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Money? What money? Lawyer for accused Silk Road boss claims you can't launder Bitcoin

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That would be a pretty big hole in the law

If you actually have to exchange "money" for money laundering. If you could exchange gold, diamonds, Ferraris, or something else that's not legal tender in the US and avoid money laundering charges, you'd think no one would ever be guilty of it.

After all, the end goal of money laundering is to take something of value received for illegal transactions that may link you to those transactions and replace them with something of value that won't link you to those transactions. All that is required is that you can exchange that "something of value" for something else you want. Sure, untraceable bales of $100 bills is best, but ownership certificates for a warehouse full of copper ingots in New Jersey or Beijing will serve the same purpose, as you'd be able to borrow money against it and use that money to buy Ferraris, beach houses and hookers, which are all a drug lord really wants in the end.

'iPhone 6' with '4.7-inch' display 'coming soon', but '5.5-incher' 'delayed'

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My hunch

Is that the 4.7" phone will be pretty much the same size as the current one, with less bezel. I doubt those who like the current form factor will be too displeased by more screen in a phone that's the same size/weight.

The 5.5" one will actually be bigger, but probably thinner since the larger size means more area for battery, and thus less thickness is required for the same battery life despite the larger display.

DougS Silver badge

Only in the tech world

Can an unannounced and rumored product be "delayed".

When I started hearing rumors of a 4.7 and 5.7 inch iPhone coming with the iPhone 6, the original story was that the 5.7 incher would be coming later. So if it does come later (whether as 5.7 or 5.5 inches) was it delayed, or was that the plan all along?

The only thing for sure is that Apple isn't talking about future plans, so this is all baseless speculation by analysts who are paid to guess, and collect paychecks whether they're right or not.

New Sammy patent trial: Apple seeks $40 PER 'infringing' handset

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Re: Historically, the market leader has been the ...

Samsung hasn't always been ahead of Apple, you know. Back when the lawsuits started Apple was well in front of Samsung.

And you're wrong that market (share) leaders are the ones getting copied. Is Ferrari getting inspiration from Honda's designs, or the other way around?

Dish and DirecTV deal: Damned if they merge, damned if they don't

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Re: One flaw in the analysis


If Comcast & TWC were required to divest their content ownership (NBC, various sports networks, etc.) and prevented from acquiring any for a decade, then I wouldn't have a problem with the merger. But if they have a near-nationwide football and control a lot of content, that sets the stage from them charging ridiculous prices for their content as a way to force consumers to choose them over other cable or satellite companies.

Watch your brain LIVE in 3D, then train your mind from inside it

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What do you mean there's no app for this?

Hopefully that will be fixed ASAP.

Hot, young under-25s: Lonely slab strokers who shun TV

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Its because of price

Once you add up all the ancillary costs, cable/satellite TV can easily exceed $100/month. Its a value judgment for them, cell phone and internet are absolutely far more important. And they do own a TV....what do you think they plug their Playstation/XBox into?

iFixit boss: Apple has 'done everything it can to put repair guys out of business'

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It isn't because they're "out to get" the poor third party repairmen

As everyone knows, Apple is freakish about controlling everything in the customer experience. Repair is part of that, and they don't want dodgy repairs done by some guy in a mall kiosk.

Because they don't expect third parties to repair the phones, or even in most cases their own store employees, they don't need to compromise the design or manufacturing process to make it easier to repair. Gluing everything down is hell for repair, but it guarantees the phone is rock solid and there's never a noise/rattle, and glue is lighter than screws.

Honestly, the type of people who are bothered by Apple not doing anything to help third parties repair their products are the type of people who are bothered by their control over the App Store, the fact you can't replace the keyboard with an alternate one, the fact it doesn't have a removable back, etc. so they weren't going to be Apple customers anyway.

Samsung Galaxy S5 in El Reg's claws: This time the 'S' is for 'sensible'

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Re: But it's waterproof

I don't think it is possible to have an easily removable cover and be truly waterproof at the same time. But I don't get why people worry about how easy it is to remove the cover anyway. I used to have phones with a removable cover, which I only did once or twice ever - and regretted it on my KRZR as the back never snapped into place quite securely after I removed it, so it came off every time I dropped the phone or looked at it cross eyed...

Sick of walking into things while gawping at your iPhone? Apple has a patent app. for that

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Need a third camera

If there was one angled at 45* forward from the back (or down from the side) it would be more useful.

But no, I don't want to see them waste money putting in a camera that is only for idiots who walk and text at the same time without looking up. If for no other reason than because it is funny seeing the occasional video where someone walks down a manhole or off a pier while texting!

Original iPhone dev team was 'shockingly small' - Apple engineer

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"Successful projects ... devised by me"

With very little in the way of support from management.

If you did them on the clock, you damn well did have support from management.

GNOME 3.12: Pixel perfect ... but homeless

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GNOME is done, they just don't realize it yet

When Fedora comes to their senses and switches to Cinnamon as the default, the GNOME project may as well shut down because few will go out of their way to install the Linux version of Windows 8.

Microsoft frisks yet another Android gear maker for patent dosh

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Re: Dell does build Android slabs

And I'm sure Microsoft will appreciate the hundreds of dollars of royalties they'll collect from the dozens that are sold.

You TWITS! Facebook exec erects billboards shaming texting drivers

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So you turn off the GPS

People who want to text in motion will find a way around a lamebrained technological limitation. Well, unless you're advocating making it illegal to be able to turn off your phone's GPS.

Damn, I'd delete that so the NSA wouldn't see it and get a great idea on how to track us even better, but they probably saw the moment I typed it so I might as well post it.

DougS Silver badge


He said they were taken as a passenger.

Candy Crush King sees IPO go sour as stock price heads south

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Which will be the next flash in the pan billion dollar IPO?

Flappy Bird or 2048?

Gr8, it's the new M8! Ideal for that celebrity funeral selfie

DougS Silver badge

Re: Are they going to bother to advertise it like Samsung will the GS5?

Its no myth.

I saw some numbers a few days ago showing smartphone advertising spending for 2013 for Apple and Samsung (Samsung a shade higher than Apple) and HTC with like 1/6th of Samsung's spend.

The idea that HTC "can't afford it" is silly. If advertising did nothing to increase sales, then that would be true, but if that was true then the entire advertising industry would have been found out as a fraud and gone under decades ago.

DougS Silver badge

Are they going to bother to advertise it like Samsung will the GS5?

Or will it sink into oblivion with most people never having heard of it just like the One X?

Apple vows to add racially diverse EMOJIS after MILEY CYRUS TWITTER outrage

DougS Silver badge


The emojis on my iPhone are yellowish, not pinkish. African Americans shouldn't complain any more than white people, as they resemble neither.

If anyone should be bothered it should be Asians, as it plays into the "yellow devil" stereotype. But AFAIK this stuff mostly originated in Japan, so... A lot of them have very "slanty" looking eyes, as a matter of fact. If Apple had designed these itself they'd probably (and rightly) be called racist!

What's scary is that Unicode is 32 bit, so they could add millions of these things to account for every possible skin tone if they try to please everyone. Hopefully Apple made the request to get them off their backs, knowing it will go nowhere.

Revealed: What the US taxman really thinks of crypto-cash Bitcoin

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They require even illegal income to be reported

If I made $1 billion in cash from selling drugs, I'm supposed to report it and pay taxes on it. That's how they took down Al Capone. For tax evasion, not for running the largest bootlegging operation in the country and ordering countless people killed.

Facebook swallows Oculus VR goggle-geeks. Did that really happen?

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I think Facebook had overtaken HP as the biggest corporate suckers with the $19 billion thrown WhatsApp's way. $2 billion for a VR headset that makes Google Glass look like something your grandma will be sporting tomorrow just puts them further ahead.

Microsoft is now in third place, and without Monkey Boy at the helm any longer they may put bad acquisition hell behind them. Google has made a few boners, but is still well back. Apple is way off in the distance, as they haven't ever made an acquisition that cost even a half billion, let alone joining the 11 digit acquisition club like Facebook and HP have (and Microsoft would have if Yahoo had been smart enough to take their money and run)

Apple says sayonara to Samsung's ninjas: iPad, iPhone don't infringe comms patents – report

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Re: 안녕히 가세요 ( annyeonghi kaseyo.) not Sayonara

Why are Japanese words inappropriate in an article about a lawsuit happening in Japan? If the trial was happening in Germany then you might have a point, but now...not so much.

Apple to switch HUMAN iPhone-juicer-fiddlers with ROBOTS – report

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Re: It seems to me...

Even though a robotic factory costs about the same anywhere (assuming you don't try to put it in the heart of super-expensive Silicon Valley) the supply chain is still mostly based in China.

There are PR advantages to doing it here, but probably added supply management headaches. And I'm not sure if the people who buy "made in the USA" would feel the same about something made by American robots in America, rather than American workers in America...

DougS Silver badge


If in a few years Apple is able to make iPhones/iPads almost entirely by robots with human labor no longer required, Apple will be pilloried for putting hundreds of thousands of Chinese out of work!

AMD: Why we had to evacuate 276TB from Oracle DB to Hadoop

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Re: @intrigid

Perhaps I was exaggerating (or should have said "276TB isn't overly large") but to me how many databases are smaller is less relevant than how unusual a database larger than that size is. Having consulted on a project a couple years ago where one database utilized several fully loaded VMAX arrays, perhaps I'm jaded.

Probably 99.9% of all programs are shorter than 10K lines, but that doesn't make a 10K line program large.

DougS Silver badge


276 TB is small in the database world.

Another day, another nasty Android vuln

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Re: Bricked??

The "point" for some is just to cause discomfort for people. Imagine the vuln packaged in an app someone can use to brick their ex's phone.

And yes, requiring a restore from the bootloader is "bricked" from the point of view of 98% of the userbase.

DougS Silver badge

387,000 characters?

I guess they didn't feel the need to bother doing any bounds checking since XML code doesn't use fixed sized buffers? How's that working out for ya?

HP exec: 'It's our GOD-GIVEN right' to rule the world of biz fondleslabs

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Only if Surface gains significant market share

In others words, no.

Zuckerberg, Musk and Fake Steve Jobs invest in secretive AI firm

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We hear this every few years

I remember when Wolfram Alpha was going to do this. Instead it is answering Siri queries using the same definitely-not-AI search-based technology that Google uses for Google Now queries.

Every new AI startup claims they're going to simulate the brain in software, but find that since we don't actually know how the brain works, that doing so isn't so easy, so they fall back on writing software that uses methods completely different from what the human brain uses.

I don't think we'll ever achieve AI by simulating the human brain, because we don't even know exactly what, if any, role that quantum mechanics takes in the function of a single neuron, let alone across billions of them. We may someday have machines smarter than people, but their thinking will be as different from ours as the way a car moves from place to place is different to the way a human moves.

Move over Microsoft: RealNetworks has a GOOGLE problem

DougS Silver badge

iPhone helped kill it also

As web sites started to care about mobile accessibility, Flash video and Real video had to be tossed because neither could be viewed on an iPhone.

Even people who despise Apple and everything they stand for should salute them for having a hand in killing Flash and its retarded little brother, Real video.

Hey, Glasshole: That cool app? It has turned you into a SPY DRONE

DougS Silver badge

Who says it happens every 10 seconds?

Pictures are taken every 10 seconds, but the images may only be uploaded occasionally - such as when you're already accessing the internet. Think you'd notice the difference if it saved the uploading for when you're accessing Google or Facebook?

The software could upload very fuzzy images and allow the attacker to request full resolution versions as desired. Such as to catch the moment when you pick up your credit card and the CVV2 code is visible.

This is a "proof of concept" attack now, which isn't too useful with a single picture every 10 seconds. But that's mainly due to the absolutely shitty battery life of Glass. The 2020 version may have battery life and storage sufficient to take a picture every second, and could grab the Glasshole's PIN number, computer passwords, etc. It isn't attractive if there are only a few weirdos who use it like today, but if they managed to get it to catch on it becomes an attractive target for hackers because seeing everything someone else sees means you can steal from them very effectively porn.

US saves self from Huawei spying by spying on Huawei spying

DougS Silver badge

Cisco is US approved and Huawei is not

Until we can successfully install the same backdoors in Huawei kit we installed in Cisco kit years ago.

Android update process gives malware a leg-up to evil: Indiana U

DougS Silver badge

"All OS-es are exploitable"

"...and the ones with >70% market share are a desired target."

I'm pretty sure iOS would be nearly as desirable a target, since it has a much higher share among affluent customers / countries as compared to its overall share.

Tornado-chasing stealth Batmobile set to invade killer vortices

DougS Silver badge

Re: I always wonder at thing like this..

I highly doubt a tank, even with the turret removed so it looks less threatening, is street legal.

DougS Silver badge

Re: Are there any test results?

EF5s are very rare, and more common EF3 and less aren't capable of lifting/flipping a heavy vehicle that doesn't allow the wind to get under it.

Unless they're (un)lucky enough to hit the EF5 jackpot on their first outing, it will be "tested" on your garden variety weaker tornadoes first, and they'll have some empirical data on whether it is merely crazy or truly insane to drive that into the path of a EF4 or EF5.

As an Iowan, I'm proud of my fellow residents' ingenuity. I just hope I don't see it driving around town on a "mission"....we had a EF3 cut a path straight through the center of town about 7 years ago, so we're not supposed to be due for another in my lifetime!

AT&T and Netflix get into very public spat over net neutrality

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Re: Wait a minute...

Why collect only from the party at one end when you can collect from both? Isn't that the point of being a middleman?

Those not from the US need to remember we're the one place in the world where the person calling and the person being called both pay for a cellular telephone call (at least for those who are still on per minute plans) Ditto for text messages. The telcos are used to screwing us, and can't understand why we don't shut up and bend over.

Microsoft exec: I don't know HOW our market share sunk

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Here's Microsoft's problem

They saw smartphones and tablets coming. They had both on the market before Android or iOS existed.

But theirs were not designed for consumers, they were designed for Windows geeks. They didn't think normal people would want one, so their needs weren't taken into account when designing them. Those Windows geeks like Paul Thurrott happily eat whatever shit Microsoft puts out, so Microsoft got great feedback and thought they had a winning product. For the market they targeted, they did.

They didn't realize that normal people would ever willingly buy and use a smartphone or a tablet. Sure, there was Blackberry, used by a combination of PHBs and teens who text like its their job, but they didn't think that market was worth trying to take. When the iPhone was announced, they thought Jobs was crazy trying to sell a smartphone to normal people.

By the time they realized that's exactly what he was doing, and that Android would be able to take a similar product with similar appeal to the mass market instead of being restricted to Apple's high end market (I'll bet it wasn't until spring 2009 they figured this out) they were too late. They had to start from scratch, and were destined to be an asterisk in market share at that point.

ZOMBIE iPAD PERIL? Cyberbadness slinger touts tool for iOS

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Re: Really?

This is a rootkit for sale - exploit not included. I would imagine there is great demand to hack into iOS devices. They may have only 10% of the worldwide mobile market, but the places they have highest share are the richest countries.

So the author ports his rootkit and sells it, proving it will run by showing it doing so on a jailbroken device. Figuring out an attack that would get it onto non-jailbroken devices is the buyer's problem. If no one ever figured out a way to get it onto an iPhone the rootkit author still makes lots of money.

Every little helps: Dirty MOLE BANDITS clean out Tesco ATM from BELOW

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Re: Ah for £86k I'd soil myself too....

The article says they spent months. Presumably they drilled through the concrete floor overnight, but had all the rest of the dirt already moved.

Depending how many months, and how many there were, they might have earned more money digging for a road crew than they earned from this.

Facebook hacks out PHP alternative

DougS Silver badge


Seems like in the Web 2.0 world, the solution to every problem is "create a new programming language". Add this to Java, Javascript, Ajax, XUL, HTML5, C#, PHP, Python, Rust, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and wait, what are the 59 others I'm missing?

Microsoft alters Hotmail policy amid blogger inbox probe outcry

DougS Silver badge

You should assume all providers will do this

I assume Microsoft will read Hotmail if they want, Google will read Gmail, Apple will read iMessage, Facebook will look through your photos with face recognition software, etc.

Even if you can read the T&Cs without having an aneurysm, we all know they change their T&Cs regularly, and can assume that 99.9% of changes are not in our favor. It would be a full time job to read all the updated T&Cs, privacy policies, shrink wrap licenses, etc. that we deal with in our daily lives and truly understand them. Even then apparently if the NSA tells them to jump and lie about it, they say "how high?" while telling us their feet never left the ground.

Hate to sound like I'm defending Microsoft here, but I guess I'm way too cynical to be even slightly surprised. How stupid did that blogger have to be to use a Hotmail account when he's dealing with stolen Microsoft IP? Not as stupid as a Microsoft employee had to be to correspond with a blogger using a Hotmail account. Would it have killed them to create a GMail account and use that for this transaction?

Tor Project claims 'fake' Tor Browser sat in iOS App Store for months

DougS Silver badge

How do they tell the difference

Between "app loaded with adware" and "free ad supported app"? They're the same as far as I can tell.

Now if it had spyware, that's a different matter.

QUIDOCALYPSE: Blighty braces for £100 MILLION cost of new £1 coin

DougS Silver badge

Re: How exactly does this prevent counterfeiting?

Three months? Wow! Totally different than in the US. AFAIK, they have never made a legal tender note no longer legal tender, they rely on interception/replacement by the Treasury.

The newer US $100 bills are quite different than the old ones, but everyone is so used to seeing them it wouldn't raise an eyebrow having them in a stack. If I withdraw $1000 from my bank in cash and they give me 10 hundreds, they are rarely all the same type.

DougS Silver badge

How exactly does this prevent counterfeiting?

How many years/decades will the old pound coins still be accepted by vending machines and bartenders? The US has introduced several new generations of $100 bills to fight counterfeiting, but the old bills are still accepted and I still get them back at casinos sometimes when I cash in my chips. I think banks may remove them and trade them to the Fed for new bills and destroy the old ones, but a lot of $100 bills circulate around without ever reaching a bank.

If I want to counterfeit pound coins, I'll counterfeit the old ones and the new ones will be irrelevant. It will take a long time to remove them from circulation if what I see with the $100 bill is any lesson (and I'm talking about bills really within circulation in the US - the bulk of US currency probably circulates outside the US.

Likewise, someone counterfeiting $100 bills would obviously target the old style ones from the 80s, give them a nice worn look, and mix them in a stack of $100s when buying chips in the casino to "launder" them. The blackjack dealer just stuffs them down a chute without checking them. Another good way to launder them is to mix them in with bundles of 100s used to make an overseas drug buy. The drug dealer isn't putting that money in the bank, so he probably doesn't "care" too much if they're counterfeit, so long as they'll pass when he's buying whatever drug lords buy with the bales of cash they end up with.

Proof Apple is GOING BACKWARDS: It's trying to patent a Newton-ish touchscreen stylus

DougS Silver badge

Probably intended for graphic artists

And probably more for those using a Wacom on a PowerMac, not so much on an iPad.

Google wearables: A solution looking for a rich nerd

DougS Silver badge

Re: deja vu all over again

What you do back in 2001 is you don't attempt a tablet at all, because if you can't do it right, the product isn't worth trying.

Apple started work on the iPad before the iPhone, but knew that they'd have to wait a while to get sufficient CPU/graphics at a low enough power, so they did the phone first. If Microsoft had done so, they wouldn't have had over 15 years of failed tablet efforts (don't forget "pen computing" back in the 90s!) in their wake (I'll be charitable and consider Surface merely lackluster rather than failed)

The question is, is the time right to do a smartwatch "right"? If it is something people will ever demand at all, it will need certain capabilities and performance. This is a problem for Google because they must release a platform to prevent more stuff like Galaxy Gear that doesn't use Android, but they risk OEMs doing it too early or just plain badly and damaging the brand.

Apple can afford to wait until they think the time is right and all the pieces are in place and not release until they think they'll hit another home run like they did with the iPod, iPhone and iPad. They don't care if Samsung and Google beat them to market. They weren't first to market with a music player, smartphone or tablet, either.

Gartner: Array makers. Think performance counts? WRONG

DougS Silver badge

I don't think the comparison is unfair

Typically you'll use a high end array for business critical apps. Some of them may be specialized (SAP or whatever) but even general purpose filesystems containing web pages may be on a high end array if that web server is considered business critical.

You use less costly midrange storage for apps that don't reach the CEO's attention when they go down.

Say CHEESE: Samsung files patent for transparent camera

DougS Silver badge

Transparent display?

Is it transparent in both directions? It would be a bit hard to compose the shot since the display will show what the actual picture will look like, but what you see through the display will be completely different.

There's no value in the photographer seeing through the display, and I can't really see why the subject(s) should be able to see the photographer through the display except for "ooh, that's neat!"

Ex-Autonomy boss Mike Lynch goes nuclear: Claims HP 'misleads' its own shareholders

DougS Silver badge

Re: I am not a crook

Isn't "crooked accounting and piss poor due diligence" also a possibility? Knowing HP as I do, that latter half seems likely no matter what type of accounting Autonomy had.

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