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T-Mobile backtracks on retrospective mobe data caps


Proper result

I phoned T-Mobile this afternoon to advise them they have broken their contract terms and I would be walking away as advised by the Ofcom rules. The person I spoke to was apologetic and informed me even their own staff were having the cap imposed.

After checking with someone he came back and offered me a poor discount on my monthly account. After I refused and reminded him it was lawful for me to walk away from my contract and read him the Ofcom directive he came back with a revised offer of a discount from my monthly bill.

This was quite pleasing as I never ever get near to the data cap they were trying to foist on me.

I accepted the offer and references were exchanged. Then I read they have performed a U Turn and will not be capping data plans of existing customers (mugs).

I'm hoping he pressed the buttons and I still get my generous data plan with a whopping great discount for my trouble. Fingers crossed.

T-Mobile you have let Orange influence the way you operate. What a stupid way to handle this situation and to add insult to injury the line in the original notice

"if you want to download, stream and watch video clips, save that stuff for your home broadband".

Is the worst notification I have ever read, not only is it rude, it implied that they had some right to tell you what you can and cannot do with a service you have paid them for which had no restrictions.



Beastly Android will batter Apple's iOS beauty

Jobs Horns

Wow handset war declared

I came here for sheer amusement, to take in the statistic salvos and generally see what has to be said. I must say I am a developer and own quite a few handsets through the work I do.

If you feel committed enough to claim one handset manufacturer is better than the other you in my opinion miss the point.

Android will never be a serious contender until they improve the interface so much that network providers and phone sellers don't feel compelled to customise the experience.

That's where Apple excel. In that advert for the iPad the line "You already know how to use it" was the strongest statement they could ever make. With an android phone it's all a bit random and the icons are all a bit flat and boring.

I admit Android is a nice environment to develop in not that much better than XCode but nice none the less but will say, Apple's code is very well put together.

The bottom line for me is the manufacturer who can continue to create o/s's that are technical enough for a techy to enjoy and simple enough for a light user to navigate. Add in form and aesthetics and Apple are streets ahead.

The very fact that pretty much every other high end smartphone looks like an iPhone is some way is testament that they all would like to be an iPhone. The Android owners who delight in telling why their handset is technically superior to your iPhone 4 reinforce my belief that they cannot comprehend that yours is better than theirs in so many other ways.

Owning an iPhone is like owning a Bugatti Veyron that has been speed restricted to 70 miles an hour.

Owning an Android o/s phone is like owning a Mitsubishi EVO very powerful and great to own, but not as regal or as classy.

Which one is better? That is subjective to what your actual requirements are.


Android stuff

Marky W said: (btw, I'm an enforced BB owner through work, and f*cking hate it. Most counter-intuitive and frustrating interface evar. And no Angry Birds.)


That's a lie, there is a Blackberry version of angry birds...


1] Fire red bird low

2] Fire red bird high


2 selected.

You Missed!


1] Fire yellow bird low

2] Fire yellow bird high

1 selected.

You hit a glass tower. 50 points.



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