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Artificial Intelligence: You know it isn't real, yeah?

Fábio Rabelo de Deus

the error is in call it "AI" !!!

Hi to all, and, the error comes not just from "Joe Average" but from most of "Tech" people too ...

It is NOT AI, is is Machine Learning !!!!

We do NOT have AI, nor will have in any foreseeable future ...

What we have now, and for quite some time now, is Machine Learning .

Until people use the wrong terminology, the understatement of it will be wrong ...

When Apple needs speed and security in Mac OS X, it turns to Microsoft

Fábio Rabelo de Deus

It is just Samba4 People !!!

Mac OS X are Unix, and all Unixes uses Samba to provide access to Windows resources in network .

Some mounths ago Samba team ( www.samba.org ) released a much needed Samba 4 suite, that provide full support do SMBv2 protocol ...

It is just that, Apple are using Samba 4 in the next OS X Release ...

Fábio Rabelo

Ten serious sci-fi films for the sentient fan

Fábio Rabelo de Deus

The crap Solaris from Soderbergh ?!?

Please, you put that crap "Solaris" from Mister Soderbergh instead the REAL one from Tarkovsky ?? And call it a list of real Science Fiction movies ?!?

Think again !

The official iPhone actually runs Android - in Brazil

Fábio Rabelo de Deus

Just a Remminder for British

To Ones that do not remember, the "Brazilian" Gradiente is the one that both Garrard in the late 80'...

Oracle promises to obey own OpenJDK rules

Fábio Rabelo de Deus

Name them wrigth

The correct name of Brasilian contributor to Eclipse is "FabianO NardonI" with an "o" replacing the "e" in the first name, and an "i" after the "n" in the family name !!!!!!

And I am extremely sckeptical about anything Oracle "says" it will do .....

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