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Who are the biggest electric car liars - the BBC, or Tesla Motors?


Steam Engines

I only want to make one point. All alternatives to the internal combustion engine can safely be classified as "emerging technology". Most sensible people realise that the vehicles produced are not yet commercially viable alternatives to ICE. The closest we've come so far are Hybrids.

Just because they are not yet market ready, this doesn't mean we should be slagging them off because they don't compete with a technology that has been perfected and improved upon for over 100 years.

Currently, EVs and other alternative power source vehicles have done 2 things:

1) pushed at the boundaries of new technology that, provided funding is put in place, should eventually produce a vehicle that will be become de facto standard in personal transport. That doesn't mean it will be next week, but in the medium term, life will be a little different;

2) push convention motor vehicles to become more efficient in their use of fossil fuels. I also accept that there are other reasons for this, but whatever your take on "climate change" fuel efficiency is a good thing, not least for your own wallet.

I am please that Milligan wrote: "I'm sure Stevenson's Rocket didn't go very fast the first time he tried it," because this exactly encapsulates the current position of the technology. Just like the Rocket vs the Flying Scotsman, it's a start, but it isn't the finish article.

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