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AWS's S3 outage was so bad Amazon couldn't get into its own dashboard to warn the world

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All together now...

Told You So!

Security slip-ups in 1Password and other password managers 'extremely worrying'

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The Pearly Gates

"Then I've got some bad news for you: the Pearly Gates have been upgraded to 2FA and moved into the cloud."

I thought they were supposed to be "in the cloud" already?

You believed the glossy brochures and marketing!

HPE CEO Whitman says everything's 'on the right track' as sales are literally decimated

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On a side note, do photos of senior management generally look less flattering when accompanying poor financial results?

Next time you are perusing the financial press, keep an eye out for senior management mugshots accompanying articles about companies reporting bad results.

Invariably, such mugshots were taken in happier times and it can be quite surreal looking at a set of beaming faces under a headline reporting a disaster.

Sysadmin's sole client was his wife – and she queried his bill

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Re: Had been together with a barrister myself

'That ever-so-witty company Amber Taverns recently renamed a pub in Gloucester "The Doctors".'

I came across a pub in the 80s called "The Office".

Weekend excuse "I'm just popping into The Office for a couple of hours" sounded plausible.

Pity it wasn't a good enough pub that I actually wanted to spend a couple of hours of precious weekend time there.

Linux kernel gets patch for 11-year-old local-root-hole security bug

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Re: Eleven year old security bug

2017-02-23 Security update for Linux kernel containing this patch (and others) arrives for latest stable version of openSUSE:

• CVE-2017-6074: The dccp_rcv_state_process function in net/dccp/input.c in the Linux kernel mishandled DCCP_PKT_REQUEST packet data structures in the LISTEN state, which allowed local users to cause a denial of service (invalid free) or possibly have unspecified other impact via an application that makes an IPV6_RECVPKTINFO setsockopt system call. (bsc#1026024).

Oh, the things Vim could teach Silicon Valley's code slingers

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Re: As a long-time Vim user (since 2005 or so)

"EVE ... was written in TPU and intended to be an extensible emulation of EDT although it never quite succeeded in getting the basic emulation right.

EVE's first stab at EDT emulation gave you the worst of both worlds (no command line mode for either editor IIRC), but it improved an awful lot after that.

Once EVE's EDT keypad matured I would use that most of the time, but drop into EDT where that was more suitable for the task at hand. Best of both worlds.

Vim's clear advantage over either is its ability to get stuff done when function keys or alternate keypad mode (or even cursor arrow keys) aren't available.

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Re: As a long-time Vim user (since 2005 or so)


TECO forever!!!!!

The nostalgia of editor wars, eh?


Apple to Europe: It's our job to design Ireland's tax system, not yours

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'Apple Ireland “carried out only routine functions and were not involved in the development and commercialisation of Apple IP which drove profits,” says Plea 4.'

That sounds awfully like they are admitting that the taxes should be paid elsewhere.

IANAL but it looks like they have shot themselves in the foot with that plea.

A webcam is not so much a leering eye as the barrel of a gun

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Re: When squirrels were squirrels and men were men

" Using tape is surely a great mechanical way to solve the problem. But it isn't necessary with a basic understanding of how computers work."

KISS principle.

Keep It Simple, Stupid.

UK credit broker fined £120k for spamming folk with five million texts

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Re: "hefty price"

2.4 pence per text.

Two words, Mozilla: SPEED! NOW! Quit fiddling and get serious

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Re: "immediately useful when it launched"

"My FF opens about a dozen home tabs and it probably takes about 20 seconds to load. Is that such a big deal once a day? I can spend that time adjusting the chair, putting the pencils in the right place, cleaning the specs, scratching the arse, etc."

I leave Firefox running all the time; startup is something I only do in response to new FF releases or OS updates which require a reboot.

Like you say, a delay while you can be doing something else productive isn't really a problem, it's more a matter of planning.

When I'm researching a particular topic I can easily get to a few dozen tabs and really, really don't suffer performance problems, except for overbloated websites.

Having said that, I do have my systems maxed out with RAM and that probably makes a big difference.

The Register's guide to protecting your data when visiting the US

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Re: Silver lining

"I don't think I'd trust one, nor the genuine-wipe on return."

What the article is missing is the advice given to visitors to China a few years ago, namely be prepared to junk any piece of kit you use there once you get back.

Get orf the air over moi land Irish farmer roars at drones

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"How accurate can you be against a moving target at anything over 20 feet?"

Build your own trebuchet

Oracle refuses to let Java copyright battle die – another appeal filed in war against Google

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"Y'know, Einstein said that doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result is a definition of insanity."

Einstein never used Windows.

P.S. Apparently there is some doubt as to whether Einstein actually said this.

Proof that if something is repeated often enough, it becomes accepted?

Planned Espionage Act could jail journos and whistleblowers as spies

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Hadrian's Wall

"Oh, hang on, there's a wall up there already..."

Aye but that would need to be improved to meet modern building regulations, and be classed as renovation, incurring VAT.

Could save a bob or two by constructing a new wall.

Explained: Apple iCloud kept 'deleted' browser histories for over a year

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Re: Software does NOT happen by accident

"Highly-specific actions like storing and retaining data do not happen by accident! This function was quite deliberately built into the product, nothing else makes sense."

I'm pretty sure that the reason for this is to allow you to move seamlessly from one device to another using Apple's Handoff feature

Synchronising stuff on multiple devices is a tricky thing to get right so I wouldn't be surprised if there are bugs in there.

Short answer: Can't say for certain what happened here, but can probably blame Apple for lack of testing.

Want to come to the US? Be prepared to hand over your passwords if you're on Trump's hit list

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Re: Such a truly stupid and lazy plan perfectly setup to fail horribly

"how safe do you think your passwords will be in the hands of stupid government agents?"

When the Pentagon of all places has badly secured servers, things don't look good.

Security flaws in Pentagon systems 'easily' exploited by hackers

Several misconfigured servers run by the US Department of Defense (DOD) could allow hackers easy access to internal government systems, a security researcher has warned.


Dan Tentler, founder of cybersecurity firm Phobos Group, who discovered the vulnerable hosts, warned the flaws are so easy to find that he believes he was probably not the first person to find them.

RethinkDB is dead? Rethink that thought: NoSQL database is back

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The AGPL requirement that code used in a web service be released as open source can be a show stopper for the very practical reason that not everyone has the knowledge or resources to do that.

Facebook's dabblings in TV suggest Zuck isn't actually a genius after all

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Which would you prefer?

"Effectively, they watched it together, in their separate living rooms/bedrooms/kitchens."

While that might sound like a Grim Future, it's probably better than being forced to watch whatever my parents wanted (and/or putting up with their moaning when we got our own way).

On balance, a second telly in the house would have sufficed.

We don't want to alarm you, but PostScript makes your printer an attack vector

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Wensleydale Cheese Silver badge

Re: What about wireless printers?

"If it does postscript it's probably a fair game."

Should be easy enough to work that out, because their wireless Ids looked like a model number.

The idea of a Postscript webserver is not new. First hit from a search gave me this post from 2002

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What about wireless printers?

When out and about in a nearby town over the weekend I was looking for the free wireless service that's available there and was surprised to see a couple of HP printers advertising themselves.

We see you, ransomware flingers, testing out your baddest stuff on... Germany?

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Re: Occam's razor says...

I can confirm that last year there was a serious uptick in the number of email nasties coming my way which were in German.

It seems to have dried up since the end of December, suggesting that someone either got closed down or had a contract until the end of the year.

I've got a brand new combine harvester and I'll give you the API key

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Re: Whats the point of an autonomous tractor?

"in places like the Ukranian Steppes a tractor can travel 10s of miles in one direction sowing seeds, spraying weeds or harvesting grain,"

That also implies coordination with other vehicles for refilling hoppers and tanks or offloading grain. Knowing how much you are going to use or collect on a given pass or per hour or per shift helps greatly with planning that.

Learn to code site Code.org loses student work due to index bug

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Re: That's very funny...

I was preparing a wisecrack until I got to the bit where they'd only lost an hour's worth of work.

Not bad at all in the grand scheme of things.

Seven pet h8s: Verity is sorely vexed

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Re: Stuck-in-time Overflow

There is some perfectly good old code out there that needs love too. ;)

The few times I thought I'd had a reasonably definitive answer to add to SO, it's refused to let me post due to lack of points.

I gave up trying.

Is SO ageist?

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"a forthcoming BBC puppet programme for the under-fives TheDonaldTrumpton."


Priceless indeed.

But shouldn't that really read "... for the under-fives of any age ..."?

Meet 'Moz://a', AKA Mozilla after it picked a new logo

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Will anyone recognise it?

They have been hiding the http(s):// bit in the URL bar display[1] for long enough that most non-techs won't realise what it is.

[1] not that Mozilla are the only ones here

Microsoft Germany says Windows 7 already unfit for business users

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Beat me to it with R

"I would have thought the answer would be R and / or Matlab, in conjunction with an enterprise-level DB like Sequel Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.

As you say, serious data analysts look for R and / or Matlab. R can cope with more databases than you can shake a stick at, and that includes the latest NoSQL stuff.

R doesn't suffer from Excel's nasty habit of altering data

BT installs phone 'spam filter', says it'll strain out mass cold-callers

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Re: How much to review your spam call messages?

Can overseas callers provide a number CLI? I thought part of the problem was that BT can only show "international" .

I can see incoming international numbers displayed on a phone in Europe, so that's probably a lack of willpower on BT's part.

Wensleydale Cheese Silver badge

I'm sure more can be done with this network-to-network authentication of CLI information, and I wouldn't be surprised if standards have been written on the topic - but I'm not in that field...

I understand that there is sufficient information within the data packets to verify that the billing data isn't getting spoofed, but have no idea how feasible it would be to cross-check that with the CLI data.

Promising compsci student sold key-logger, infects 16,000 machines, pleads guilty, faces jail

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Re: Ignorant Brit here

"In most places in the US system, 'freshmen' are first year, 'sophomore' are second year, 'juniors' are third year, and 'seniors' are fourth or higher;"

Thanks for the detailed explanation, but what age is the typical 'freshman'?

Still a bit confused.

AWS, you crack us up. Rebrands Westminster 'Webminster'

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Re: Notting Hill Gates...

Pimlicloud gave me a good chuckle.

It's now 2017, and your Windows PC can still be pwned by a Word file

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Re: It never stops...

In case you're out of the loop on what's going on in "Creative Cloud".

CC is also an acronym for Cash Cow.

A Cash Cow in the software world usually means a product which is no longer actively developed, but enough customers are locked in to milk it all the way.

Former car rental biz staff gave customers' details to phone pests

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Re: Write "not known at this address" and put in a postbox - ...

"In my experience, this does not always get the entry removed."

The last time I tried that, it all came winging back.

Threatening to invoice them for "administration costs" if it happened again did work.

Uh-oh. LG to use AI to push home appliances to 'another dimension'

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" The refrigerator can do things like refill the ice tray:

So the thing needs plumbing into the water supply as well?

'whilst the washing machine can change conditions to “counter the effects of hard water on clothes".'

The last time I looked at the installation instructions for a washing machine, there was a little dial inside that you set according to the hardness of the water in your area.

An "intelligent" water hardness sensor could be useful for the washing machine on your boat, of course.

Programmer finds way to liberate ransomware'd Google Smart TVs

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Reboot the house!

"Not so long ago the politicians here in UK were getting concerned about the standby power consumption of appliances, that it was destroying the environment, and legislation was clearly necessary."

One idly wonders if this reveals the real purpose of "smart meters".

"No 47 Acacia Avenue using too much juice while owners not present. Reboot house."

Yorkshire council hit with prolonged web outage

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Thumb Up

Re: On Ilkley Moor...

In the universe where HTML strike tags work.

Mystery solved. Thank you.

Here that's more a case a case of "the universe where HTML strike tags work visibly"

Enlarging so I can see the pixels, the strike through is only 1 pixel high out of a possible 12, and at 4th up from the bottom not even at the half way mark. Even the dot at the base of the question mark is 2 pixels high.

Latest Firefox on macOS Sierra (10.12,2)

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Re: On Ilkley Moor...

"Er, that's what I wrote."

Pray tell, in what universe is "Baht 'at IT?" the same as "Baht IT?"

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Re: On Ilkley Moor...

Baht 'at IT?

Almost but not quite.

Baht = without

'at = hat

Baht IT

US cops seek Amazon Echo data for murder inquiry

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... verbal gesture ..."


That's the French version which catches the shrugs and arm movements.

Wensleydale Cheese Silver badge

Re: Smart water meter data as evidence

"The Police have CCTV of the car at a filling station that shows that the back of the vehicle was clearly sitting lower on the suspension than the front."

Really? With the weight of one human?

Filling station CCTVs aren't usually very high definition.

How Google.org stole the Christmas Spirit

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So how much does a Chromebook cost?

"At Timberland, Google has paid out $18,130 to fund a request for 35 Chromebooks. "

Looks like $518 apiece to me.

I thought these things were supposed to be cheap.

Support chap's Sonic Screwdriver fixes PC as user fumes in disbelief

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Re: Magic hands

"Who thinks of these things? Two different types of on/off switch in two different places!!!"

Had that with a Samsung monitor back in 2010.

Assembled it, tried switching on as per the instructions. Nothing,

Checked the instructions again. OK, must be DOA.

Taking it to bits again I found a conventional switch just by the mains inlet. Black on black of course.

Checked the instructions yet again. Nope, the mains switch wasn't documented.

One sentence would have done.

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"I kept a thick jumper at work."

"Why are you packing a thick jumper to go to the tropics?", enquired the girlfriend.

The light summer suit is for the office.

The thick jumper, thick socks and thick jeans are the order of the day when working in a tropical computer room.

Bad news: Exim hole was going to be patched on Xmas Day. Good news: Keyword 'was'

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Re: Much better

"As a self employed person I regularly ran updates especially on Fridays. I'd have the whole weekend to fix a potential problem...

But being salaried and exempt (US terminology for no overtime) nowadays I too see the sense of running updates early in the week and early enough in the day."

BTDT in both scenarios, but it was more a matter of when I/we could get the system(s) than employment status.

Production scenario: you can only book system downtime on a Friday or Saturday afternoon, but can work into the night if you have problems.

Test & Development scenario involving multiple teams: here you are not simply applying an upgrade which requires a reboot, you are implicitly including a test of shutdown and startup procedures at both the OS and application level.

In the latter case, it makes a lot more sense to do this during the day when your development and test teams and DBAs are around to sort out their bits in the event that something breaks. In my last position in this environment, any upgrade which required a reboot would be scheduled for late morning (but not a Friday), and we'd have the support of the various teams available for the whole afternoon. External support, if needed, could be invoked inside the normal 9-5 (or 8-6) cover without incurring out of hours costs.

Christmas Eve ERP migration derailed by silly spreadsheet sort

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Re: Bugger off you lot.

"314 million files on the volume"

I wish you a Hap-Pi Christmas.

Times 100 million.


What gifts did ol' kitten heels May get this year?

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"What do you give the girl who has everything?"


(Very, very old joke)

Oracle finally targets Java non-payers – six years after plucking Sun

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VirtualBox Extensions Pack next?

"Always read the license that software comes with."

The Oracle VirtualBox Extensions licence changed on 17 November 2016

One wonders if the VirtualBox Extensions licence will be next in line for auditing.

The previous licence hadn't changed since 2010. Notes on its usage from a 2012 blog post

A single typo may have tipped US election Trump's way

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Re: legitimate/illegitimate

It was probably auto suggest that screwed him.

There's a special place in Hull reserved for the inventor of auto-correct.

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