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You can get a mechanical keyboard for £45. But should you? We pulled an Aukey KM-G6 out of the bargain bin

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I loved those IBM keyboards

Although they had a PS/2 connector on the back. I got rid of mine at the time where there were no USB to PS/2 cable adapters. I do miss them!

Real-time tragedy: Dumb deletion leaves librarian red-faced and fails to nix teenage kicks on the school network

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Re: Let's be honest...

I still play Red Alert - my all time favorite game. I love the 2D vs the 3D crap as it was easier to control the units with the slick overhead view. Usually play Russia as the Tesla Coils are awesome.

Never liked Red Alert 2 and regular command and conquer was good - but Red Alert hits the sweet spot.

You can download it to play online still from cncnet.org.

What's a Google Play? Huawei talks up fledgling AppGallery store, shows off another voice assistant with a female name

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Now that MS supports their play store

lately every single one of MS forays seems to end in failure thus will that be the end result for Huawei?

Control is only an illusion, no matter what you shove on the Netware share

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Re: "Or heard the sphincter-loosening words: 'What's a backup?' "

Until ransomware hits the main and backup drive......

Meltdown The Sequel strikes Intel chips – and full mitigation against data-meddling LVI flaw will slash performance

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Re: One day, not to far in the future,

Thanks for the info on Proton - was not aware of this. However, looks like it is s till a really small selection of games from Steam site and missing things like Call of Duty, etc. Just curious as what the list of Steam games looks like on your end and if I can finally get rid of more Windows systems.

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To dinner or a movie or both?

Fancy that: Hacking airliner systems doesn't make them magically fall out of the sky

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That was my same EXACT thought while reading through this!

One could argue the same applies to self-driving anything like trucks, cars, etc.

Things I learned from Y2K (pt 87): How to swap a mainframe for Microsoft Access

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Count me as one

Who was tasked at the same time period to help with shutting down permanently an AS/400 and move the data to Access 97 for archival purposes. Things went very smoothly surprisingly...

Microsoft: 14 January patch was the last for Windows 7. Also Microsoft: Actually...

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Re: it's all curable, and worth it

As other people stated:

Windows 10 - depending on version, changes the way you join a domain. Plus they keep trying to force One Drive and Windows E-Mail.

Latest os Server 2019 AND Windows 10, depending on how you log in is what you can access such as from search: enter diskmgmt.msc. Depending on the user (ie administrator does not work but normal user it does. For me to get it to work as admin, it is Windows key + R and then enter diskmgmt.msc. Yet ANOTHER STUPID extra step to get into disk management.

EVERY version they change where and how configuration is made. This is utter crap.

I have lately had more BSOD's with Windows and USB items than with any other version.

I really could write several pages of issues with Windows 10 that Windows 7 never had but I do not want to bore everyone to death.

Space Force is go, go, go! Because we have a child as President of the United States

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What I don't get is

why you are opposed to a Space Force? Ideally, it is a WASTE as the Air Force should control space. HOWEVER, the country that controls space controls the planet. The country that controls the moon controls the Planet. It makes sense for the West to start colonizing the moon long before the Chinese and Russians get there - and yes they are trying because they see the strategic advantage.

Lately, I think the comments are getting worse and worse to Daily Mail standards....

ERP disaster zone: The mostly costly failures of the past decade

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I cannot believe Overstock was not mentioned

As they came THIS close to going under (they needed to Get Smart)

For large companies, ERP systems are ALWAYS going to be a failure. Common cloud apps from vendors will ALWAYS be a failure.

ALL systems should be developed in-house. WHY? The BIGGEST reason not mentioned is this:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> IT is to be used for a STRATEGIC advantage <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If EVERYONE used the same crappy ERP or cloud Application, even with customization, it does NOT give you the flexibility to run your business to succeed where others have failed. Without innovation, all other things being equal, you will be forced to compete on price, which drives margins super thin, and ANY shock to the system can put a company under quite easily.

With the exception of PAYROLL, and to extent basic accounting packages (which will still need to be fed with advanced systems), IT should give a competitive and strategic advantage and not follow others.

Let us take a few industries for example:

1) Reinsurance - insurance for insurance companies. Yes, you could go with packages built for Reinsurance, but they are VERY inflexible, and you can no longer write innovative policies without a custom system.

2) Finance - there are so many areas that custom finance will give a superior advantage in many forms of financial products.

3) Online Giants - Amazon - E-Bay - Google - all use proprietary systems and look at their success rate.

I could go on and on with the titans of industry that developed their own strategic applications in-house but it would be pages long. Maybe if you used Oracle Financials, SAP, etc for BASIC accounting GL functions it would work - but at what cost? It still is cheaper to build in-house (and not out source).

Seagate, WD mull 10-platter HDDs as pitstop before HAMR, MAMR time

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Same issue

Took me forever to sell off all of mine before they failed. SMR is slow and unreliable.

The mod firing squad: Stack Exchange embroiled in 'he said, she said, they said' row

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Re: Is this just an English thing ?

Yet ironically, it was boys who wore pink and girls who whore blue back in the early 1900's

All of this is STUPID. Guess I won't be checking out STACK anymore (not that I really used it).

You have a private part (except for the VERY RARE CASES where people are born with both). If it extends, you are male, if not, then female - there are NO OTHER CHOICES. IF you feel you are the other sex, then have the operation and go to the appropriate bathroom/gender/whatever. NOT a hard concept - no need for other genders.

We have that stupid idiot woman that was trans race

What is next? trans species? Sadly. there are people who have had operations to do just that such as a lizard man. When will intelligence come back into vogue?

Queue the downvotes!

Cortana makes your PC's heart beat faster: Windows 10 update leaves some processors hot under the cooler

Captain Obvious

Re: Even more broken

Yes - want the remote desktop app? Comes up randomly and not all the time when you do a search. This is why I go back to execute .cpl

Can also query how to join a domain and find web references and not where they moved the setting for it....AGAIN. Windows 10 ===== PURE GARBAGE

We will hack back if you tamper with our shiz, NATO declares to world's black hats

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Re: Provide the proof

Boy is the tinfoil hat brigade out today. I bet you believe man has never landed on the moon, that the earth is flat, that Elvis, Kennedy, and Marilyn Monroe are alive and hanging out with bigfoot, HAARP is changing the weather, and chemtrails are killing you.

Microsoft Surface users baffled after investing in kit that throttles itself to the point of passing out

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Re: Trolling for advertising revenue?

The MS Intellimouse wired optical was the gold standard. I think you can still find knockoffs on EBAY but for a wired mouse, it was excellent.

When customers see red, sometimes the obvious solution will only fan the flames

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Re: Ive been the dumb user...

Had a situation where even when I expanded the screen, the buttons below were STILL off the screen at the bottom. Of course, clicking on the screen and hitting enter does not do a default of save.

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Re: I know of a rather gruesome example...

Worse yet, how about developers not understanding connection pooling, and every stupid field on the screen had their own connection? Developer puts it into prod and wonders why the app that was on his desk is running slow with simply 15 users on the system.

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Re: My fav

Only problem is you have to wait for the buffer to clear as it will continue to scroll for some time.

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Re: Dolt

Heck, I read it as random lines as in straight lines going across the screen in various areas.

Why are fervid Googlers making ad-blocker-breaking changes to Chrome? Because they created a monster – and are fighting to secure it

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Re: Ok, so it's useful and dangerous at the same time

So tell us how you really feel :)

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Re: The title is no longer required.

Why not simply use Kali Linux off a USB drive - boot off that. You can easily refresh it back to original state. Then the attack vector is severely limited. It is what I do!

Monster magnet in my pocket: Boffins' gizmo packs 45.5-tesla punch and weighs just 390g

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Re: Uuuhhhh.

Be careful as they *could* be repulsed instead

No Huawei out: Prez Trump's game of chicken with China has serious consequences

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Re: Huawei equipment can't be trusted?

What is to prevent China from finding the spy code in Cisco routers? Should be fairly EASY to do for anyone with electronics and programming knowledge.

Tech giants get antsy in Northern Virginia: Give us renewable power, there's a planet to save... and PR to harvest

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I don't get the....

downvotes on your post. Just moved to Virginia (Norfolk Area) and will take your advice and get solar panels. Our lot backs up to a 30 mile forest preserve and we get tons of furry and feathered creatures as well.

What I would do if I was president is make it mandatory that all buildings have solar panels (even provided by the US government). I would nationalize the grid, so where ever there is extra power could be routed to areas that need it. Advances in panel construction and batteries would make this feasible and get us off hopefully coal and natural gas. Nuclear energy would be the backup attached to the national grids.

Micron's new 9300 SSDs are bigger, faster and simpler... which is nice

Captain Obvious

As they say at high end car dealerships...

If you have to ask the price, you can not afford it!

Bet this costs at least 10,000 pounds for 16TB...

This is why spinning rust will still outsell SSD UNTIL the price comes close (even double the price is better than 10000000000x the price).

Amazon woes and wins, IBM thinks it's solved employee happiness and Duplex phony phone calls everywhere!

Captain Obvious

Maybe it is just as simple as...

Monitoring work output. People who are leaving, you should notice a HUGE decrease in output - also caution here is it could also be a personal crisis.

Just some thoughts!?!?!?!?

Poor people should get slower internet speeds, American ISPs tell FCC

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Re: Well, if they don't think it's fair...

Did it ever occur to you that faster broadband speeds AND even JUST broadband access will lift MANY people out of poverty? Plus, how would they access things like government services?

Obviously, you must be near the lower band of income (LAST THING_ I would _EVAR).

Worse yet, browsers underline words that are misspelled.

Lenovo tells Asia-Pacific staff: Work lappy with your unencrypted data on it has been nicked

Captain Obvious

Now that this is news

I wonder if the laptop thief really new all content on the stolen laptop. But they do now!!!!!!

Nope, the NSA isn't sitting in front of a supercomputer hooked up to a terrorist’s hard drive

Captain Obvious

Re: How are they going to make sure the "enemy" buys back door kit?

You beat me to the punch - was getting ready to post a similar content but you were faster :)

Sysadmin trained his offshore replacements, sat back, watched ex-employer's world burn

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Re: Timing is everything

Well turn them both over and when both hit 50% you are at four minutes. Was that the easy answer they wanted?

The butterfly defect: MacBook keys wrecked by single grain of sand

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El Reg: "Apple could not be reached for immediate comment."

Maybe you need to get in touch with Miss Cleo and have her channel her psychic abilities to take with Steve Jobs :)

Unbreakable smart lock devastated to discover screwdrivers exist

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Re: Yeah - but if I am a "common criminal" I'll definitely find another non-indiegogo to pawn

Funny - my English Shepherd does the same thing - if you are NOT a member of the family, you are literally dog food. Was bred for dual purpose - as a herding dog and as a protect dog.

Developer’s code worked, but not in the right century

Captain Obvious

Re: The Standard Date Format?

Looks like you will have a Y10K problem!

I will get me coat....

Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed

Captain Obvious

Re: spectacular coverage

I wish I could upvote you a million times as I have been saying this forever!

GoDaddy exiles altright.com after civil rights group complaint

Captain Obvious

Re: MiniTrue says

Boy are you ever clueless, which is why you are anonymous:

Let us just start here:


and here


and here


and here


and I could keep going and going and going and going and going.

How about BLM denying whites access to the "safe space" room even though white people were supporting them? Have to find that link as well. Is this not racism by BLM?

Best thing about a smart toilet? You can take your mobile in without polluting it

Captain Obvious

I don't know.....

I think the comments are just going down the toilet....

Office junior had one job: Tearing perforated bits off tractor-feed dot matrix printer paper

Captain Obvious

Re: Speaking of carbon paper...

Sadly, one of my clients who sells supplies to school still have AND use these printers for orders. They still use hand signatures to go across all three copies vs using a tablet for a signature. Even though the paper is getting really expensive, I cannot get them to switch :(

Yes - they were impacted by the stupid MS updates on Windows 10. No - they do not want WSUS installed either :(

Need this ====================================>

Farewell, Android Pay. We hardly tapped you

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Re: What could possibly...?

Happening to me right now. They have SIX months to reverse charges with paypal :(

NRA gives FCC boss Ajit Pai a gun as reward for killing net neutrality. Yeah, an actual gun

Captain Obvious

Re: the British government does not allow their driving licences to be exchanged for British ones.

Funny - I have been driving roundabouts for over 30 years here in the US. Please do not comment on what you do not know - sick of clueless people. I can tell you so many stories of stupid brits I have interacted with just over the phone much less worked with using my Work Visa. Get it through your head ALL countries have plenty of STUPID people.

Here is just one of many links I can come up with


Apple iPhone X: Two weeks in the life of an anxious user

Captain Obvious

Re: I hate iOS - but......

Odd - I have VLC Media Player on my iPhone and it works perfect. You can also get VLC Streamer for free, and then stream to iPad/iPhone or you can also download those to your device for watching later.

Drone perves defeated by tinfoil houses

Captain Obvious


There would be a huge market for these (shirts that could tell when being spied on) in the Middle East, ISIL, etc.

China's first space station to – ahem – de-orbit in late March

Captain Obvious

I wonder why

Thy don't just shoot it down with a missile like they did with the satellite? I obviously have not thought through all ramifications but I am not a rocket scientist :)

US border cops told to stop copying people's files just for the hell of it

Captain Obvious

Wow - don't know how many people missed the obvious

Hot, attractive, woman? QUICK! Copy the data. May get lucky and see some provocative pictures.

Probably the REAL reason they are doing this!

Pokémon GO caused hundreds of deaths, increased crashes

Captain Obvious

Re: Presumably, Jake ...

Few interesting things to add to the topic:

1) Switzerland is also a gun nut country

2) About 22% of deaths by gun there are also suicides

3) Almost every household has guns in Switzerland

4) Homicides are far lower there than in most other countries

Cons of this is that it appears to increase suicides as they have the means right there. However, I wonder if suicide rates are the same in countries that ban guns as people may use other methods.

Pros seem to be low crime and low number of homicides in Switzerland.

Take it for what it is, but America is not the only gun obsessed country.

Kernel-memory-leaking Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign

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Re: Phew!

What has stopped me from the Ryzen which I almost bought the 16 core for $699 on sale was the fact it had issues with Hyper-V running 32 bit VM's and other Hyper-V issues such as features not supported on AMD. If they had the full support, Ryzen 1950x would certainly have been my next choice.

Captain Obvious

Re: Is it time?

Read the article - Linux is affected too as well as Mac O/S

Ubuntu 17.10 pulled: Linux OS knackers laptop BIOSes, Intel kernel driver fingered

Captain Obvious

So for those of us who have this working on a VM with no issues

Will there be updates to this or will I have to reinstall all from scratch?

What's that fresh, zesty fragrance? Oh, Linux Mint 18.3 has landed

Captain Obvious

Re: Up to date updates

As much as I hate Windows (and I used to be an evangelist a long time ago), why not just use FIND?

Russian rocket snafu may have just violently dismantled 19 satellites

Captain Obvious

This isd day

I don't care who you are, where you are from, etc. I wish everyone success in getting us into space. Hopefully Russia will quickly figure out what went wrong so this is not repeated. EVERYONE has had at least one catastrophe when launching rockets as this is "rocket science"!!!

I just wish the world would unite, stop all wars, and all that money in defense saved could be spent on colonizing other planets. As more machines do the work here, putting people on other planets removes idle hands on this planet and gives everyone full employment. THAT is the only next industry that will save us as there really is no new field to get into. Plus, if one is kept busy and has a purpose, it reduces the influence from religious nutjobs.



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