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Mumsnet backtracks support for net filter


Mumsnet are not that daft

"we must censor the entire internet just in case a kiddie sees something meant for adults"

Sorry, but had you seen the discussions you might have been surprised to see that Mumsnet was definitely not in favour of all-out banning fo pornography, but did feel an ISP-based block or filter would be a solution they could support.

They 'pulled' their campaign page and are rethinking because there were several aspects which challenged the benefits. They acknowledged they were not technical experts from the start, so were going on advice. How suitable or correct that advice was came under question, and the situation regarding filtering meant that while hard core porn would have been blocked (with the option to unblock if the account holder contacted the ISP) it was pointed out that violent and other sites would not be blocked.

The bulk of parents do have concerns, and many can be "run rings around" by teens and younger, who have known little different than being able to use a computer from a young age, but Mumsnet were willing to listen to concerns and criticisms and no doubt will look very carefully at future proposals from the Minister and the ISPs.

As has been written elsewhere, it's refreshing that rather than ignore critics, they have been flexible enough to adapt to feedback, even though they had (justifiably) been thinking the solution proposed would meet with general support as it appeared to meet the main aim.


UK.gov plugs £10m into North Wales 'superfast' broadband rollout


roll out the early phases...

... in one of the wrong places. Nothing against Pwllheli but...

The largest town in north Wales, Wrexham (*), with a University, is left out, along with Bangor and Aberystwyth in Mid-Wales on the coast (which also have Universities)

BT has announced plans for mostly south Wales, while a few other placesoutside S Wales are included (as there is competition, perhaps) ...

Connahs Quay - has Sky ... from 30.09.2011 - Hawarden - has Sky, O2 + Be

(*) Wrexham, 20,000 lines (and Wrexham North, 10,000 lines serving some of the nearby villages)



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