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Punter bags 500GB SSD, finds 128MB Flash inside

Piri Piri Chicken

500GB usb SSD, really .. a USB SSD

And he was only ever planning on using it connecting to a USB interface??

Surely the lack of a disk drive type interface would be a little concerning?

I know that if I buy an SSD Drive, I look for little things, you know, like a SATA interface perhaps.

Apple sues Amazon over 'App Store' name

Piri Piri Chicken

Dangerous Idea

If that were the case the there would be a valid counter argument to it which would be that it's Apples fault that they have contracted Apple Store which could quite easily have been trademarked, into something so short, it is generic and can be misinterpreted as other meanings.

Google vanishes 'DroidDream' malware from citizen phones

Piri Piri Chicken
Big Brother


So will Google refund any monies that the end user paid for the applications that Google has decided to remove without end user approval? Even if the software was nefarious.

Whilst I'll stand off a judgement at this time over the rights and wrongs of kill switches and the likes on the devices end users pay to own, and not rent. (It does seem to be a worrying trend)

If a company has decided to remove, without my authority, something that I paid for on a device that I own. I fully expect to not only have those monies I paid for the product removed refunded to me, but some form of basic "compensation" as well. (marketplace credits would suffice).

Julian Assange™ applies to trademark himself

Piri Piri Chicken
Black Helicopters

Monkeys butt

Ass, and Sange. Sounds about right to me.

Cornish pasties awarded protected status

Piri Piri Chicken

I couldn't agree more, but..

The only thing that sprang to mind after reading your post, was using the last bit as a euphemism.

"I dumped my disgusting mush in your pastry pocket".

It's just got a fantastic ring to it.

IPCC chief: ANPR is 'a victim of its own success'

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One (joined up) system to rule them all?

O.K., not really one system, for everything, but for god's sake, the clue is in the name, PNC, Police NATIONAL Computer.

In reality, it's not, it is a series of disjointed, fragmented and dated computer systems. You then have a series of disjointed, fragmented, and budgetarially challenged forces having to run their own systems to feed into their own area.

Several of these failures were down to people process as much as system processes.

I would advocate ONE Police National Computer Database, that would be fed by ONE Automatic Numberplate Recognition system that fed into it's own database.

The ONE ANPR system would be manned 24 7 and could be used by both Police and Security forces with the correct authorisation to place a specific vehicle (or individual) on a Watch list.

Tie this in with the One driver licence and vehicle licensing body perhaps?

If we want to make some savings as a country, stop spending hundreds of large lumps of cash around the country supporting individual government departments, and spend two or three VERY large amounts of cash in one place.

Design it right, outsource the infrastructure, (or perhaps several massive government owned data centres across the UK, I'm sure there are loads of cold war nuclear bunkers not being used that would be great for data centre activities)

We, as a country need to ensure that the money the government is spending (our money) is spend wisely and efficiently. and that is large and centralised with mandatory use as opposed to siloed and pocketed repeatedly used across the UK (Think all the local governments, all the different departments that do the same thing, the same way on their own systems)

Flying dildo downs Oz stag party bloke

Piri Piri Chicken
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Boom! headshot? Surely that would be Womb! headshot!

Standing on the shoulders of giants.

Three jailed for phone box thievery

Piri Piri Chicken

Be good, or get kicked out

If your country of origin is so unspeakably nasty, or you are so scared of retribution that you have fled to another country that is kind enough to take you in, you had better damn well show some respect to that country and obey it's laws.

If you commit a crime serious enough to warrant a stay at her majesties pleasure, you should not be getting parole at any stage, you do your time, and you get a free ticket back to your country of origin.

I don't care if you have family here, they can stay, they did not break the law. You did, so you are not welcome in this country any more.

England need to grow a pair, change the law and enforce it.

Human rights be damned.

SGI plunks Windows on big Altix UV supers

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How much spam can that beastie pump out when it gets Pwnd.

and how long is it going to take to reboot when the security bods decide its a good idea to set the "cleardown pagefile on shutdown instruction" .

A 36GB node can take over 30 minutes from the issue of a shutdown command to the time it comes back and is usable again.

Still nice and awesome though.

Microsoft hits autistic Xboxer with cheat evidence

Piri Piri Chicken

Now I've been caught, I'd like everyone to leave me alone?

So the mother stood up on national US TV and Lambasted a company for picking on her son, all the while knowing what she said was false and that her son did indeed cheat.

Now that she has been caught out and Microsoft have diplomatically, and professionally informed her what they know and how much they know about their products and systems, she would like to disappear.

I think global humiliation is in order, Newspapers, blogs, tweets, facebook, TV. All laughing and pointing their finger at her.

Then she can disappear.

/not a fanboi

//dont have an xbox or ps3

///dont do online gaming

////really hate cheats and liars.

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