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Disaggregated hyperconvergence thinks storage outside the box


Re: not for mainstream applications?

Hi Nate, the work has already been done to allow async infrastructure with storage separate to the compute for Hadoop. Its used in the HPE BDRA (http://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA6-3295ENW.pdf) . Avoids the common problem of a customer buying 100s of 2U rackmounts and realising their ratios are not matched to the use case (not enough CPU for instance).

Cheers, Alex

AMD's new Carrizo: The x86 notebook processor that thinks it's a GPU


Re: Interesting

Hmm, I'm not sure I see the single DIMM being an issue in a shipping laptop or say a Stream Mini. A few reviews have picked this up but (personally) I'd rather have 1x4GB and easily take it to 2x4GB rather than it arrive with 2x2GB. The less tech savvy probably won't actually notice the performance difference to be honest, those of us who are save a few pennies to upgrade.

Agreed that everything should ship with SSD but again that's price points for you.

Bugger the jetpack, where's my 21st-century Psion?


I'd really like a keyboard case for my Lumia 1520 to create a modern clamshell to be honest. I think WP8.1 will support keyboards so here is hoping. Bought it as an alternative to a home mini tablet and a business device, love it for business use so a clam-shell case would be ideal. Same thing on an Android Phablet for the Android user. Either way could be best of both worlds and a more jacket friendly option than the proliferation of Ipad Minis with keyboards attached.

ARM server chip upstart Calxeda bites the dust in its quest for 64-bit glory


Re: moonshot? x86 is Proprietary!

Argh, Calxeda....didn't check the spell checker!


Re: moonshot? x86 is Proprietary!

Hi Alison, I can't comment directly for the Moonshot team but I believe on the Caldera front the target was their upcoming 64bit update rather than anything shipping so would have been tricky.

The ARM based TI solution was announced as in the labs for testing at Discover. Its primarily focused on DSP workloads. If you look at those signed up to Pathfinder on HP.com you can see ARM licensees such as Applied Micro and Cavium. We've announced Intel and AMD x86 solutions as well because Moonshot is workload centric rather than general purpose, so the intent is to have a broad ecosystem of x86, ARM and other solutions to give the right solution to a number of tasks. If your particular interest is ARM then there will be multiple ARM options don't worry (and with AMD and NVIDIA being on Pathfinder that may already be two more large and established companies).

I don't think you'll find a wider ecosystem of SoCs anywhere :). Hope this helps change your mind on HP here. Cheers, Alex

Intel Centerton server-class Atoms: How low can you go?


HP Moonshot 45 x Centerton in 5U (4.3U with 5U spacer)

HP Moonshot already has 45 x Centertons in the first available configuration for exactly the reasons and requirements you have covered. Additional cartridges are to be launched but indications have been given on future configurations including quad node so not hard to look at potential counts per unit depending on workload and cartridge used. And all the benefits of iLO and HP CMU.

Good to see an article concentrate on real world usage scenarios rather than obsessive per CPU theoretical benchmarks which tend only to be applicable to HPC and the like.


Windows Phone 8 hasn't slowed Microsoft's mobile freefall


Amusing that the US is seen as an arbiter of good taste only when it suits...

It might not be doing well in the US, no doubt because the best 920 option is way too heavy for the average american blogger to cope with. Seems to be doing significantly better in the rest of the world, UK figures are geting better and relatively strong growth in the rest of Europe. Perhaps a slightly lower corn syrup intake in Europe allows the strength to cary a whole 60g extra weight in the hand?

It's official: Nokia bets on Microsoft for smartphones

Thumb Up

Great news, will help both a lot.

Rather unfashionable for the Reg it seems but WP7 is a fantastic OS. Whilst upgrading my HD2 from the POS that is WP6.5 to Android has been great for me it still feels old, clunky and fugly compared to my WP7 Optimus.

Looking forward to some nice hardware from Nokia and glad that increased visibility will help even more apps appear on the platform.

Also really pleased that the usual MS haters are so put out, fantastic.

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