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iPad Fleshlight lets fanbois express their love

Andreas W.

I just accidentally...

I just accidentally a whole ipad!

German hackers snare wiretap Trojan, accuse gov of writing it...

Andreas W.

"0zapfis" is a jump mark label name invented by the CCC, is it not? Assembly labels do not appear in binary code.

Eurofighter Typhoon: It's EVEN WORSE than we thought

Andreas W.

Let them die, Spock.

Apparently the European aircraft industry is just too stupid to produce reasonable aircraft at reasonable prices and it only survived because our politicians are even more stupid.

Should we leave the European aircraft industry to die a quick death (including the civilian one, if that's how it needs to be)?

I'm sure in the next 100 years we'll always be able to buy either from the USA or from the Russians for a much cheaper price, as you would always have a fierce competition.

I'm not sure where the money went, but I'm sure it would be cheaper to let our aircraft experts go to the USA, Russia and China and have the non-experts be put on the dole.

Regards from Germany

Philips 21:9 Cinema 58in LED backlit TV

Andreas W.

Quality lost?

Explain to me how you would bloat a 1920 pixel wide cinema-scope material to 2560 pixels without loosing some picture quality.

You have pixels XYZ and you need to fit them into four new pixels ABCD.

This TV is a stupid concept. Just buy a bigger 16:9 screen.

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