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OS X Lion paves way for "Retina Display" monitors


But aren't our retinas insufficient?

Does it really matter having these super-resolutions when you sit 1-2 feet from a monitor? I thought the whole "magical" thing about the retina display was it was pretty close to maximum resolvable pixel density when held at a distance that you use the phone? As any fule no, the further you are from an image the lower the acceptable / discernible resolution required. Hence magazines are higher dpi than billboards. You see the same effect in reverse when you sit too close to your friend's massive HDTV and see all the jaggies.

So the only need for such high densities and resolutions are if you are sitting close to a massive display?


Google, antitrust, and the 'Copygate' hypocrisy



I wasn't suggesting SEO was a good thing, but you can always game an algorithm. Google is constantly fighting to avoid others gaming its own "black box" whilst currently trying to demonstrate that it can game Bing in a small number of very special cases. Indeed it is using Bing's tools, in combination with a spiking of its own results, to do so - in effect doing SEO on its own "synthetic" results in Bing. Bing seems quite robust to such gaming (as I imagine is Google), since only a small percentage of such efforts were effective. It is of interest that Google had to install the Bing toolbar and agree to send clickstream data to Bing in order to do this - this is hardly the same as Bing trawling Google's index to "copy" the results. It is not like Bing is robo-searching and mimicking the returns from Google - it is optimising its own search based upon user data - some of this data comes from clicks originating at Google. I bet much more comes form other sites, including Bing itself.



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