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Angry Sunfish in piscene boss battles



"immersive simulation" ? Don't tell me that's not deliberate

Got a few minutes to help LOHAN suck?


A tank full of water - will produce a pipe full of water vapour

Can't help thinking that all the 'pipe full of water' solutions will merely produce a long hose with quite a high pressure of water vapour in - maybe not a large fraction of a bar but probably higher than the 10 mbar target. Putting a large cold trap in full of liquid nitrogen would take out all the water vapour and most of the gases but again probably wouldn't get down to 10 mbar. Pumping is the only true way!!


Vacuum pump

For 20mbar or so you need a rotary vane vacuum pump. If you look on Ebay you can pick up these for a couple of hundred quid. Once you've done with it you can sell it on and probably not lose too much money. Be aware that these pumps produce a fair amount of oil mist in their exhaust (especially when starting to pump down a volume) and that you don't want to breathe that in.

I assume that this pump isn't meant to continue to function once the rocket starts firing - you would need a much, much bigger pump to cope with that.

If you talk nicely to Edwards High Vacuum they might be willing to lend you a pump for a few days in exchange for a mention in the article

Doner kebab saves bloke's life


Do you want ketchup with that?

Seems a suspiciously accurate measurement of blood loss unless somebody is standing there with a graduated jug. It usually looks more than it is

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