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Samsung Galaxy's flagship leaks ... don't matter much. Here's why

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Re: No jack, Jack.

I use a credit card reader for my work, and it plugs into the headphone jack. No jack, f*ck you, I can't use your phone.

I'm a crime-fighter, says FamilyTreeDNA boss after being caught giving folks' DNA data to FBI

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Re: Proof of ownership?

I read an article recently, can't find it now, that stated up to 30% of fathers were raising a child not their own, and didn't know it.

Oz cops investigating screams of 'why don't you die?' find bloke in battle with spider

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Good Thing it Wasn't US Police

They'd have arrived, guns drawn, and shot the poor guy immediately.

Pork pulled: Plug jerked out of beacon of bacon delight

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Re: Japan to the rescue!

I didn't know Lawson's was still a thing. I was pretty sure they died out in the 70s.

American bloke hauls US govt into court after border cops 'cuffed him, demanded he unlock his phone at airport'

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100 Miles From The Border

Includes probably 80% of the US population, including my home in Texas.

And they say these searches are rare, then why do we read of so many happening?

Oh Deer! Poacher sentenced to 12 months of regular Bambi screenings in the cooler

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Re: 'Murica never ceases...

Speaking only for myself, if guns were outlawed I still know where to get one, and I'd feel far more certain that the person I want to rob wouldn't have one to protect himself, as most people wouldn't want to break the law by having a gun. And, as a criminal, I couldn't care less that I'm breaking the law by having one.

GOPwned: Republicans fall victim to email hack

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Re: The Russians are Coming!!!

So very true, with Pence as president we'd all be forced back to the puritan values of the 1600s, with any kind of sex being illegal and punishable by death. Huh, just like in the Middle East :-(

Awkward... Revealed Facebook emails show plans for data slurping, selling access to addicts' info, crafty PR spinning

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Re: Popcorn anyone?

I'm sure I will still be monetized long after I am dead. At least I hope I will be, to cost advertisers more money.

Great Scott! Is nothing sacred? US movie-goers vote Back To The Future as most-wanted reboot

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Re: originals will still be enjoyable

I'm almost ashamed to say it, but I liked the Family Guy spoofs of the Star Wars movies better than the originals. Downvote away!!

Oh, I wish it could be Black Friday every day-aayyy, when the wallets start jingling but it's still a week till we're paiii-iid

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Re: I am really surprised

I always refer to it as African American Friday just to be pc.

Smartphone industry is in 'recession'! Could it be possible we have *gasp* reached 'peak tech'?

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Re: not unless they die.

I'm still happy with my Note 4, and today a friend gave me another one, still in the box. I figure these two will last me another six years. Too bad no updates from Samsung, but I might install LineageOS on one.

PC makers: Intel CPU shortages are here to stay ... for six months

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Re: Pah... when I was a kid...

64 MB for a VAX was $64,000.

Brits pay £490m extra for mobes they already own – Citizens Advice

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Re: Astonishing isn't it

In other news, millions in the US are paying every month for landlines telephone sets that they trashed long ago. The last figure, some years ago, was 30 million people.

The Notch contagion is spreading slower than phone experts thought

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Re: Charge by wire

And that flat thing will probably give you cancer in California.

I always wanted to go to California, but cancer seems a high price.

SUSE Linux Enterprise turns 15: Look, Ma! A common code base

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Re: not uncommon

I reside very happily in the 13th apartment in my building, even though my landlord numbered it 14. I also drive a taxi numbered 13. It's the only one in our fleet that hasn't had an accident

Aussie bloke wins right to sue Google over 'underworld' images

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Re: On the "my name search" thing...

When I Google my porn name, nothing at all comes up nowadays. My real name is as common as John Smith, and none of the returned results are me, either. Looks like Google forgot me!

'Vigilance' hacker charged over Minnesota government attacks

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Re: "Damage and loss to the state of more than $5000"?

The feds only have jurisdiction if the loss over $5,000. It doesn't mean the loss was $5,000. The actual loss will be taken into account with his sentence, ie the higher the dollar loss, the longer the sentence. The feds have little charts for figuring out how long he'll serve.

Uber 'does not exist any more' says Turkish president

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Re: Good. Lyft, Uber & their ilk suck arse.

As a taxi driver, I rent the car from the company on a daily basis. My rent is a percentage of the amount I meter each day. The company pays for insurance and maintenance, I pay a fee to the city for my taxi license and an FBI fingerprint fee. The city sets the rates, I can't charge more than those set rates. However, our city is allowing Uber drivers to charge whatever they please up to the set rates. Of course they charge half what we do, but for the time being, our business is doing fine. The city requires Uber drivers to have a taxi permit, but the drivers I know know nothing about permits or fingerprinting, so the city is setting a double standard.

Buggy software could lock a Jeep's cruise control

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Re: This Jeep is goin overdrive

I find it abhorrent that Jeep is part of Fiat.

The most fun, and yes, pretty reliable, vehicle I ever owned was my 90s Jeep Wrangler. And it was a boy magnet :-)

Fella gets 2.5 years in the clink for coughing up cell numbers in $50m junk text message scam

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Forfeit All Of It

The others should also have to forfeit whatever they stole! But it should go back to the people they fleeced, not into government coffers, no matter how difficult that may be.

Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed

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Black Market Guns

We have plenty of gun laws already which aren't enforced.

I have bipolar disorder, and probably could not legally buy a gun. However, for less than $100 I could buy a nice semiautomatic pistol anywhere here from a private owner, in fact, just last week a friend brought one to my home to show to me. And the idiot managed to shoot himself while showing me.

The point is, making guns less legal or illegal won't stop criminals or crazy people getting access to them. But if guns ARE illegal, the criminals WILL still have them, and the rest of us will be less able to protect ourselves.

Somewhere I lost my train of thought...

Windows Notepad fixed after 33 years: Now it finally handles Unix, Mac OS line endings

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Re: relief arrived a long time ago

I've been using NoteTab for as long as I can remember, specifically for this reason.

German sauna drags punters to court over naked truth

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Yes, I've been threatened with expulsion from saunas for having "too many boys in my room" as though that sort of action wasn't allowed. Now I'm just more discreet ha ha.

Fatal driverless crash: Radar-maker says Uber disabled safety systems

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Re: "Self driving cars can only only react"

I'm certain that I react in well under one second upon becoming aware of something unexpected in the road. But then, I have had advanced driver training and have generally quick reflexes.

Uber breaks self-driving car record: First robo-ride to kill a pedestrian

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Re: Clever car?

I would never feel safe being NEAR one!

Will the defendant please rise? Utah State Bar hunts for sender of topless email

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Then I guess they'd get apoplectic over a dick pic? Or would they all be secretly downloading it?

Orland-whoa! Chap cops to masterminding $100m Microsoft piracy racket

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Re: get rich or die trying...

I can speak from experience, I spent over eight years in a federal prison, and the only action I ever saw was guys sucking MY cock. Of course, I can also take care of myself, which no doubt helped keep my ass virgin.

The e-waste warrior, 28,000 copied Windows restore discs, and a fight to stay out of jail

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Re: @pip25 ... Oh, come on

Prosecutors have great discretion as to what charges the file for any particular crime. So one offender might get say a year in jail for a given crime, and another identical crime might be charged differently, and a lengthy sentence, in some cases, be mandatory.

As 90% of people that go to trial in US Federal courts are found guilty, one is almost forced to plead to something to avoid at least some prison time, even if not guilty. The government also has unlimited resources while defendants have to pay for an attorney with real money. Oh yeah, "if you can't afford an attorney, one will be provided for you." You get exactly what you pay for.

Uber and its 245 million reasons to settle with Google's Waymo

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Sell That Stock

Now, before it loses its value!

Wait, what? The Linux Kernel Mailing List archives lived on ONE PC? One BROKEN PC?

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Re: £120 for 4MB

Some kids broke into one of the engineering labs and stole all the memory out of the MicroVaxes. Memory was $64k for 64Mb.

Prison hacker who tried to free friend now likely to join him inside

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Re: It's a Federal case

Club Fed my ass, there are surprisingly few federal prisons with tennis courts, etc. And down here in Texas we have 100 degree heat to enjoy in un air conditioned cells or dormitories.

Lauri Love's US extradition appeal judges reserve decision

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Re: Delays

How long a sentence would he be facing in each country? The US is horrible about handing down rediculously long sentences for relatively minor crimes. I could easily imagine the US giving him a life sentence and putting him in a maximum security prison.

Although, if he is guilty, some prison time is warranted.

Pokémon GO caused hundreds of deaths, increased crashes

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Guns Don't Kill People

Guns don't kill people, Amerikan cops kill people!

The NAKED truth: Why flashing us your nude pics is a good idea – by Facebook's safety boss

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Men Aren't Ugly

There are SO many men that I'd love to see naked! Women, meh...

ATM fees shake-up may push Britain towards cashless society

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Re: £50's

The Wells Fargo ATMs in my small Texas town give out $50 notes. Much better when withdrawing $500 at a time.

Pixel-style display woes on your shiny new X? Perfectly normal, says Apple

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Re: 'image persistence' or 'burn-in'

I have an eight year old Lincoln, made in the USA, which has nearly a half million miles on it. And everything still works as new.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is hot, but not much more than the S8+

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Note 4?

I've been using my Note 3 for 3+ years. You can still find a Note 4 brand new on ebay for less than $250, which is my planned upgrade path.

Facebook posts put Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli in prison as a danger to society

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Club Fed

My experience with Club Fed is NO electronic devices whatsoever. One might use one to record some of the many lies told by the people in charge.

Plus they want complete control over who an inmate contacts and they record all communications, so no email or cell phones.

New York Police scrap 36,000 Windows smartphones

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Re: Please tell me

Even if they sell them as surplus, they'll probably wait a few years, guaranteeing that they will get at most a few cents per phone.

Wisconsin advances $3bn bribe incentives package for Foxconn

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Milwaukee, in the same part of the state as the proposed plant, has a huge number of illegal aliens. And they work cheaper than Americans.

WannaCry-killer Marcus Hutchins denies Feds' malware claims

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That asset would probably have to be physical property located in the US. If a bonding company is used, the $3,000 is non refundable.

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Re: A question for some American lawyer

The deck is stacked against him, he can either plead guilty for a lesser sentence or go to trial. 95% of defendants going to trial are found guilty.

Uber wants your top tips to mend its rotten image

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Yes, if the driver gives good service, like helping me with packages, I will certainly tip, and I want all of the tip to go to the driver. Hell, maybe I'm unusual, but I normally tip at least 20% as long as he's ontime, clean car, and doesn't take the long route.

Maybe my small city is unusual, our two taxi companies are pretty honest, they wash and vacuum the car each shift, no driver smokes, and the wait time can be as little as ten minutes from when you call, up to 30 minutes if they're busy. The trick is to call earlier and make a reservation. Then you've got a 99 out of 100 chance that the car will be there when you need it, and probably earlier.

I looked up several of my regular taxi rides on Ubers find your fare page, they were consistently a dollar or two more than I pay for a regular taxi. The booking and other fees alone add up to my home to work taxi fare before the mileage is added, making Uber the high cost provider. I want to study the pricing a littlemore, probably on longer trips Uber will be cheaper. There's got to be a sweet spot, because they charge only half the per mile taxi rate.

Boo Radley

Yes, if the driver gives good service, like helping me with packages, I will certainly tip, and I want all of the tip to go to the driver. Hell, maybe I'm unusual, but I normally tip at least 20% as long as he's ontime, clean car, and doesn't take the long route.

UK.gov snaps on rubber gloves, prepares for mandatory porn checks

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Re: Worthless. British porn industry

I always preferred banned in Germany. The German hardcore stuff I've seen was damn near shocking - what would the Banned be like?

OMG, dad, you're so embarrassing! Are you P2P file sharing again?

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Re: Who's of thunk it

As a middle aged bloke, I use p2p to occasionally download content (mostly 'educational' movies) because content prices are, for me anyway, too high. Male escorts, however, haven't gone up in price nearly as much as media content.

Murderous Uber driver 'attacked passenger and the app biz did nothing. Then he raped me'

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taxi Regulation

Here in Victoria Texas, the cities regulate the taxis. This included a yearly application process wherein you submit your police record and fingerprints and the chief of police either alloys or disallows each application.

Uber doesn't want this background check to be performed, especially if fingerprints are required, and has recently gotten the state legislature to change it so the state oversees taxi regulation. Suspiciously absent from this new rule is any mention of REAL background checks for driver applicants.

US border cops must get warrants to search citizens' gadgets – draft bipartisan law emerges

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Re: The devil always is in the implementation...

All phone systems in the US are backward compatible, so the rotary phone will work fine.

Protest against Trump's US travel ban leaves ‪PasswordsCon‬ in limbo

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Re: Oh FFS

Maybe Methamphetamine? It would explain his paranoia.

Apple eats itself as iPhone fatigue spreads

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I agree, I have to have a headpgone jack to use my credit card reader. That means I had to stick with my paid for Note.


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