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Half-blind Glassholes rejoice! 'Prescription' Google goggles a-comin'


Re: Catering for all ages

Variflocals shouldn't make a difference. If they can achieve focus though a cylindrical (correcting astigmatism) lens then they can cope with varis.

Samsung whips out Galaxy Note II, cam-phone with proper zoom lens


Re: Did anyone have the chance to get hands on with the new note?

I doubt that the capacitive buttons will work with the pen as the wacom digitiser won't cover them. Apologies if you know this but if you hold the button on the S-Pen and swipe left it activates 'back' and the same press with an upward swipe activates 'menu'.

Hope that helps

Samsung snafu grounds blue Galaxy S III


The battery covers, at least, are slightly different from blue to white. The white cover isn't textured like the blue. There may well be other slight differences.

ALK revamps CoPilot smartphone satnav


Premium Traffic

I really like CoPilot but I hope they've sorted the live traffic out. It's abysmal. When it warns you of potential traffic problems it lets you select an alternate route, only for it to do the same thing again seconds later because it doesn't factor the traffic on the alternate route in when it makes calculation!

LG Optimus 2X dual core Android smartphone



When I want to read hormone driven 13 year olds demonstrating their abilities to behave in a public forum, I read Engadget. When I want some insight in to possible purchases, I look at the Reg.

I'm a bit of a nerd and enjoy messing around with tech stuff and the like but seriously guys, they are just phones!

For what it's worth, I have an HTC Desire. I like it very much and was happy on the stock rom. I went custom recently for a couple of extra features but mostly because I enjoy learning about things like that. My phone's contract is up shortly and the current favourite replacements are the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation. While I realise Android isn't perfect it suits how I use my phone best and I've enjoyed using my Desire. I was considering the LG but the more I read about it, the more it appears to be a valiant first attempt. I concede that whatever I choose will have a few annoying quirks though.

I am very impressed with my friends' iPhones but for a few reasons they aren't for me. They do still suffer from the same failing that blight almost all smartphones though, battery life. They are fine if you don't use them!

I like visiting here because people generally share experiences, fixes and wit. Please don't let it degenerate and keep a little perspective.

HTC Mozart WinPho 7 smartphone


App Charging

You'll be able to pay for apps on your Orange bill next year!

Is this really that hard to arrange?

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