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Mellanox to open up its Ethernet networking stack

Glenn Ellen


"The plan is to start with Layer 3 routing functions in the MLNX-OS stack."

Huh? Quagga is already open-source.

"and then move on to the Layer 2 switching functions "

Their "Layer 2 Ethernet code" is an unholy mashup of their own code and the code Mellanox got when they bought Voltaire, neither of which ever caught on.

So their strategy is to give it away and hope that others will improve it, like Linux, to the point where it will actually be competitive at some point?!? This should be really entertaining.


Cisco's 3-ring circus: Xsigo CEO on bait and switches

Glenn Ellen

Re: Re: $166k to cable one Dell server?!?

Even if they're including the cost of the NICs and switch ports as "cabling", that seems like an awful lot of money.

Suppose you pay $1k per NIC port on the host, plus $1k per port on the switch, plus another $1k for each of the optics -- each link now costs you $4k, or you get 6 links for about $25k.

Heck, double that for another layer of switches above your ToR, and you're at $50k.

Even if you throw in the cost of air conditioning for all that stuff, I don't see how you hit $166k PER SERVER.

Like I said: hey, Salesforce.com, I'll wire up 6 servers for you guys for $500k. :)

Glenn Ellen

$166k to cable one Dell server?!?

"SalesForce.com reckons it saves $1m in cabling and cabling infrastructure costs for every set of six Dell servers by using Xsigo's director."

By my math, that works out to one sixth of a million dollars per Dell server, or $166k -- are they using Denon's $500 Cat5 Ethernet cable, by any chance?


Tell them I'll do it for half of that amount. :)


Ethernet standards for hyper-scale cloud networking

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Dell talks shopping in Davos

Glenn Ellen

Force10 is a goner...

Their IPO has fizzled, and for good reason:

They have a huge cost structure baked in, and are burning cash like there is no tomorrow, the combined Force10/Turin Networks entity having burned through something like $700m+ in 7 funding rounds.

The only gear they're selling is discounted like crazy! Anyone who pays more then 40% - 50% of list price for Force10 gear should just mention Brocade, Arista, and BNT to their sales rep, and watch the discounts fly.

Also, their top engineering talent has long left the building.

What exactly would Dell be getting?



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