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T-Mobile imposes swingeing cuts on fair use data limits



i have just sent this to t-mobile via a web form on their help and support page.

feel free to copy and paste/change it for your own use.

dear sir/madam, i have just received a text message from yourselves stating that my internet FUP is being reduced from 3gb to 500mb. i am deeply unhappy about this and feel that you are in breach of contract.

i have phoned your customer services and contacted yourselves via twitter and the response has been that the internet is an additional service provided to myself that can be changed by yourselves with 30 days notice.

could you please show me;

1.where in my contract it states that the internet is an additional service?

2. where in my contract it states that my call/sms allowance is not an additional service. 3. could you also tell me, if you need to give 30 days notice of any changes to my additional services, you can send a text on the 10th of jan and change the service on the 2nd of feb?

i would wish that both my contracts with yourselves are cancelled with no further charges to my account and PAC's are supplied to myself.

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