspects was stupid".

The fact remains that Unicode was brought in to solve an important problem, without considering any of the problems it would cause.

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Unicode is evil

Obviously it is necessary so we have to learn to live with it, but hidden spaces, or "a"s that aren't the same "a" as in UTF8, are going to continue to be a problem until we figure out a way to sanitize inputs to prevent trickery.

'Qualcomm, we will buy you... for... one HUNDRED... BILLION DOLLARS' – Broadcom

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Apple has a much better relationship with Broadcom

Might be easier to bury the hatchet on the Qualcomm case if this went through.

OK, we admit it. Under the hood, the iPhone X is a feat of engineering

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Re: Small battery?

Just to correct my post - the battery in the X is actually very slightly larger than the one in the 8 plus, despite the phone being physically quite a bit smaller.

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Re: Small battery?

The phone itself is barely larger than 8 and significantly smaller than the 8 plus despite the larger screen (as you'd expect with less bezel) so getting a battery closer in size to the 8 plus than then 8 is a pretty good deal. I think Apple was claiming a couple hours more battery life compared to the 8.

Apple hauls in $52.6bn in Q4, iPhone, iPad and Mac sales all up

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Re: They Must REALLY Hate Wintel

IBM would have what, 100K laptops? If they replaced 1/4th of them each year, that would be 25K in yearly sales. Nothing to sneeze at, but hardly going to move the needle when Apple is selling around 15 million a year.

Now if a lot of companies looked at what IBM is doing and decided to follow in their footsteps it would have a material impact, but it is far more likely to be a trickle than a flood. And even a flood would be a drop in the bucket compared to Apple's yearly corporate sales of iOS devices.

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Apple 'losing its mojo'

Well you can look at it that way, but consider that Apple wasn't first with any of those. There were existing products in those categories, he just took them from something that sucked and/or appealed to a narrow segment of people and made them appealing to the mass market.

Not saying that doesn't take talent, but before the iPod, before the iPhone and before the iPad you could have looked at the existing music players, smartphones and tablets and said "wow, these suck, this category is ripe to be re-invented and then it could be mass market!" You could have easily predicted that someone would eventually come along and make those products suck less and be something everyone wants, even if you didn't know specifically how it would be done.

So take a look around now, what product categories do you see that are destined to have very narrow appeal until someone comes along and makes them not suck? If you can find one, and you could see it fitting in Apple's product line, then maybe your argument that they've lost their mojo without Jobs is correct. The other alternatives though are that Apple is working on it and it isn't ready yet, or that you're wrong that the product category could ever become mainstream.

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The "peak Apple" headlines are just hibernating

Apple's stock has set new highs this year, as well as today. At some point it will drop due to the market in general dropping, bad news/rumors, or due to Apple failing to meet analyst expectations. If the drop is large enough and over a long enough period of time that the Reg feels safe that a quick rebound is unlikely, you can bet the Peak Apple headlines will be back. Everything peaks eventually, if they keep calling it eventually they'll be right!

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Re: What is the point of the cash pile?

They've bought back nearly a quarter of their outstanding shares in the few years, paid a pretty decent dividend, and still their cash pile grows. If tax laws change to where they think it is attractive to bring it home, they would probably ramp up their buybacks and dividends. While you probably want to keep a few tens of billions in your sock drawer for a rainy day, anything beyond that isn't a good idea to keep around as it can only tempt management into buying stuff they don't need (like all the idiot analysts who keep writing articles about how Apple should buy Netflix)

Hardware has never been better, but it isn't a licence for code bloat

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Re: a couple of observations

The code density is actually better with ARM64 due to instructions ARM32 lacks like conditionals. iOS 11 should require less RAM than iOS 10 did since they've dropped all support for 32 bit code. Previously the kernel had to support 32 bit APIs because you were allowed to run 32 bit apps in iOS 10 (which would cause 32 bit libraries to load) If you actually ran 32 bit apps (which would have been common when the 6 came out, but pretty uncommon by the time of iOS 10) then it had to load a bunch of 32 bit libraries also which used up even more RAM.

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Try upgrading to iOS 11.1

The .1 release is always faster on old hardware, I think they don't optimize for the older hardware on the .0 because they are more concerned with getting the new features stable and everything work on the brand new iPhone models. All the beta users have been reporting more battery life in 11.1 so probably should perform better as well since CPU would seem to be the only thing you could improve - a software update can't isn't like to make radios or the screen use less power.

Qualcomm sues Apple for allegedly blabbing smartphone chip secrets in emails CC'd to Intel

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Re: What risks?

Yeah look at the Apple/Samsung cases that are still ongoing. If the courts ruled Samsung couldn't sell the phones at issue, I'm sure they'd shed a tear that phones they haven't sold in six years or whatever and are effectively obsolete (pretty sure they pre-dated LTE) can no longer be sold!

In fact, I'm sure sure that sales bans were taken off the table years ago because of that, and it is now down to fighting over dollars. If Samsung manages to get the award down to a small enough amount, having to pay Apple's legal fees will be a bigger hit than the damages themselves.

For fanbois only? Face ID is turning punters off picking up an iPhone X

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Re: TouchID has same problem

You're perfectly free to do that. The iPhone X offers Face ID, it doesn't require its use.

Funnily enough, when Qualcomm's licensees stop sending in their royalty checks, profits start going south

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Re: Could be....

Imagination probably will need some time to poke around at the new chip and the Metal 2 API to figure out if it infringes on their patents. They need proof for a court, not the supposition they had before the A11 was even out there.

It is difficult to enforce GPU patents simply because you don't know how the chip works so you have to infer it from APIs and behavior. Delidding and using an electron microscope to look at the circuitry is possible but fantastically expensive.

DougS Silver badge

I wonder who the other company withholding payment is?

It pretty much has to be Samsung - Qualcomm already lost an antitrust action in South Korea so Samsung has solid ground to stand on back home, and they are about the only company other than Apple that really has a need for a sizeable number of Qualcomm chips due to the CDMA requirement for Verizon/Sprint in the US.

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Re: Could be....

They wouldn't need to repatriate any money from overseas, they could use debt (borrow against the overseas cash) or more likely buy it with shares of Apple. It won't happen though, Apple has never done an acquisition even remotely close to the size of Qualcomm, and wouldn't want to buy all its other businesses just to obtain the modem IP.

Heck, they couldn't even reach a deal with Imagination a couple years ago to buy them for a fraction of the cost for their GPU IP - probably because they'd also inherit contracts to deliver GPUs to customers for years. Imagine all the long term contracts they'd inherit buying Qualcomm, which might be difficult to offload even when they later sold off all the stuff they wouldn't want like the Snapdragon team, the IoT chips, and so forth.

'The Queen' is showing Geneva how to be polite on public transport

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Re: Well she's the Queen, isn't she?

Jubilee line; When she cut the ribbon; When it first opened

Doesn't count if she was riding with a bunch of dignitaries and not the hoi polloi.

DougS Silver badge

Well she's the Queen, isn't she?

Of course people would be polite around her. And you can't help but be polite to the Scots Gard and the Monopoly Mascot.

Let's get three people dressed as a millennial, a slow moving overweight man, and a Arsenal fan and see how polite people are around them!

Anyone know if the actual Queen has ever ridden the Tube in her life?

So, tell us again how tech giants are more important than US govt...

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Re: Applying pressure on Twitter

The only thing Trump is using Twitter for is helping build the case against him that will ultimately result in his impeachment (though interviews with the "Enemedia", especially after Comey's firing, have been at least as damaging but still are his own words)

DougS Silver badge

Applying pressure on Twitter

If they push too hard, Twitter doesn't have to be based in the US. They have only a few thousand employees, and could probably relocate to Vancouver over a period of a few years - to give time for employees who want to move with them to do so, and replace those who won't move and don't do something they could continue to do remotely.

There wouldn't be anything the government could do about it - sure Trump might complain and issue his usual meaningless threats. But the fact he would tweet those threats would show how toothless they were!

Slashing regulations literally more important than saving American lives to Donald Trump

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Re: Wow

If the democrats did something you felt was right, and was supported by unions, would you believe they are doing it for the right reasons, or because their big union donors told them to? Politicians only care about getting re-elected and amassing more power, and campaign finance is necessary for those things to happen. They listen to the guys paying them the millions, not the people.

You live in an alternative world with alternative facts, where only democrats are corrupt, and republicans and Trump always act for the right reasons. You are going to experience a major case of cognitive dissonance when he's impeached next year. I suppose you'll attribute it to traitorous RINOs, and still maintain he's innocent of everything. Heck, you probably believe Nixon was innocent!

DougS Silver badge

Re: Wow

The claim was the reason had nothing to do with "hey that's anti-privacy and a security risk" but was done because of lobbying by deep pocketed telecoms that are among the largest corporate republican donors.

If this administration was pro privacy, we wouldn't see them pushing for renewal of warrantless wiretapping, have a deputy AG suggesting that if the feds can't get a backdoor into our encrypted communications they should a way to access our plaintext communications, and so forth.

Not saying the Obama administration was any more pro privacy (or Bush's, or Clinton's where Clipper was born, and so on) but let's be real here. The privacy/security based reasons most Reg readers find this idea extremely distasteful and risky have nothing to do with the reasons the Trump admin is shitcanning it.

Tesla hits Model 3 production speed bumps, slides to loss

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Reportedly at least two of the people laid off had consistently high performance reviews, and had never been given any negative feedback about their performance, so unless they're lying it seems unlikely they were dismissed for performance reasons.

America's 2020 Census systems are a $15bn cyber-security tire fire

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It has always been part of the executive branch, what Obama did was have the White House oversee it instead of the Commerce Department.

Facebook vows to double staff with new cadre of Net Police

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Maybe its finished

But there has to be somewhere for the people leaving to go. After getting used to being able to connect with their friends in this way, most people aren't simply going to give it up.

They obviously aren't going to Twitter, they are already in decline and the stock price is showing it. Ditto for Snapchat. I see some friends whose only "posts" on Facebook are sharing photos via Instagram, so maybe people are going there?

Maybe it isn't just one place, and there are people going to a number of different places, but if anything is subject to network effects it is social networking, so a diaspora across a half dozen different platforms seems unlikely - if Facebook experiences a downturn people will end up going somewhere else in similar numbers, eventually.

One thing I have noticed is that my business page gets less and less "organic reach" as time goes on. They want people to pay and are reducing the reach deliberately, no doubt. As businesses see it is no longer useful to be on Facebook unless they pay ever escalating fees to get the same reach they once got for free, they'll find alternatives as well.

Some may retrench on the web, some may have a custom app developed (you can get branded "custom" apps for a given class of business like restaurant, retail, etc. pretty cheaply) and encourage your customers to download the app by making discounts or promotions available through without having Facebook act as a toll collecting middleman.

Simon's Cat app rapped for random 'racy' advert

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I find it hard to believe anyone could vomit watching What's Buzzin' Buzzard, or any cartoon violence.

OK, maybe a few people with weak stomachs might hurl watching Itchy and Scratchy, but that's a gag cartoon with deliberately ultra extreme violence (it is the cartoon Bart and Lisa watch in a number of The Simpsons episodes for those who don't know) where Scratchy is often beheaded, sliced into thin slices suitable for sandwiches, etc. by Itchy.

Micron gets edgy with 256GB surveillance SD card reveal in China

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Edge storage is worse

The only case in which it helps is if your cameras use wifi and someone tries to interrupt the wifi - but no one actually relying on the cameras to actually help in the case of criminal activity would ever use a wifi camera! If it is wired then cutting the wires also cuts the power so you are out whether you have edge storage or not. If you damage the camera and render it inoperative you're out whether you have edge storage or not.

Edge storage is worse for camera damage though since enough damage could destroy the SD card and eliminate PAST footage unless it is also simultaneously streamed to a central repository. It also makes it possible for someone to steal the SD card and look at that past footage, unless the camera supports encrypting the storage (and people can be bothered to change the default key of 00000 or whatever)

So in sum no advantages over central storage (unless you are dumb enough to use wifi cameras) and some serious disadvantages over central storage AND its more expensive? Yeah, I'll pass!

Google reveals rapid Bluetooth gadget connection tech

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Why would anyone be an early adopter of a Google invention?

Considering they just junked their public key pinning, and regularly can products/services they've offered for years with little notice, does anyone want to bet this will last?

If they think this is so great, they should submit it to the Bluetooth org to become part of the next standard. I guess its dependence on Google's cloud makes that a non-starter - any reason why that should be other than "because Google wants to slurp more data"?

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