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BT missing from Pirate Bay High Court slap-down


They already do. They use three floors of one of AT&T buildings where there main Atlantic internet feed for AT&T come into.

Capturing that kind of data is not an issue, now processing that into something that can mean something now that's another story. :)


Most ISP's router all there traffic though IXP's

If the Government really wanted control they would of placed the order on LONAP, LINX or other IXP's

My hunch like in the states they are already sitting within all of the IXP's monitoring our traffic.

Drama as Thai frogmen struggle to save world PC market


HDD prices will still rise

There is a nice little video on youtube of the site from 14/11/11 its still flodded.

The equipment will be a write off. clean rooms wont be clean any more.

there is one thing for un bolting stuff, but how are they going to lift it out with out removing roofs or cutting holes in walls?

dont thing they will be able to get a barge in to move anything out from the video. still weeks till the water goes down.

Diary of a Not-spot: The readers speak


cheep long range 2.4ghz option for less than £100 per end

wifi-link do a cheep long range package, that might be worth a look all for less then £100 for each end. not bad in my book.

2.4GHz Router + GRID 15 / 19 / 24 + Pigtail

3mile out door range stated on there site. so its worth a shot.


long external network links between two switches

most switches under 8 ports are on adapters thats are double insulated, NO EARTH pin. so if the earths would never really be connected.

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