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Reports: New Xbox could DOOM second-hand games market


Actually, the money would go to the publisher, not the developer. There's a big difference. The publishers are the profiteers, the development studios are employees paid to create a product. If someone put up a website that allowed me to donate a few extra quid to the "Developer Beer Fund", I'd be all over that (in a way, it's what Kickstarter allows). Lining the pockets of companies who produce nothing at all annoys me. Watching them insist on being paid twice for a product they did not even create bothers me more.

Greedy Sky admits: We crippled broadband with TOO MANY users


Tees and Cees

There is - a company I used to work for found that the remote access had "problems" when people were connecting through their Sky routers. On contacting Sky, they advised basically "tough - if your staff are using it to access a work VPN then that qualifies as commercial use, and we don't allow that on our home connections".

Microsoft insists autistic Xboxer is a cheat



"Sorry to have to break it to the whinies who say everyone has to play by the same rules or its NOT FAIR!!!"

You mean the rules governed by the ToS when you start using XBL services? The rules that, autistic or not, having reading ability means you can go through? The rules that were willfully and knowingly broken?

By selecting the "I Agree" bit when you very first ever take your XBL online, you're actually agreeing that a) MS can do what they like, and b) you aren't going to cheat (among other things, like MS being able to scan your Xbox for pics and videos and upload them without notifying you). If someone can't stick by the rules they've agreed to, then, regardless of any other pre-existing issues, they shouldn't partake in the same system as other users who do abide by those rules.

Matrix 4 and 5 in works, threatens Keanu

IT Angle


"If you remember the meeting with the Architect in front of all the TV screens, all the "Ones" looks like Reeves, even down to the clothes he wears - although his reaction to being told what is happening seem to be different each time"

That actually wasn't all the previous "Ones". That was a simulation of every possible response that Mr Anderson could take to each part of the conversation. Just something to bear in mind. As stated, there wasn't that many previous "Ones" - Zion had only been destroyed 6 previous times, and Neo was the sixth "One".

As far as more sequels... please no. It just screams "pointless cash-in" after the major failure of the Matrix Online MMO. If they're that desperate for cash, then allow licensing of bullet-time technology. Use of bullet-time with 3D might be a visual spectacle, at least until they realise that the current resurgence of 3D is just a fad and is, in fact, pretty crap.

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