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Antique Nimrod subhunters scrapped – THANK GOODNESS!


I'd be happier

if the government had indicated that the 4bn cost of this thing would also serve as a permanent severance payment from that bunch of shysters at filton, although I guess the decision to keep the tornado in service rather than hang on to the cheaper to maintain harrier indicates that much of government defence policy is still geared towards filling up BAE's coffers as fast as possible.

The purchasing of the rivet-joint's doesn't exactly fill one with confidence either...more vintage aircraft? If there's a need for a robust, air-liner type platform fit for a variety of purposes that can be easily adapted to future needs, can fly while wearing more aerials than a barcelona tower block...can't we get someone to build a new one?

Maybe that way, it might not be completely shagged out in ten years time, only kept going by men with beards who spend far too long in their sheds. We could even have something worth exporting,

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