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HMS Frigatey Mcfrigateface given her official name

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Re: Nice

Hmm... That doesn't sound right.

Its like saying people building hospitals or equipment for the NHS is economically no different from being on the dole. Well, they provide a service so people can go to work, so it is economically different.

You say you want a musical revolution. Actually, have three

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MTV Raps, most definitely saved MTV. Early rap was dynamic, energetic and that home - brewed creativity, you get at the start of any movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlJh0p8L01M

Why has the Russian economy plunged SO SUDDENLY into the toilet?

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Russian cronism is Soviet era control. Fascinating read stating exactly that: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2014/dec/18/how-he-and-his-cronies-stole-russia/

One hard ghoulie: 1985's Ghosts 'n Goblins

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Sadly It was only available on the SuperGrafx, which wasn't cheap bit of kit at the time and was IMHO the best version of them all. Far superior to the Megadrive.

The truth on the Navy carrier debacle? Industry got away with murder

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My doubtless uninformed opinion. The secret sauce that is selling the F35, is its sensor array and the software in it. Lots of pundits have bemoaning the lack of performance, but what is being claimed if the software really does its job is something else, in terms of ability. Pilots are stepping out of simulators into STOVL aircraft in a few sessions. The Harrier was, is one of the hardest aircraft to fly, accident rates for early Harrier's were high. Reduction in pilot workload, means pilots get on with to use the modern turn of phrase, war-fighting.

The sensor array, if what's being claimed is true. Can automatically build electronic order of battle. These planes act as flying sensors, if a radar is turned on, be it from a tracking station or a handheld device. They can track, identify and relay it on to other aircraft. To do that with the current aircraft you'd probably need a F-18 Rhino and F-18 Growler, probably relaying that to another AWACS aircraft. This one airframe does all that.

Blighty goes retro with 12-sided pound coin

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I'm not happy unless I'm complaining.

Looks pretty smart. Any suggestions for what should be on the other side? Sir Tim maybe?

Is the World Wide Web for luvvies and VCs – or for all of us?

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Whole heartedly agree.

Wish I could disagree with the points made. But, they are well made, and thoughtfully argued.

Women crap at parking: Official

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949 people... How can this even be taken seriously? So from a small subset of people they are going to infer world-wide assumptions. I can't even imagine that Pennsylvania has that great a genetic diversity.

Assange granted asylum by Ecuador after US refused to rule out charges

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Gingerbread man...

So lets 'wildly' assume there is a victim. That maybe women aren't just CIA sex traps. I feel for the victim. Around the world, women are subjected to rape, abuse without the protection of the law. Cultural practises demoting women to second - class, rightless citizens.

Sweden being very much more progress in such matters. Offers the protection of the law. Now all you students of freedom and what - not, know that one of the tenants of freedom is the protection of people's rights; you know protection of liberty enshrined in law. That everyone is accountable to the law; governments, people etc.

But not Mr. Assange, he's the gingerbread man. He skips the country... With his important and well heeled friends, he just jumps on the next plane. Wearing his shield of truth, and wrapped in the flag of freedom. He's such a hero, why he doesn't even need to go for an interview. Victim? What victim ? Her voice, unimportant. My mission is so important. Goverments are evil grr.... It doesn't matter how many people I step on to bring them down.

1930s photos show Greenland glaciers retreating faster than today

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So basically the article is saying that Human activity does cause climate change ? All that is different is the rate of change.

Pipex 'silence' condemned punters' emails to spam blackhole

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The sorry state of ISP competition.

Once, many moons ago I worked for an ISP, in fact one of the many companies now part of TalkTalk's ISP 'service'. The ISP market, can just about be called that. The real competition that existed in the 90s has been replaced with this pseudo-competition. Instead we have, maybe five big time players who's bottom line is to reduce cost, by rationalising services and well losing staff. The people who suffered, well us. Emails not being delivered and going from this article, because no one responded to an email.

Still nice article by the Reg, showing us all the pieces of the puzzle.

Bit-part actress slings sueball at IMDb over age gripe

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I can understand her concern. That as a 30+ american of asian descent. There aren't going to be that many roles. Much as we'd like to think the world is post-racial and post-sexist it isnt. How many t.v and film roles have women in their post 30s. Most of the roles will just disappear to Helen Mirrian who is a bankable star. If your female and over 30, you're no longer hottie material and will invariable end up playing; a lawyer, a judge, a CSI agent, or single working mom. Its made worse if you're ethnic. Name the number of films with an asian female lead outside of some historical drama. We can all go round shouting don't blame the player, blame the game. But if you're only ever on the subs benched because of a casting agents pre-conception then all credit to her.

Obama+world pays tribute to Steve Jobs

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Linking to celebrity deaths. Steve Jobs strikes me as being something akin to the Michael Jackson of the computing world. Fans around the world have an outpouring of grief. Whilst some of us with our cynical view of the world suggest that all they did was refangle something that was already around. Wrap it up in excellent production values and sell it back to people in an easy to consume package. Nothing wrong in that, yes he touch lots of peoples lives. I for changing peoples lives well yes. But guess what so do most technological products. Wether he should be idolised in the same light as Edison, or Van Nuemann. Provides to me that people on the intterwebs really need to brush up on the history and get some perspective.

Assange relishes US banks 'squirming' over 'megaleak'

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Was he ?

Was he sitting on a chair stroking a white cat. After which he said; 'Yes I enjoy making them squirm' I shall sell the documents to the highest bidder. For.. 1 Million dollars. Mwwwaahhhhh,

no one can stop me!!!! Not even you Mr Bond.

RIP John Barry.


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