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Picture this: Data-wrangling boffins say they have made JPEGs OBSOLETE

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Open Standard?

Company name at least implies 'dual use' - which would suggest a 'no'

Oracle and SAP are Big Software, but for how long?

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Another reason why SAP and OpenERP don't fare as well in the ERP world as they once did...

Dare I mention it: open source?

Open Source ERP systems have come of age and are used extensively (even here in the UK).

SME are selecting open source ERP systems, but oddly no mention here (well not really, because when you know how Gartner and others work).

They are not free as in free beer, but have a far lower TCO then the other proprietary be it on-site or SaaS/ Cloud offerings and also have the feature set a SME manufacturing business in the UK needs.

OpenERP is such an example.

Informatica caught flat-footed by revenue shortfall

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Has nothing to do with the competition, just with the economy, eh?

Hmm, maybe costs are a factor even in BI, and commercial open source alternatives might be finally start to eat Informaticas lunch. Pentaho, Talend, anyone?

Fukushima on Thursday: Prospects starting to look good

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Decision Making under uncertainty at a nuclear emergency

The only applicable quality criteria of an information is the clear definition of its source.

Knowledge contrary to information has different quality criteria, the like which are discussed here ad infinitum in relation to information.

Decisions for measures to help to reduce the health risk to the population in such events are per se decisions under uncertainty.

Wondering what decision support system would/could be used at a similar incident in Europe (that includes the UK):


(no worries, the web site is in English, its a EU wide project).

Government should extend agile development for IT

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Err not really...

DSDM as one of the Agile methods uses timeboxes.

So every project has a definite end, only the requirements are in flux (I know, I know).

One of the problems is that the Agile methods are software development methods in contrast to project management methods, hence do not cover the complete project management cycle.

Besides that minor quibble there are some criteria which have to be met in order to do a software development project in Agile style (Scrum, DSDM...):

a) not a lengthy list of legal requirements

b) availability of the user

Interesting to see how that pans out...

And another point to b) even if the users can make themselves available, they need a certain 'enlightened' view point as well (Process Awareness, anyone?)

Beastly Android will batter Apple's iOS beauty

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Google is the new Open - or is it not?

Android is Open - even so open that preferred hardware partners have a new os version before others...

Smartphone growth rate in the US - lets revisit this chart in three months time after the iPhone has been available on Verizon for a few weeks....

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