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Microsoft bigs up open source, then stuffs it under the sofa

Steve Stites

Microsoft is driven by internal politics

From the article:

"This, in turn, lets Microsoft "respond to the inevitability of open source in their market without constant push-back from cautious and reactionary corporate process."

Microsoft is very insular. Most of their actions are the result of internal political fights. The winner is the best politician, not the best idea. So the explanation of why Microsoft is creating a wholly owned subsidiary to deal with open source is hidden somewhere in the labyrinth of Microsoft political infighting. If the action makes sense to people outside of Microsoft that is entirely coincidental.


Steve Stites

Novell's Microsoft patent sale referred to regulators

Steve Stites

Open Source is not a patent aggressor

IBM is very concerned about the Novell software patents passing into hostile hands. They are willing to go to the immense trouble and expense to try to reverse the sale. IBM has chosen to fight the sale using OSI as a proxie.

Open Source has absolutely no interest in fighting the patent wars. We only do so when necessary because we are attacked. We have no interest in who owns the Novell patents and it is insane for Open Source to start a software patent fight with Microsoft. I recommend that IBM stop using OSI or any other open source entity as a proxie in this fight.


Steve Stites

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