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Nokia N73 3G smart phone

Paul McKinley

Nokia have lost their edge

I'm predominantly a business user and I've had my Orange Nokia N73 for a week now and will be sending it back tomorrow with real mixed feelings.

Physically, its a good looking phone, lightweight and not too bulky, although it does feel slightly "plasticy". The 2.4" colour screen is stunning and really does make the phone feel something special. Its large, bright and colourful. Great for viewing pictures or the calendar.

But what really lets the N73 down is the software. The software is very slow and doesn't follow Nokia's traditional conventions which have made them such a success in the past. For example, pressing "down" on the joystick will not bring up contacts (or at least on the Orange version it doesn't). In fact, accessing contacts is my major gripe. I have around 340 contacts in my phone. The contacts app takes 2-3 seconds to load each time I make a call! Considering phoning people is most peoples primary use of a phone, I can't believe more effort hasn't been put in to streamlining this one feature. Had it been instant, I could put up with all of its other faults. Why not just load the contacts permanently in to memory for instand access?

Other gripes include: No ability to "use detail" such as telephone numbers or email addresses from text messages. Opening text messages is slow and the vibrate function doesn't seem to work (a common complaint on message boards).

Overall this phone has great potential, but is let down by a crap firmware (v2.0628.0.0.3). Hopefully Nokia will fix this with a future firmware update. Until then, I'll be using a competitors product.



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