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First reports on XM-25 Judge Dredd smartgun in A'Stan


not quite

it isnt that the 5.56 has less range 9(it has greater range in an sa80 when compared to the ak47).

it comes down to kinetic energy. the Russian round hits harder, ours does not.

however, our rifles carry more rounds, due to the smaller size. I have read recently that there may be a move over to 6.5mm boat tailed rounds for NATO. If this happens it will be a win

Paris Hilton

How embarrassing

You don't actually know the meaning of the term 'firefight' in the context of military actions do you?

If you did, then it would have prevented you from leaving such a retarded post because you would have been safe in the knowledge that the term 'firefight', when used in a military context describes the gun battle - i.e. shooting at each other.

The quality of posts on the reg has taken a massive dip down.... Such a shame.

Paris, because even she isn't this stupid.



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