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Apple faces Germany ban after court no-show


It's not about bias

Having made the mistake of owning both an iPhone and a Milestone in the past, I can say I profoundly dislike both companies. But what the OP was saying was more along the lines of:

Apple suing Samsung over the shape of a rectangle = Bad.

Moto giving Apple a taste of their own medicine = Just as bad, but hell do they deserve it.

Personally I hope all smartphones get banned in Germany. Maybe after a week or so of using their old Nokias 6110 they will start thinking about changing the stupid IP laws they (and everyone else) have.


New Apple move against Galaxy Tab on Euro front

Thumb Down

Goodbye Apple

I have not only boutht Apple kit including iPhone, MacBooks and iMacs in the past - I have also recommended them to friends and customers. However, this behaviour is just not acceptable.

I hereby officially declare, that I will not only never buy anything produced by Apple again, but I will also tell anyone asking me (and a lot of people are) not to buy any Apple gear. That includes corporate customers.


Motorola Defy Android smartphone


Not a carrier issue

It's true that Motorola has released an update for the Droid, but even if a carrier in Europe wanted to release an update (which they normally do, for once they are not the bad guys here), it would not be possible: Motorola does not provide it. Apparently it's being tested with the operators (although the upgrade for most Europeans does not come through an operator). They have promised an upgrade shortly after the Droid update, then for Q3 2011, Q4, now "early Q1 2011", which is over for about three days as well.

Check out Motorola Europe's Facebook page - for every announcement, no matter what, they immediately get a veritable shitstorm of comments basically consisting of "where's my Milestone upgrade!".

Which also shows why you should not use social media to communicate with your customers if your initial plans are to not give a f**k about them.


I wouldn't hold my breath..

..for an update. Motorola builds excellent hardware, but they are either uncapable or unwilling to support their devices with software upgrades once they've sold them.

My theory is that they believe people will go and buy a new phone if they don't upgrade. Which is actually true - I will buy a new phone, just not from Motorola. Ever again.



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