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Fearful of the drone-filled skies? Get some protection

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This is the knock-off. The real thing must be interesting.

Someone needed to make some money with a proof-of-concept product without offending anyone.

People needing *real* protection will want things like insect-sized accuracy, for insect-sized drones, lasers to disable cameras, high-powered radio jamming, processing of detected signals against a database of commercial drone products, the ability to remotely control any drones that allow it, and various other additional features, not to mention something that doesn't broadcast its own operation over easily available channels.

And *obviously* you can't even BEGIN to approach such a thing from the poor side of the law. You should at least be a corporation, and preferably some sort of military/civilian collaboration. Otherwise, if you can't catch it with a butterfly net, you should probably leave it alone.

This is going to get amusing in a bit - if you like dystopian science fiction.

China drafts in parent army to battle internet addiction

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2 hours a week?

Schoolkids? 2 hours a week? Are they going to ban reading books too?

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