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Irish gov refuses to haul Google, Apple into MPs' tax inquiry


So what ?

Why on earth would the Irish Gov drag these businesses in to see them ? They have done nothing wrong. They have obeyed the Irish, UK, and USA laws and tax regulations to a tee.

The UK needs to learn something about how to attract and encourage business. These have brought thousands of jobs to Ireland and spent millions in construction and spending that creates many thousands of other jobs. This whole Hoo haa about corporate tax is a complete distraction and a red herring !

'Bah, this Apple Shop is full of APPLES'


What a complete Di*k. What did he expect !

Big spike in Euro patents - but 63% were filed from outside Europe


Using the NUMBER of Patents as a guide to anything ... anything whatsoever ... is DUMB.

One good Patent is worth 1,000 crap and useless patent - and MANY of these patents mentioned in this article come under the latter category.

Please also refer to the battles going on between Apple/Samsung/Kodak/Google etc. The number of Patents are a sideshow ... what matters are Patents that they CARE about and patents that hold up in court.

US condom rules 'will cause nasty RED RINGS on porn stars' todgers'


Government in the bed room ?????

Talk about government reaching out to our bedrooms !!

And anyway where is the evidence of any widespread preventable sexually transmitted infections, including gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis, and HIV", as a result of not slipping on a rubber ??

The truth is the opposite. The incidence of such infections is almost non existent in the porn community.

Analyst: There are LOADS of iPhone 5s, Apple is keeping them back


Gullibility ........

Oh well .... if Piecyk says so ... he MUST be right !!!!

I don't believe a word of this crap.

Sharp's slim screen factory 'flogged to death' by Apple


"Sharp's slim screen factory 'flogged to death' by Apple"

What kind of cretinous headline is that ?

Security fail for Apple as hacker cracks iOS in-app purchasing


"Developers could be seriously out of pocket"

How exactly will this happen ? So thousands of people who WERE going to buy apps will now use this crack to buy their apps before Apple close the loophole ?

What a nonsensical proposition.

Mac-based Trojan targets Uyghur activists


Yada yada yada

Yet again another 'story' about Mac Trojans and Mac Infections based solely on the word of .... wow ..amazing .. ANTI Infection sellers !!




Firstly, the article talks about "Life". Did you read it ? It makes no mention of "intelligent life" or "technologically advanced intelligent life".

So your repost is a meaningless and irrelevant one. At best.

RIM: BlackBerry 10 is fine, delays are down to chip ship slip


"CEO Mike Lazaridis says "inaccurate and uninformed" " ...

In other words .." get me the head of the one who leaked this !!"

Nokia exec: Young fashonistas 'fed up' with iPhone


"What we see is that youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones."

What planet is this guy on ? LOL

Fuel taxes don't hurt the world's poor - they don't have cars


"Petrol taxes are effective and actually don’t affect poor people disproportionally"

You really have to wonder what kind of education and intellect is behind this kind of nonsense. Almost everything we buy is moved to where we are from where it was produced.

How does it get here ? ...... Most of it gets here by TRUCK !!! or VAN !!

Petrol goes up ? .... transport costs go up ..... prices go up ......

So tell us again how it doesn't affect the poor ???

James Bond savages the Kardashians


"the highly talented and decorative Kardashian clan"

Talented ???????? SERIOUSLY ????

BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps


Thank GOODNESS for Apple's so called 'walled garden' !!!!!!! Thank you Apple !!

'Apple's iPhone 4S ate our SIM cards'


It's a bit pathetic to continuously refer to all Apple users as "fanbois".

Also if iPhones are so bad ... perhaps those idiots above can explain how come the iPhone leads every Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Survey by a mile ......

Oh dear .. how inconvenient.

Microsoft bans all plugins from touchable IE10


No plugins - no use

No plugins ? then it has no chance of me ever using it.

Google Chrome OS: Too secure to need security?



Rik Ferguson, a security consultant at Trend Micro, criticised this line as marketing rhetoric. Google risks repeating the security mistakes of Apple, he warns."

Is this guy for real ? What "Mistakes" exactly, is he referring to by Apple ?

Over a million malware items attacking Windows : Approximately one and a quarter items attacking Macs.....

Who is this Ferguson nutter ???

The Microsoft mobile reboot needs rebooting



The week it was launched I wrote here and elsewhere that the overwhelming response i had was that it was just plain UGLY. As UGLY as Sh1t. I haven't changed my mind and have seen one friend who bought it and regretted it.

Apple brought something that people have now learned to value ... style.

Hadron Collider 'could act as telephone for talking to the past'


So where are they ?

So .. if this theory were in some way possible and a methodology could be found .... at some time in the near or distant future ....

Then why are we not getting such messages from the future ?

Nokia's 15-year tango to avoid Microsoft


Day of Shame

For the employees and shareholders of this once great company this is is surely the ultimate day of shame.

A company that once sat on top of the mobile phone mountain. A company that sat on that summit and became mesmerised by it's own greatness and self congratulating satisfaction. A company that utterly and totally failed to respond to the game changing iPhone over a period of FOUR YEARS!

A company that now finds itself in such desperate straights and absence of ideas, leadership or inspiration that it has been forced to seek safe haven in the arms of Microsoft, who's own response to the iOS is clearly struggling to gain any traction.

Photo loss blogger to Flickr: You're f*cking kidding



I just closed my account. Thankfully I had only 120 photos, but their action and reaction is just not good enough.

Memo to Microsoft, RIM, Nokia: Quit copying Apple!


Balls, not just Leadership

Most of these competitors are Administered, they have no leader. Their CEOs are pen pushers and organisation management people.

To compete at the top the top guy needs some key qualities: Leadership - Vision - Balls.

Lots of these companies have brilliant technical people and brilliant designers. Lots of them come up with great ideas. But who has the vision to filter out the really important ideas, and who has the BALLS to put their reputation on the line and put them on to the market ?

Too many focus groups and too many surveys and too much following and not enough leading.


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