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Server virtualisation is not enough

Father Jed
Paris Hilton

Ask some one who has done it

Seriously Reg - get some writers who actually know something with the technology they are talking about. This article is titled cloud but talks about virtualisation - just not the same thing at all.

Actually - give Paris a call. She is beyond Mr Coates intelectual level.


Cabinet Office shakes up PSN

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No really

When did the Army stop wearing green? Sure the Navy and RAF have issues, but credit where it is due.

You are just not thinking outside the box - just not civil service material.


RM revenue declines in face of UK.gov slash fest

Father Jed

@AC of 9:29

Bandwagon jumper!!

Early model 280z with COS 2.0. sometime in the mid 70's

Yes COS == Cassette Operating System

came with a duck shoot game that had scarey similarity to AngryBirds


What's in your datacentre?

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