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Toshiba 14in USB LCD Mobile Monitor


Oh really?

MacOS drivers are available, and as previous comments have suggested, the standard DisplayLink framebuffer driver distributed with modern versions of linux works too - surgery needs to be made to X to enable to work in a friendly manner - it's a bit tough to blame Toshiba for this - it doesn't work very well for multiple graphics cards in any case.

Also, as had also been said in the comments, if you don't want your laptop battery to drain, it is generally easier to plug your laptop into the mains than the attached monitor, and more useful (i.e. the laptop battery can actually charge up rather than not just discharge slightly slower). And the brightness is not an awful lot different to be honest.

Even in hotel rooms I find a device like this (or one the ever spawning equivalents) easier use for productivity enhancement than trying to use the TV and craning my neck halfway around the room rather than just next to the laptop screen..

Inventor flames Reg, HP in memristor brouhaha



Or perhaps a vortex? When an object passes through a fluid, it can create a vortex behind it, so when another object comes in the same direction, it has less drag - like tailgating on a bike.

Nokia unveils Contractual Obligation Meego Phone


.. oh why

I got my wife a Nokia C7 (like the N8, but a bit cheaper), which in general has a much nicer feel to it than my Motorola Milestone, and doesn't crash as much. I do like the slide out keyboard on my Milestone though.

Croatian brainboxes deploy calculus-based CAPTCHA


...think graphically

sine is increasing as it passes through 0, so Dsin must be +cos!

Steve Jobs unveils iPad 2

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Iomega SSD 128GB USB 3.0 drive


Not all hosts are equal

You need a decent host to get all of the USB 3.0 goodness - an express card connection is going to be limited to the 2.5Gbps connection for a start. You'll need at least 2 lanes of PCIe Gen2 or one of PCIe Gen3 before you can fill the USB 3.0 pipe.

There are very few USB 3.0 hosts on the market at the moment which can saturate the link, and the sort of figures you are seeing are typical of some of the poorer ones (which max out at around 130MBps).

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