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MYSTERIOUS Siberia CRATER: ALIENS or METEOR not involved, officials insist

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Gas buildup might explain the Noatak, Alaska, quake storm ...

Take a look at the USGS earthquake archive for July 17-18, 2014: Noatak, Alaska, located at 67°34′19″N 162°58′30″W, is under siege this Summer from low-to-moderate magnitude quake storms. Methane gas build-up and release might explain this Summer's high frequency of low magnitude quakes in the warming Arctic tundra region. That, or a lot of MUTOs with very big claws. Or, more likely, wild cat oil and gas drillers working for BP.

3.0 34km ENE of Noatak, Alaska 2014-07-18 08:12:02 UTC-04:00 10.8 km

4.6 49km ENE of Noatak, Alaska 2014-07-18 01:33:25 UTC-04:00 5.0 km

3.4 45km E of Noatak, Alaska 2014-07-18 01:30:01 UTC-04:00 16.5 km

3.7 41km E of Noatak, Alaska 2014-07-18 00:31:53 UTC-04:00 21.7 km

3.3 54km E of Noatak, Alaska 2014-07-18 00:29:35 UTC-04:00 6.4 km

3.7 44km ENE of Noatak, Alaska 2014-07-17 23:42:36 UTC-04:00 16.5 km

3.0 55km E of Noatak, Alaska 2014-07-17 22:29:24 UTC-04:00 7.1 km

4.1 46km ENE of Noatak, Alaska 2014-07-17 22:01:45 UTC-04:00 15.2 km

4.2 34km E of Noatak, Alaska 2014-07-17 22:00:45 UTC-04:00 10.0 km


'This BLACK HOLE just isn't BLACK AT ALL' snarl boffins

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Could explain the missing "medium-sized" black hole population ...

ULX-1 could explain the missing "medium-sized" black hole population ....

While astronomers have determined that ULX-1 has a heavier - but reasonable stellar size - with a mass of about 30 solar masses - the energy output in the X-ray spectrum is extreme - and cannot be explained by simple models of magnetic synchrotron acceleration of accretion disk debris plasma along magnetic poles.

There is an argument that suggests that there may exist forbidden gravity field zones - like forbidden quantum energy levels in atoms - around and near galactic cores. "Medium-mass" black holes might exist - uniquely - as in stand-alone - but can not exist if bounded to orbits around galactic core black holes - which have a mass in the tens of millions of solar masses.

Instead, the forbidden energy state forces "medium-mass" black holes to tunnel completely the hole's spacetime energy for release through a black hole at the next lower energy state in its probable vicinity: A forbidden energy state black hole would then simply vanish from known space once the tunneling starts, because its mass and gravitic energy is "forbidden" from when and where it was orbiting the galactic core, but is allowed to emerge at the new location - but only released at the maximum rate allowed by that region of spacetime.

So, it could be postulated that ULX-1 may be the output end of a "worm-hole" - a "white" hole - which is "draining" - through quantum gravity tunneling - a "medium-mass" black hole which was once somewhere else in the galaxy - but has now quantum vanished from its former location in known spacetime.

That could explain the energy output of a '"medium-mass" black hole emerging from a "smallish" stellar mass black hole - which could only be detected at lower energy ranges if only accretion disk plasma synchrotron radiation generated the X-rays. Energy out is due to energy from two quantum gravity coupled black holes - one medium-sized and the other just "conveniently" near by.

Possible forbidden energy state conditions could be achieved by an in-falling medium-sized black hole accelerated by the galactic core to a superluminal velocity - or a medium-sized black hole caught in a powerful gravity wave - a spacetime distortion - which would result in superluminal velocities - a distortion which can exist wherever two galactic cores are found orbiting each other in very close proximity.

And, that is just a theory for boffins to kick around ...

Meanwhile, whatever was once living within several million light-years of ULX-1 has probably already beaten a path for the exits to avoid getting fried by the radiation: There could be a diaspora migration wave which may some day be detected by astronomers.


'Morons! Zuckerberg, are you listening?'

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Ah yes - but NASA does expect Xtreme Weather!

NASA - no asteroid threat - no solar storm threat - no supervolcano threat - (well, actually, no possibility of advanced knowledge of a supervolcano threat - now that geologists believe it only requires a catastrophic magma chamber ceiling failure to detonate a supervolcano - which anyone with a dozen MOP bunker busters might consider doing just for fun.)

But - NASA did send up a press release last week on expecting more extreme weather conditions - just in time to tickle US budget cutters - as NASA's Landsat 5 failed in orbit this last week.

GOP budget cutters are just aching for a reason to cut spending to launch the next generation of Earth Observing satellites - if only to prevent NASA from collecting more embarrassing-to-energy-companies global-warming data.

After all, everyone knows that energy companies contribute more money to their favorite US politicians than ecologists. BUT, they conveniently forget that this Summer of 2011, NASA satellite photos helped wildfire fighters keep Texans from burning completely to the ground.

So, a hearty welcome from NASA to the "Day After Tomorrow" scenario as artfully illustrated by director Roland Emmerich.


Doomsday 2012 mega volcano 'unlikely' - NASA

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NASA - Not Another Serious Answer?

The comments have been huge fun. Thanks and a round of applause to all.

The press offices of all of the US agencies have noted an increase in general public anxiety with respect to 2012. Even the venerable USGS which tracks quakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis has barely mentioned the existence of El Hierro in the Canary Islands and its over 10,000 quakes this year. USGS only put up a web page pointing to the IGN.es web site when enough reporters called and asked what the heck was happening off-shore from La Restinga.

Mind you, El Hierro appears to have become "constipated" right now - and has stopped venting gas and rocks with as much violence as a week ago - preferring instead to opt for really sharp earthquakes from 20 km below the weakening El Golfo Bay escarpment as sea water works into the fault lines. Nothing quite says "splash" like a rock wall that is 8 km deep and 1 km high above sea level being propelled by jets of steam and magma towards the East Coast of the US, and pushing ahead of it a 40 km wide wave that will build to a wave crest of 1 km high in shallow water.

The NASA Press Office did the right thing to redirect the apocalyptic queries to their humorous press releases - and really just avoid the discussion of earthly volcanoes all together.

They really do have a lot more pressing things to do right now like budget justifications, explaining the SWAT-team arrests of grannies carrying around specks of moon dust, "stealing back" camera gifts to former astronauts, and buying tickets in bulk for Virgin Galactic flights to capture the "scientific experience" of getting the heck off the planet.

The NASA Press Office just doesn't want everyone else doing exactly the same thing - booking space flights - during the upcoming holidays - since that would probably make for rather difficult passenger delays at the Virgin Galactic counter at the new spaceport in New Mexico, around the corner from Roswell, where the new ICE immigration quarantine processing center is being built for off-world visitors, which will be operated by ICE contracted private enterprise and will serve fried chicken to all detainees, since in space, everything tastes like chicken.

That, and the fact that NASA checked baggage is charged at $25,000 US per pound to simply place into orbit - and we are not talking about round trip baggage fees, or even the estimated times to track down and return lost items in orbit: Hey, bud, just try keeping a diamond tiara in place in zero G.

Yes, sir, the NASA Press Office respectfully answers all public questions and calls from members of the press with their characteristic charm and ability to redirect to other US agencies, who just ignore their phone calls or outsource their calls to call centers in India, like FEMA.

So, "supervolcanoes"? No problemo.

Si! They exist. Just don't bother asking about manana.

After all, the Truth is Out There ...


Raygun dreadnought project reports 'remarkable breakthrough'

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And by the way ... tunable and multiple wavelength output ...

A free electron laser is not only tunable - but with enough power - it can deliver multiple output wavelengths as harmonics of its tunable microwave resonance cavity. The desired weapons effect is therefore not to produce just one output frequency - but can be set to group multiple EM wavelengths to pump a solid to liquid, liquid to gas, and gas to plasma - simultaneously.

When dealing with meta-material cloaked projectiles - this ability to rapidly reset whole groups of EM output frequencies in response to observed target state changes allows the FEL / PHASER to penetrate metamaterial cloaks through plasma shock ablation.

Simply put, with a couple of nuclear reactors behind it, a FEL/PHASER is a Star Trek disintegrator beam with potential orbital reach - especially when provided with reverse conjugate acoustic gas-phase optics to correct for atmospheric scatter. By being able to ramp thru EM frequency ranges from radio to infrared to visual to X-ray, solid phase projectiles can be simply erased in flight with a sweep of the output beam.

This ability has special value for penetrating reinforced command and control bunkers. It would be considered a more humane penetrator than current penetrator warhead designs, since direct contact with the beam would disintegrate a human instantly. Note that secondary plasma shockwaves can be extremely damaging to surrounding human tissues and organs, with enough force to shatter bone, as well as 20 foot thick reinforced concrete walls.

A mobile sea-based platform is ideal for the same reasons ballistic missile submarines provide deterrence. Nothing in the FEL/PHASER specs prevent it from being submarine-based. or capable of producing EM wavelengths tuned to penetrate water to submarine operational depths, or from submarine depths to orbit. Torpedo defense is possible with sufficient FEL/PHASER power at radiowave frequencies.

Nominally, there are current space treaties preventing the use of nuclear power in near earth space for military purposes. While these treaties are honored, sea-faring FEL/PHASER systems will remain its principal mode of deployment.

We are not talking about deadly white sharks with lasers mounted on their heads.

We are talking about really, really, big sharks capable of running silent and running deep for months at a time with arrays of FEL/PHASERS installed into converted sea-launched ballistic missile silos. The big boomers will have a new mission protecting the fleet and near space.



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