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Nokia N73 3G smart phone

Paul M. Cray

Deely disappointing

I've had my N73 for about a month now and I have to say I am deeply disappointed with it. The build quality is low: the silver surfacing on the left side of the keypad started peeling away the first day I had the phone. The S60 software is incredibly flaky and very non-intuitive. For instance, when using predictive text, accessing alternative word is slow and clunky and the software inserts a lower case letter if the word is at the beginning of a sentence. The camera is good, but I agree about the wholly unacceptable delay between pressing the shutter button and the picture actually being taken. Overall, I wish I'd gone with Sony-Ericsson - at least I'd have been helping to boost the value of my (worthless) Ericsson stock.



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