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WHEEE... CRUNCH! iPad Mini tops list of most breakable slabs, mobes


Re: I the rest of the report is read

I dropped my iPhone 5 into my koi pond's deepest point while picking out some trash. The water was cold and shoulder-deep, but I kept groping around for almost 5 minutes until I found it. It was still working. I turned it off, let it dry indoors in an airy spot for a full day, recharged it and turned it back on. That was five months ago. The phone is still working just fine. I use no protective cover at all on my iPhone 5. A cover would ruin the incredibly svelte feel of its ultra-thin, ultra-light design.


Pretty Darned Tough

I used to delight in skimming my iPhone 4 across my gravel driveway, then gouging at it with my keys. That was to show doubters that it was hard to break when well protected. It was protected by a Zagg invisible Shield.

One more thing ... Beijing green lights iPhone in China


Mao's Mecca

China is more evil than the U.S., though it is friendlier to free enterprise. But that only goes so far. There can be no doubt that China's government is in control and can destroy any company's business in China anytime it wants to.

Be very careful about your China investments,Apple. The government believes it has an absolute right to take everything you make.

China controls the banks, what is taught in the education system, and the health system. These are Lenin's three main vectors to control the population and obtain absolute,dictatorial power.

Why do you think the U.S. government controls the banks,the ability of colleges to accept students who can get loans, and administration of our health care system, Obamacare?

Don't get me wrong. V.I. Lenin was a great hero to the Russian people, who still line up to view his preserved body under glass. He kep Russians working, refused to cave in to Europe and made sure only a few hundred thousand people starved under the managed economy.


Re: 5C insult?

An Obamaphone it ain't.

Thumb Up

Re: NSA: Thanks Apple for all the China traffic

The NSA will have a very hard time bypassing Apple's fingerprint technology, if I am correct in my understanding of what the security experts have said.

South Korea: We're 'concerned' that Obama saved Apple from ban


Re: WTF?

Samsung DID NOT negotiate in good faith. The dissenting judge pointed out that Samsung made one offer and one only. That is not negotiating. And in that offer, Samsung demanded that Apple turn over some of its best iPhone patents in return for allowing Apple to use its patent. The law specifically prohibits attaching such strings to Frand patents. Such strings are expressly viewed as not fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory.

If you're going to write about this stuff, at least get do enough digging to get the facts, rather than just report what Samsung said in a press release.

PEAK iPHONE? Apple mobe growth slumps to ‘lowest in its history’


It's easy to see

iPhone 5 is so fast that it's easily still faster than the newest Samsung, despite Samsung's faster chips. This because of better iPhone code. Samsung phones break or fail one-third more often than iPhone. Tests confirm these results on several Web sites. How much better do iPhones have to be to outsell Samsung? Well, it's not a matter of better. When you can buy 2 Samsungs for the price of one, when Samsung counts every phone it ships, wold or not, as sold, it's hard to compare figures. When Samsung lumps toghter cheap phones that baresly qualify as smart with newer phones, and when Apple makes 75 percent of profits from smart phone sales, you have to raise a few red flags.

You have to raise even more red flags when you learn that Samsung is paying a lot of money to bloggers to trash Apple with what amounts to whopping packs of lies and misleading statements.

Will Samsung's patent court doc leak backfire spectacularly?


Re: Pretty much what others are saying.

First of all, Apple's phone "look" was unique when it came out. Now I see dozens of Androids that look so much like iPhone I can't tell them apart without a close look. If that look was so obvious, how come no smart phones looked like that until Apple made one? Android: "I passed for iPhone." Apple: "That's not allowed." Second, the supposed Sony drawing was actually an Apple drawing of what a Sony phone "might look like." It was, as such, bogus. It was not what Samsung said it was. Third, the drawings showing that Samsung had already started designs that looked like iPhones were believed to be faked for two reasons: First, Samsung argued that it had designed phones similar to iPhone before iPhone was introduced. Had that been the case, they would have presented drawings months or even years ago to prove their case. But they did not produce the drawings until the very last minute to get them entered into evidence. They could not argue that they designed iPhones before Apple did at trial without the design drawings, so they made some. Samsung's drawings look suspiciously like drawings Apple provided early on to Samsung for purpose of Samsung producing some of the chips Apple would use in the device. And fourth, Samsung has been caught lying before on other matters.

In a recent survey, 60 percent of Chinese consumers said they bought their iPhones because of the way they looked. Only 30 percent cited functionality and ease of use. Darned right people who can't afford iPhone will buy Android look-alikes to obtain equal coolness factor.

Samsung contends that it had drawings that looked like iPhones long before iPhone was introduced. That contention is believed to be false. So are the drawings offered at the very last minute by Samsung to back up its claims made months ago. So that would-be evidence has been rejected by the judge.

If Apple hadn't done the iPhone, there wouldn't be any Samsung Android phones. Android would have been a Blackberry knockoff, which it was at one point, before Eric Schmidt, then Google's CEO and Apple board member, became aware of iPhone development. Trying to educate Android zealots is hard work. So I quit: This is my last post on this thread.


Re: I will be the first to admit that....

As an Apple stockholder, I would be much more upset if Apple failed to defend its intellectual property from obvious theft.


The judge rejected Samsung's fishy drawings because she believed, based on several obvious facts, that they were faked.

Tim Cook rejects Apple's old business model of suing everyone


Re: Inventing

How well did the Star Trek tablets scroll, pinch, and expand content, by the way? And what about

those transporters? When Apple comes up with a way to do that, will they be unable to patent the process because they figured out how to do it on Star Trek?


Re: Inventing

The fact remains that had there been no iPhone, there would not be Samsung phones that I cannot distinguish from an iPhone from a distance of more than 5 feet. Had there not been iPads from Apple, there never would have been exceedingly similar-looking pads from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc., etc. They simply wouldn't have had the balls to take the risks involved in coming out with something that cost so much to develop and had such a high risk of being successful. Plus, even if such a thing ever was introduced by an Apple competitor, had there been no iPad it wouldn't have looked at all the same as an iPad and it would have been so kludgy to use as to be nearly useless.


Re: Inventing

Those aren't the things Apple invents. Apple invents how simple and powerful they are to use and how they work together. Apple invents the joy you get in using these things and how much you love their simplicity, power, ease of use and effectiveness. That's what Apple invents: the user interface that make the user powerful. If you don't get that, I wish with all my heart that you will be consigned to never being allowed to use Apple devices for the rest of your life.

40,000 Apple fanbois demand ethical iPhone 5


Immoral giving

I am deeply morally opposed to businesses giving to charity. The sweet goodness of capitalism is that it produces millions of times more help for mankind, poor or rich, than charity. Businesses should use their money to invest in themselves to produce jobs, growth, wealth and products that make peoples lives better. If they don't know how to do that, then they should go bankrupt and their assets go to other companies that do know how to make people's lives better.

Understand, please, that a business is a very fragile thing. Unless its customers like it and its products enough to buy, the business will go away in a very short time. Buy nothing from Apple and in a year or two, it will cease to exist, even with its nearly $100 billion nest egg.


40,000 idiots

Apple is at least trying to improve the situation. It is open and transparent about its suppliers and hires companies to find and correct abuses. No other company even lifts a finger to do anything similar, and dozens of U.S. tech companies use the same suppliers Apple does.

So for going out on a limb to make things better, Apple gets punished by 40,000 idiots. Is this what we have come to as a nation? Our education system must have turned the brains of thousands into oatmeal. No thinking. No logic. No reasoning. No gathering of facts. Just lashing out at whomever is available because someone has been depicted as suffering. Please, spare me.


The real charity starts with investing

Charities do far less good than businesses that create jobs. Investing in wealth creation and more jobs is more ethical than giving to charities.

Apple under siege: Antitrust probes and product delays ...

Jobs Horns

Thank you for the insight

I am grateful to know that Apple is going down the tubes and Android is now ascendant. I hope the word gets to the thousands of hapless investors who have bought Apple stock so they can sell right now, before it's too late.

Then, you can expect Apple's stock to fall by 100 points or more in the next few weeks.

The main reason I'm grateful, is that maybe your story will have the desired effect. Apple will fall. And I will load up on Apple stock and make lots of money when it goes back up.

My only fear is that you are too late. Most of the things you report were reported last week or even earlier. So maybe Apple has already fallen all it's going to for awhile. Well, that's OK, I guess. I already bought back in when Apple went from above $360 a share to below $340 a share. But I sure would have liked to get it even cheaper.

How about a Steve Jobs health rumor? Do you think that would work?


It's up to Apple

It's Apple's store. They get to charge whatever they want. And it's the publisher's content. They get to refuse to pay Apple's price and sell their content elsewhere if they like. So what's the big deal? It's a free country. We like free markets.

Enough with the Apple App Store apathy


This ain't Egypt

Let's not forget, the App store is a store. Every merchant has an absolute right to decide what to sell and not to sell in his own store. No one, not even the huge and oppressive U.S. government, can force a merchant to sell a certain product in that merchant's store.

So what are you blathering about here? What sense are you making. OSX Developers can sell elsewhere if they don't meet Apple's standards.

Apple's app store policies: What will they provoke?

Paris Hilton


Store owners have a right to sell what they want to. Walmart refuses to sell playboy. And they won't let k-mart sell their goods on Walmart shelves. Apple has the same right. There is no restraint of trade here. Next we'll be after Walmart for not selling Chevrolets.



Selling on the Internet is costly and difficult. Sometimes, no one finds you. Selling through Apple is easy and you instantly get noticed. I spend more selling less when I don't use Apple. I'm sure the same is true for others. Apple presents a great, cheap opportunity with its App Stores.

Black Helicopters


If you start a lemonade stand, do I have the right to come by and demand that you sell my lemonade, too. If you refuse, aren't you limiting your customers' right to choice? Give me a break. This reasoning is not reasonable.

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