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Deputy PM: Rip up Snoop Charter, 'go back to the drawing board'

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Re: Has Clegg......

Pure LOLz!

Facebook replaces non-Facebook mail addresses on Timeline


Calm down dears....

...the emails sent to the address are turned into Facebook messages... you don't have to use the facebook email address you can use your current one. But it's just not displayed by default now.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a non-news item...made news by silly people moaning about changes to a social network you don't have to fund your usage of with cold hard cash.

San Diego woman strips to bikini to look for her chihuahua


Once again it's been shown to be true...

Dogs really are a man's best friends ;)

NASA releases asteroid flyby video from Dawn probe


FAIL! no mention of the smiley face on the South pole of it!

Smiley face icon, in honour of the one on the pole

Chinese bloke gets eel lodged up todger


A photo has been found...which I regret finding now...


Getting your business software requirements right


It's 2011, not 1970...Upfront requirements gathering is dead

Winston Royce wrote a white paper in 1970 on how to develop large systems, in which he coined the term waterfall. Yet even in his 1970, paper, he was clear that it's impossible to get the requirements right first time and that only traversing the waterfall once is stupid.

Moving on 30 years, we had the start of Agile software development take off around the year 2000. Agile methodologies (of which there are many), all recommend limited upfront analysis (and design). Instead they prefer Continuous Analysis, Design, Testing, Coding, through out the project life time.

Today, eleven years later, Agile has proven itself. More and more companies/teams spread across every industrial section use agile techniques and methodologies.

It's time to stop banging the drum of upfront analysis.

Facebook facing fall-down issues


It's been acting up since...

... yesterday lunch time for me. And it's regardless of how I connect.

iPhone app, iPhone Opera browser, Firefox on laptop or firefox at work.

I blame those pesky kids...


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