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Win 10 creators update offers new reality opportunity

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Re: If only I could install it

'MS MR headsets don't seem to be available in the UK'

Try Argos, Pc World or Amazon for starters. The samsung headet although is not available in the UK.

I got a lenovo headset. It is early days, but it is certainily fun. I thinking of having a go coding for it over the weekend.

Hello Moto... It's the Nokia Lumia 630

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Re: Bit worried by 8.1

I really like the win 8.1 update – scratched a lot of itches for me.

Volumes are split between:

ringer and notifications

media and apps

plus additional ones for any connected hardware – such as Bluetooth.

Muting is the same via the volume keys, with an additional easy access volume settings screen opened by the down arrow visible when using the volume key.

People hub has changed – more contact centric rather than ‘whats new’ social media.


630 has 512 Ram – but some apps/games require more than this, but they are a very small minority, although still a pain if that is the app you must have. It is less than an issue than with android.

In my view 8.1 is a joy. Before I regarded it as a subpar phone operating system with some interesting bits. Now it more than competes against its rivals. Yes, there are still a few niggles, but it my view it is the most intuitive.

US woman @theashes gives in to Twitter, flies to Sydney

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British Empire it was

I could not let such a blatant mis-representation of history pass. A quick search of Hansard archives from 1803 to 2005 provides us with an easy quantifiable proof.

The term “British Empire” gives us 15,480 results starting with the Kings speech of 1803.


A search of “English Empire” returns a mere 40 including a number of false results such as ‘English empirical tradition’.



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