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Plan 9 moves out from Lucent licence space

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Re: how would this go on phablets ?

Linux may have some legacy support for outdated hardware, but you can compile most of it, or remove the code if you know for sure you won't need it.

Like they did with Android, for instance...

Similarly that's why Apple cut down OS X to run on their mobile devices, creating iOS, rather than just running full fledged OS X, which would include support for stuff that the iPhone has no use for, like fibre channel and multiple discrete GPUs.

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Re: how would this go on phablets ?

Its minimal and lightweight because it has been mostly ignored for a couple decades, so some functionality is missing. If you add everything it needs to be used on a modern mobile device, it will no longer be minimal and lightweight when compared to Unix.

Time Warner merger great for Comcast, but not for anybody else

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Comcast needs to be forced to divest NBC and other networks

Having a provider with 30% of the market, and owning one of the major networks and a large number of regional sports networks has anticompetitive behavior written all over it. Comcast already uses its regional sports networks to exclude the competition, it will be 10x worse if this merger goes through.

China's smartphone market slows down

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Re: Slowing down?

Rumors or not, I think everyone has Apple's release cycle figured out by now. Anyway, Apple's sales percentage in China isn't large enough to change growth into contraction even if every iPhone owner in China sits still waiting for the iPhone 6.

The pause is more of an issue for those competing on the low end of the smartphone market, because those customers have less money and are less likely to see a reason to upgrade until their phone breaks or becomes way out of date.

Going from 3G to 4G isn't enough of a reason to upgrade in my book, when LTE was added where I live I didn't notice any real difference in performance from HSPA+.

Fibre Channel Industry Association extends roadmap to 128G bps

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Re: What is the point of defining channel bonding?

First you claim arrays have latency measured in milliseconds, which is only true if you're reading and it isn't served in cache, then you point out cache as a reason why throughput matters. Can't have it both ways.

There are a lot more situations where latency in a SAN lies in your performance critical path than situations where throughput lies in your performance critical path. More importantly, throughput can always be increased in the rarer situations where it is critical by adding more FC links. There is no similar simple solution for addressing latency.

Granted there are some niche cases like HPC or big data where you need massive throughput from a SAN, so use FCoE for that if FC just isn't fast enough. But I don't see the point of FCoE otherwise, certainly not because it offers more throughput, in the more normal case where the throughput current FC provides and its roadmap offers proves more than adequate.

FCoE is nice for small shops who don't have a dedicated storage team, because it is easier to install and manage with existing team members / skill sets than a FC SAN is.

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What is the point of defining channel bonding?

That's always been possible with FC, using ISLs and multiple FC cards along with OS support (e.g. Powerpath, VxVM etc.)

Seems more like they're worried about 100G FCoE stealing some marketing thunder at some point, so they want to point and say "we're even faster than 100G!"

Million-dollar new disk tech could be USELESS for array vendors

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Why would these be bad for general purpose arrays?

General purpose arrays write to cache and SSDs, and only occasionally stage out to spinning rust. So the limitation of needing to write in half gigabyte blocks (or whatever the shingle size is) shouldn't be an issue.

Neither is vibration. It would be rather easy for an enterprise array to take measures to isolate drives from vibration, if that's required to get a decent life span from them.

I'd be more concerned whether there's enough of a win in capacity to make it worth the bother. Hard drive density has barely moved in the past few years, and unless shingles or HAMR start moving the needle, I doubt the EMCs of the world, or their customers, are going to be too eager to jump on the bandwagon of a new and not yet well tested technology for a mere 25%-50% capacity increase.

Google to banish mobe-makers using old Androids: report

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This might backfire on Google

Either it encourages them to keep pace with Android development and not take up valuable time to market by developing their own skins, or they decide they don't really need Google Apps all that much and start striking deals for Bing, Nokia Maps, and so on.

People aren't too pick in the low end of the market where all the smartphone sales growth is now restricted to, they can always install a Google search and map apps if they don't like Bing and Nokia Maps or bookmark the sites.

Elitist approach still paying off for Apple in mobile market

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Apple's share price doesn't predict any future growth at all. Its P/E is very low (below 10 if you back out that massive cash holdings) and is not much higher than that of utilities, and in the same ballpark as industrial giants like Exxon.

Their share price can't really get much lower than it is now for a sustained period of time unless market sentiment said that they were going to shrink in the future.

MtGox fallout bogs down Bitcoin traders as malleability issue goes mainstream

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Re: hmm

That probably has a lot to do with the fact that most Bitcoins aren't in circulation, but are being held by early adopters. Compare that to traditional currencies, where well over 100% of outstanding money is in circulation at once (due to fractional reserve banking) which tends to minimize such large swings in value.

One good thing from the Flappy Birds crapp flap: It's a handy 'tech' media rating system

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Re: Great...

I believe I read that it was the #1 download on the Google Play store as well.

Chinese mobe-makers in pincer movement to corner Qualcomm

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You do realize that Qualcomm can't move to the US since it already is and always has been an American company. Based in San Diego.

HTC looks to cheaper phones as revenues wane

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We can't compete with Samsung and Apple in the high end market, so we're going to compete in the far more cut throat low end market against a horde of Chinese brands that will undercut our low prices and we'll continue to lose money at an even faster rate due to the higher turnover.

Nokia to launch low-cost Android phone this month – report

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Re: Nickname the 'Snide Phone' ?

It is all well and good to make a crazy claim, but in order for anyone to take it seriously you have to back it up.

How exactly is Microsoft going to "destroy Android" by releasing an Android phone? Make one that really sucks? There are already sucky Android phones available, one more won't matter. If someone buys a Nokia Android and gets a bad taste in their mouth and vows to never again buy Android, I don't see how that translates into a Windows sale. That crappy phone they hated also said Nokia on it, and since they're about the only ones selling Windows phones that dissatisfied customer probably ends up in Apple's lap. That doesn't help Microsoft at all.

Unless they succeed in taking over Samsung's role in dominating Android and start to exert some control over its direction, I don't see how the presence or absence of an Android phone from Microsoft/Nokia will matter to Android as a whole in any way, shape or form.

Netflix speed index shows further decline in Verizon quality

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These numbers are mostly meaningless

They don't adjust them for the speed of service that is being paid for. Google Fiber doesn't offer anything below 100Mb, so it makes sense it would be at the top - though I'm surprised it doesn't report higher speeds than that.

At the bottom you find DSL providers as there are still some out there selling basic packages with only 1.5Mb for $9.99 for life - and in rural areas that's often the best you can do, slow DSL (or slow cable modem) is your only choice if you live outside of the city limits.

Often in rural areas a number of customers share a single line that's not much faster than what any one line they pay for is, which works fine for web browsing but breaks down when customers try to stream video. That drags down the average significantly compared to providers like Verizon FIOS who only operate in limited markets and don't serve rural areas at all.

Apple investor Icahn backs down on share buyback plan

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Re: Greed or stupidity?

If all Google does is keep generating the same profit year after year, it deserves a ~ 10x multiple that is typically assigned to such stable companies that aren't seen as having much in the way of future growth prospects - i.e., Apple and Exxon.

Google's 19x multiple indicates the belief it will keep growing its earnings. Since advertising is the only business that makes Google any significant cash, they have to keep pushing more and more ads to people. A LOT more ads given that the rates they are getting paid for their ads keep going DOWN as a double digit clip each year.

In order to justify their current valuation, they might need to start delivering more in your face style ads that people don't like, but that generate better rates because while people dislike them they tend to produce better results (or at least those paying for the ads believe that to be the case, as evidenced by the fact they're willing to pay more for them)

Apple in bid to turn MORE and MORE humans into iPhone-stroking fanbois

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Re: These aren't for phones

Snow proof? Are you claiming sapphire has some magic quality that allows it to melt any snow that lands on it?

Though it would be funny to see the analyst backpedaling that would result if the sapphire was for the glass in their stores, and not for the phones.

DougS Silver badge

What does sapphire have to do with this stupid headline?

Apple is going to make and sell as many iPhones as they can, regardless of what type of screen it uses - sapphire, Gorilla Glass, or transparent aluminum. Same as Samsung, Nokia, HTC and every other phone maker.

Gamers in a flap as Vietnamese dev pulls Flappy Bird

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Re: Must have been those $50,000 a day

Living in Vietnam, after a week of making $50K a day he's probably made more than he could spend in his life. Unless he changes to a western lifestyle.

His email box was probably filled with 95% hate mail from people complaining about how hard the game was and how much time they've wasted on it and 5% scumbags trying to take his money.

A cynical westerner like you and I would just change our email address and be unaffected by all that, but that doesn't mean everyone could blithely assume everyone with a mother needing an operation is a scammer.

Woz he talking about? Apple co-founder wants iPhones to run Android

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But who wants it?

I can't imagine there are more than a handful of people who really want to run Android on an iPhone. Maybe it would be sort of useful on a 3gs that is no longer getting updates, but who is going to buy a 5S and want to run Android on it - in 32 bit and probably giving up access to the fingerprint scanner since Android won't have drivers for the specific hardware that the 5S includes.

There are probably more Android owners who wish they could run iOS - I'm thinking of those who want a bigger phone but can't get it from Apple so they switched to Android for that reason, but who may go back to iOS if Apple actually does release a bigger iPhone someday...

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@Callam McMillan

OK, let's say there are a lot of people like you who would buy an Apple phone for the hardware/design, if you could run Android on it instead of iOS. Are there people who are your opposite - those who make that choice now, and only buy Apple for the hardware, but wish they could be running Android?

If there are, iOS will lose sales due to this new product. If the new product has lower margins, they'll also lose profit. There need to be more of you than there are your opposite, and you have to be willing to pay a fairly hefty price (i.e. it isn't going to be sold at Moto X prices, Apple has never competed on price)

Seems rather risky to me, the upside is limited unless there are millions of people like you, and it risks making iOS developers a bit nervous about the future of iOS - they'd be worried "what if half of all iPhone customers switched to the Android iPhone?"

Bitcoin value plunges as Mt.Gox halts withdrawals and Russia says 'nyet'

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Re: Interesting

How is "trading messages including numbers" any different than sending an email ordering a trade of 50 kilos of heroin or 50 eight year old Thai girls?

The content of the message isn't at issue, it is what the content represents - which in all cases (yours and my silly examples) represents something of value to others. You can argue that Bitcoin trading shouldn't be illegal, but not on that basis.

DougS Silver badge

I wonder if it was deliberate?

If Mt Gox sees a lot of people trying to unload bitcoins at once they stop the sale to keep the price from going into freefall. Similar to the "circuit breakers" stock markets use to prevent overly large drops from all the program trades if something happens that makes them all want to sell at once.

In fact, I wonder if the program traders have got into the bitcoin game? It has very volatile pricing and multiple disconnected markets. That's the perfect market for program trading. I'm sure Russia banning Bitcoin trading would be exactly the sort of event that would cause every program to sell sell sell all at once.

Cisco asks court to bin Rockstar patents

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Probably because it is wrong

I think we need something more than an utterly unsubstantiated claim in the last paragraph to believe that's the case. You can't invalidate existing agreements like that unless the original contracts state they're only valid so long as Nortel is a going concern. Since Nortel would have been the last company to believe they'd go under as quickly as they did, I highly doubt they'd even think to include such a clause, let alone find others foolish enough to agree to it.

If I rent you a building on a 10 year lease, just because I sell the building, or I go bankrupt and my creditors take it over and sell it to someone else, that doesn't invalidate the lease contract you have. The assertion the article makes is ridiculous.

Apple cash stash dash results in Icahn v CalPERS bitchfight

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Re: The annoying thing is...

Share buybacks are not considered an expense, so wherever they buy their own shares they don't affect their tax bill. Buying their own shares, wherever purchased, counts as repatriation of the funds and causes the tax bill on those funds to be due just as if they'd transferred them from offshore to Apple HQ's bank account.

The tax attorneys at Apple, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Cisco, GE, Exxon and so forth are very good at their jobs, and there isn't anything us peons could think of is both legal and hasn't already been thought of/done.

Apple in patent cross-hairs AGAIN

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Last paragraph is far more interesting

Apple and Google working together pressing for relief from patents trolls! How is that not a bigger headline than yet another patent troll lawsuit? This troll has already sued Nokia and HTC, and surely Samsung will soon follow.

Perhaps this is a worthy patent, but they seriously overestimate its value by asking one company with only 10% of the overall mobile market share to pay $2 billion. Most people never make an emergency call, and it is pretty much only during major disasters that the cell network becomes congested enough that the "priority" feature would matter - things like 9/11 or the Boston marathon bombing.

Probably less than 1% of subscribers have a circumstance where this patent matters, and as a percentage of all calls placed, emergency or not, it is probably on the order of one in a billion.

How many keys can one keyboard have? Do I hear 200? 300? More?

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A dedicated keyboard for a single app?

If you use Photoshop all day you'll remember the shortcuts you typically use. If you use it only part of the time, you may have other apps you need shortcuts for.

Seems like it would be a better idea to write a tablet app that makes the tablet appear as a Bluetooth auxiliary keyboard to the PC, and lets you create your own touchscreen "keyboard" containing whatever shortcuts you want - with some predefined ones for popular apps like Photoshop. Lay the tablet flat on its back near your actual keyboard and you can have the keyboard pictured (well, maybe not with THAT many keys on a typical 7" or 10" tablet...)

But why do that when you make people pay a lot more for a single purpose device with a much narrower target audience?

Schmidt gets $100m in Google stock on top of his $6m bonus

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Re: Come on now...

Cook DOES NOT get $700 million in annual compensation. He was granted 1 million shares of Apple, half of which vested five years in the future (2017, I believe) and the other half vesting ten years in the future (2022) This was a one time grant, and the $700 million figure was based on Apple's stock price at the time, it would be somewhere over $500 million today. While $50 million a year is nothing to sneeze at, it is a long way from your ridiculous claim.

With Schmidt getting $100 million every few years, he's getting a similar level of compensation as Cook is.

Google Glassholes, GET OFF our ROADS, thunder lawmakers in seven US states

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You must implicitly trust the police to be OK with a catch all law like that which is totally up to the officer's judgement. If the cop doesn't like you, they can claim you were driving without undue care and issue you a ticket.

Unless you're swerving all over the road, the proof that you were driving without undue care and attention typically consists of the fact someone in front of you rear ending the car in front of you.

The other thing making a law that specifically bans a certain activity while driving is that it makes it easier for the victim to sue the guy who injured him. If wearing Glasses at all is illegal, it is easy to prove. If you have to prove they were actually in use at the time, the bar is a lot higher.

Boffins demo re-usable paper and waterjet printers

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You can't be serious

How much printing do you think you'd have to do to use even a gallon of water? You'd have to be in some sort of dystopian future water shortage where baths & showers are banned and people are allowed only weekly sponge baths for this use to be considered wasteful.

I agree on the second point, I can't see reusing paper more than a couple times at most unless you handle it like it was one of the four surviving copies of the Magna Carta.

Apple stores? Samsung says two can play at that game

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Re: Good luck to them

So because you want to buy stuff for less, Samsung should sell it for less? I think they'd prefer to copy Apple's profit making "price to what the market will bear" strategy rather than your race to the bottom commodity strategy.

Snap! Nokia's gyro stabilised camera tech now on open market

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You are unaware of the limitations that affect cameras, or believe in magic.

You are woefully ignorant of what metamaterials are, or the physical law defying "magic" that they are capable of.

DougS Silver badge

Sensor size

You can add all the fancy stuff you want, all the megapixels, all the processing.

It comes back to the problem that cell phones have really tiny CCDs. Until they can work out a way to make them much larger without having a big thick protrusion all these improvements will only be at the margins. Someday we'll see a phone with a lens made from a metamaterial so they can use a 1" CCD but still have a thin body without the lens protruding and the pictures it'll take will make everything else look look a decade behind.

Hello Moto: Lenovo grabs Motorola biz for $3bn. But Google's KEEPING the patents

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Re: Google to keep Motorola's Advanced Technology group

Google was invited to be a part of the Rockstar consortium, but they declined. Why did Google bid on the Nortel patents alone, rather than along with Apple, Microsoft et al, if they wished to own those patents for defensive purposes only?

Bonk to enter: Starwood Hotels testing keyless check-in via mobe

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Re: How secure is it?

You mean hack the bluetooth, since it uses that rather than wifi? Presumably it uses some sort of challenge/response system, which would make it much more secure than the current mag stripe card based "key" most hotels use that have a simple code written on the mag stripe. Hopefully those use more than a simple 4 digit PIN but I wouldn't be terribly surprised if that's all it was, since it would still make a "try every combination" attack impractical.

Blank cards are essentially free and the equipment required to read/write the stripe is under $100, so I don't know why you pretend there's currently a high bar to gaining access to someone else's hotel room.

Behold the world's first full-colour 3D printer

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I'm sure the first color laser printer was wildly expensive

Now they're affordable for the home. Hopefully someday the technology for a home user to 3D print in color and using more durable materials like metal becomes a reality in a decade or two.

Google patents ROBO-TAXIS to ferry punters into advertiser's shops, restaurants, etc for free

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Speak for yourself

I enjoy driving, but I'd happily give that up for being able to be driven around by a computer that does it more safely, and allows me to do whatever I want.

No reason to deal with the hassle of airports for flights under 1000 miles if it were possible to have my car take me an overnight trip while I sleep (in a lie flat seat) surf the internet, watch recorded programs I transferred from my home DVR, or whatever.

DougS Silver badge

A sponsored car?

So while I'm driven to the shop "for free" I'm bombarded with constant advertising I can't turn off? The equivalent of a "click" for this is speaking up and telling the car "yes, I would like to take a detour to Frank's Flower Shoppe to pick up the dozen roses on special for $9.99!"

I think I'd rather own my own self driving car so I can tell it where I want to go and be driven in peace and quiet if I so choose...

Apple's Tim Cook: Fear not, worried investors, new product salvation is 'absolutely' on the way

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Re: @Arctic fox: not enough for the stripey-shirted-brigade and the rest of their fellow sharks

But Apple has P/E ratios that barely crack double digits, and are single digits if you factor out their cash.

Amazon, on the other hand, has had a triple digit P/E ratio forever, and despite reporting barely any earnings at all, since their sales keep growing the analysts give them a pass year after year and claim their inflated stock price is justified.

DougS Silver badge

High end "smartphone" market is mature

All the growth is now in the low end feature phone replacement market. Samsung reported a significant drop in sales for the quarter following the release of their flagship phone. Apple reported record sales this past quarter but the upcoming quarter (i.e. quarter following the release of their flagship) they expect flat growth.

Why are analysts surprised, did they think Apple was going to keep growing until they sold 7 billion iPhones every year?

WhisperSystems creates 'suicide pill' for phones

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Re: Something more for the arresting team to look out for.

They'd like to, but I doubt they have the money required to develop something like that and deploy large numbers of them to the police.

That's more something an advanced intelligence agency like the CIA or the Russian and Chinese equivalents would use for special targets, not places like Syria trying to crack down on thousands upon thousands of people.

DougS Silver badge

Automatic Google account backups make this useless

Instead of torturing you to get them to give up your phone password, they torture you to give up your Google account password. Same applies to an iPhone with an iCloud password.

Sure, you could have a second innocuous account you give them, but if they know you have a known association through other means (such as having already gotten into someone else's call/text history and know you've contacted them) they'll see through this quickly and torture you even more.

You simply can't have any backups if you want to adopt this strategy. Surely if you're in a repressive regime losing your contact list is the least of your problems if you're taken in by the authorities? Though perhaps better than wiping your phone would be a controlled wipe that deletes certain information but leaves other information intact. A freshly factory reset phone is going to be treated with suspicion by the type of people who consider rubber hoses a warmup for the real interrogation.

While alerting your family/friends what happened to you is a very good idea, using SMS for that alert is a terrible idea. Repressive regimes tend to own or control the telecom infrastructure, so that text message just gives authorities a way to find out who the important people are in your life and their phone number. Good luck trying to give them a fake name if your phone alerts your mother, your two sisters and your wife. Better to send some sort of encrypted message through a service that isn't under the control of the regime, and where the list of addressees can't be seen by the authorities.

If you must use SMS, it should be to some out of country number that receives a code word/phrase that is automatically translated by the computer receiving it into a separate SMS to those you designate to prevent the government from identifying them quite so easily. And only works once, so the authorities can't keep texting it and figuring out which numbers in their country receive messages every time they do.

Smartmobe market tops ONE BEEELION a year for first time

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As always "smartphone market" is no longer a useful term

The reason it is growing on the low end is that it is eating away at the feature phone market, and within a few years the smartphone market and the mobile market will be the same thing.

If they showed the market percentages at different price tiers (say under $150, $150-$450, and $450 and above) it might be more interesting. Samsung's growth certainly isn't all coming from the high end, but is it coming from the midrange or low end? How about new entrants LG and Lenovo? I haven't even heard of a high end Lenovo phone, do they have any presence in that market or are they selling a lot of $100 smartphones in China?

Apple declares war on PAYPAL: Pay-by-bonk + iTunes = profit, right?

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Re: What if they take NO cut of the payment?

19% growth of 2% of their profit is nothing compared to 6% or 7% growth of over 80% of their profit.

The problem with trying to replace current payment systems is that everyone wants a cut. Merchants (in the form of paying less, or better yet, nothing) payment processor, credit card companies, and banks. If phones are used, then carriers, hardware OEMs and software OEMs (i.e. Google/Apple/Microsoft) also want in on the game.

Everyone wanting a piece of the pie and those who are currently getting it not wanting to give it up have resulted in the stalemate we have now. The stalemate is only broken if someone finds a way to take the whole pie for themselves or take away the pie entirely so there's nothing left to fight over. Would Apple like to take the whole pie? Sure, every company involved would. The problem is, you have to make consumers want it and have to make merchants want it, which are incompatible with taking the whole pie for yourself.

DougS Silver badge

What if they take NO cut of the payment?

Merchants would be falling all over themselves to get set up for Apple payments if Apple takes no cut, because they could save the 1.5 - 4.5% that current payment processors take.

So what's the incentive for consumers to use this solution? What if Apple required merchants to apply an automatic 1% discount to the sales price for people using their payment system? The merchants no longer have "free", but still save money over the cut other payment processors take. That will give further incentive for merchants to implement the solution, because they'd risk losing customers to other places who have the discount. It is similar to the cash back deals on credit cards, but the discount is applied immediately. The discount could be variable depending on where you shop, similar to how you get a bigger cash back when buying gas (because those merchants pay 5% or more to payment processors, due to all the credit card fraud that occurs at gas stations)

Why would Apple take no cut? Because they make 90% of their profits through hardware sales, so if they make merchants want to support it, and consumers want to use it, they can make iPhones more popular. It would only take a 1% increase in iPhone sales to pay for this many times over.

Apple is pretty consistent that they choose increases in hardware sales over making money on software/services, so this strategy would fit in with that. People like to whine about the 30% cut Apple takes from the app store (which Google chose to match, rather than undercut) but they don't realize that developers used to give up much more than 30% when they sold software in stores.

Tunguska object came from Mars say Russian boffins

DougS Silver badge

Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator

Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!

A real life Romulan-Klingon alliance: Google, Samsung sign global patent pact

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Unlikely to cover everything

I'm sure the deal is limited to certain markets that include stuff like smartphones, tablets and laptops, and the software running on them. Google won't get access to Samsung's patents on fridges, ships or DRAM chips, and Samsung won't get access to Google's patents on search or advertising.

A broad cross licensing agreement that covers all patents is typically only done by companies that compete in the same industry. Other than Android, there is almost zero overlap between these two companies. A full cross license deal would make as much sense as Apple and GE signing a cross licensing deal.

Is Google building SKYNET? Ad kingpin buys AI firm DeepMind

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Re: You're thinking too hard

You think because some acquisitions, like Motorola, or the Rockstar consortium's buy of Nortel's patents were for patents that all are? It is hard to see Nest being worth $3.2 billion based on patents (well, it is hard to see it being worth $3.2 billion by any measure, I guess)

Sometimes companies acquire another because they plan to use their technology. It is a lot easier to see where Google might use the type of stuff DeepMind is working on to improve their core search technology by making it better able to know what it is you're actually looking for when doing a search. DeepMind may not even have any patents, some companies operate more in terms of trade secrets - as Google does for its latest versions of search software which are not covered by patents.

Similarly, when Apple buys SnappyLabs they're probably buying it to integrate into iOS, not because Apple wants to try to fight others based on camera patents.

Sync'n'steal: Hackers brew Android-targeting Windows malware

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People are overlooking the obvious

Yes, this particular hack has a list of preconditions that make it fairly unlikely to successful hit very many Android devices.

That doesn't mean a future attack won't be more successful, if a bug was found in the basic USB code. And yes, it could possibly target iOS as well if a bug in its USB was found, at least those iOS devices owned by people who don't use Macs (not denying that there is some malware for Macs, just that OS X has proven to be much more difficult to compromise than Windows) The catch with iOS is that most people update frequently, but if you find a hole that's present in the latest version that's not a problem.

It is relatively easy to own Windows machines, the problem lately has been what to do with them to monetize them. You have to do it quickly, as AV software will soon detect the infection. If you could attack people's phones, since few people worry about having their phone hacked, you could catch a lot of people unaware - especially since the malware can then quietly delete itself from the computer so AV software is unaware it was ever infected. Such an infection may stay under the radar for AV companies for a long time.

If the strategy was well executed, millions of phones could be infected, and no one would know. Imagine if a practical joker did the attack instead of a thief, and had it make all infected phones ring at exactly the same time. It would be pretty funny if you were in say Times Square surrounded by thousands of people and suddenly 1 out of every 10 phones rang at once...

Apple now spends more on chips than top three PC makers combined

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Price is irrelevant, they buy those in tiny quantities. HP has always spent a fraction on Itanium CPUs of that they spend on x86 CPUs. Even when you factor in the price of Itanium that spending has never come close.

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