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LG Android 3.0 tablet out next month


Screen resolution?

If you cut the image from the photo, crop the display only and resize to 1280 pixels wide, I get 773 high. Maybe it's an odd sized 1280x768?


Archos 101 8GB Android tablet


Had one for 6 weeks..

1) The case is made with a new plastic coated metal process, so it's tougher than it looks but still really light.

2) Archos have added very little 'crud', they have put a pretty good video and music player, the other bundled apps are optional to install.

3) It can use a keyring bluetooth gps device, but if you really want a giant navigator you'll need to tether to your phone for data access (perhaps not if you buy some navigation software that stored map data locally).

4) Archos have released firmware about once a month, and have an option to open it up to running fully custom firmware.

5) PDF files work great! As do Word files, Kindle books, MKV files etc. etc.

6) The screen viewing angle isn't fantastic, but it's not unusable by any means.

7) I've compared it to a friends Advent Vega, the Vega is a bit smoother scrolling but has same screen, is larger, is 50% heavier. I'll stick with my 101 for now thanks.

8) has any other tablet got a flip out stand? It's very, very useful!



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