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Sims 3 pirated 180,000 times in three days

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3 activations

luckily, the 3 activation limit on Spore has no affect on me as the game was so repetitive, after my last reinstall of windows I've not used the game, wish I had pirated it, what a waste of money

Texting peer released from prison

Black Helicopters


As much as I would like to think the rich aren't bending us mortals over again.

You can't help but wonder what all the facts are, I mean, none of us no for sure as we weren't in the courtroom or at the accident.

But think about these:

1. so he sent his last message 2 miles up the road, there's no way to know he wasn't, a. reading another message, b. fiddling with his phone or c. writing a reply.

2. If it was dark on an unlit part of the motorway isn't it the drivers responsibility to ensure their travelling at a safe speed for the terrain, weather and visibility.

3. How many other cars before him managed to avoid the crashed vehicle?

Draw your own conclusions, but it wont change the fact that the rich and in government always seem to get away with things.

El Reg tells you what the Highway Code can't



... change speed limits outside of towns to 'suggested safe speed' and have 10mph above that before speed cameras will activate. rigid speed limits are useless in most instances (other than in towns and villages). put more police on the road to catch drivers doing stupid things, speed is not the issue, unsave driving is.

UK gov announces Road Pricing 2.0 - Managed Motorway

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car transport by train

I’m going on holiday next month, travelling from Cornwall to the Scottish highlands, I have to take a car because by air I could not take the amount of luggage, etc we need and travelling by train has the same issue.

But If I could transport my car by train from my nearest major station to one somewhere in Scotland, I could save shed loads on petrol, not add to congestion and be far more environmentally friendly.

I would happily pay £80-£130 to have my car taken up and brought back; it’s going to cost me more than that in petrol and stopping in a travel lodge half way up.

They have systems like this in other European countries, the USA and Australia.

I don’t want to drive everywhere, I have to.

UK prisoners offered data cabling training

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heaps of tax

"im an ex-con and im doing very well nicely thank you... paying heaps in tax to help back society..."

do you mean the heaps of tax that i've been paying since i left college?

and the heaps of tax most other people here have been paying all there lives?

*sarcasm* i really feel for you mate */sarcasm*

And what’s a couple years getting shafted by ‘big daddy’ when we’re already being shafted by government?

Navy sonar dolphin 'massacre' - the facts

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RE: Seems strange to me...

I completely agree with 'Suspicious Git', I've lived in Falmouth all my life and he is exactly right about the Fal estuary, there isn’t really any reason to believe it was anything but an accident, lets face it humans aren’t immune to going places and turning up dead (look up ‘Mount Hood climbing accidents’ on Wikipedia).

But back to the last comment in the article about the amount killed by fishing nets, that statistic can’t relate to Cornish fisherman (or British in general) as they can only keep there nets in the water for a couple minutes before they fill there yearly quota.

Natasha Henstridge braces for Impact


Can you guys read?

"a high-speed train getting airborne at 200 miles an hour"

who gives a stuff about anything else, i wanna see that.

RIAA chief calls for copyright filters on PCs


Maybe it's time...

...to sue the RIAA for something before they sue us.

Let’s look at how my downloading has affected the record industry:

Assuming I probably didn't start buying CD's till I was 14 and starting downloading when I was about 18, I’m now 23.

so checking my collection I find 4 CD’s I brought before I was 18, that's 1 a year, now lets look at how many I’ve brought since, I’m up to about 15, that’s 3 a year.

Now I’m not brilliant at maths so I’ll use the RIAA's methods of figuring things out:

Haven’t I increased there profits by 300%? There by negating any 'losses' they may have made. So single handily I’ve solved the whole problem. At least in a world of RIAA facts and figures.

On another note all the CD's I own are compilations of old music, I only download the occasional modern song because 99% are shit and I wouldn't waste my money getting a cd if I only like one song. Gone are the days of music worth paying for quiet frankly.

Cornish separatists menace Jamie Oliver


I'm Cornish

Some of the comments here about us Cornish are completely ridiculous.

The email was the view of an extreme fraction.

There are many things I hate about the whole tourist thing, but what they are suggesting is not what I want.

I want holiday home owners to pay 1 and a half times, maybe even 2 times the council tax.

I say holiday home owners, as a lot of second home owners are renting there properties to local people, I only have a problem with houses that are left empty for long periods. Why should they get a reduced rate?

I have a problem with the fact we pay higher water rates so the water company can keep the beaches clean for visitors, holiday homes should have a minimum water charge each month.

Maybe all holiday accommodation should have a standard charge of a pound or two a night which goes to pay for facilities they use. Would you mind paying an extra £7-£14 when you’re already paying £300+ for a week in a cottage, better yet, it should come out of that £300.

So you know, every year I go away with my girlfriend and so far we’ve only gone ‘up country’, I love the UK and there’s so much to see, that’s why I look at a map and know exactly where I’m going before I leave, if I’m not sure, I’ll stop off the road and check the map again.

That’s why I have problems with tourists driving around, they will drive at 20mph when they should be at 40 because they simply don’t know where there going, do some research or stop and ask, there’s a nice feeling about helping someone find there way, but there’s nothing more annoying than a driver in front of you slowing to a crawl at every sign or turn off.

Worst yet, where we’re lucky enough to rent a flat (can only afford it as we know the owner) is a stones throw from the beach right next to the beach is a big car park, but tourists don’t want to pay £1-£2 for the day, so they park on the very narrow roads all around the area which is a nightmare when you live there.

I love Cornwall, I love the UK.

I don’t mind tourists and I’ll always be polite, but I can’t stand the fact they don’t give a damn what they do while there here, just use your common sense.

As a side note, I can’t stand the kind of food they serve at restaurants like Rick steins, and I feel there over priced and pretentious, even if I could afford a meal there I would rather a nice pasty from chokes any day.

Dutch students brew up powdered alcohol hit


future of clubs

Will clubs soon have a water tap on our side of the bar, and a barmaid the other with a scoop and rows of power in jars?

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