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Mobile tech destroys the case for the HS2 £multi-beellion train set


"I would also suggest that during a weekend city break I will spend more money if I get there by 10am than if the train takes till 2pm"

But, you only get a choice of taking a quick weekend city break in Birmingham. If you live in London. Near Euston.

Me: "I've had a lovely idea. I thought we should go away for a nice weekend away"

Mrs: "Birmingham, again? Yippee"


Latest exoplanet discovery is a virtual CLONE of Earth


Re: How old is the star?

Any evidence of human existence on earth may well be gone after a few hundred thousand years, but any visiting aliens will still be able to find the lunar rover, still up on the moon. It's up there. After all, we did visit the moon. No really we did. Honest.

Actually, assuming (pretending) there are things like lunar rovers on the moon, and they survive many million years, while evidence of human existence here on earth all but disappears, the next intelligent species to inhabit the earth will get a bit of a shock, when they final land on the moon. "Hang on, I thought we were first?"


4G: Bad coverage, crap battery life - but at least it's really expensive


Re: 3 for good data? Really?

I'll second this.

Fallen off the edge of a cliff, into a massive chasm and then buried under a massive rock fall.

I'd do a speed test, but wait, I've got no network connectivity in the middle of the day, in the middle of London, on my Three mifi.

Three's answer. For the first 4 months off complaining, "We are upgrading our network. Is it fixed yet?". No.

Their response now is, "Well you have downloaded some data, so therefore we won't compensate you. We suggest you find another provider" !!! Yes I may have downloaded some data, but I have only used a fraction of my data allowance and not when I wanted.


SpaceX does what it HASN'T done before: Dragon in close ISS flyby


Blue Danube?

Will they get to hear the Blue Danube when the initiate the docking sequence?


How to choose the right screen size


Or get a tape measure

For a 16:9 screen with a diagonal picture of size D, you can calculate H using Pythagoras.

Or use a tape measure


Couple crash into church, curse satnav


He said...

I was "religiously" following my SatNav...



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