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Moviestorm virtual movie studio


Too bad you are missing out on learning to use a great program.

Moviestorm is a beautiful animation program. The reason it is considered Machinima is that the programing uses game engine technology. Filmmakers are free to make any kind of movie they would like with Moviestorm and to make original movies which is very different than those movies made with games. Also Moviestorm can be used commercially and I have done so. You can check me out on IMDB.com at


I also know a lot of professional directors, producers, artists, actors, writers, studio owners who are very impressed with Moviestorm capabilities.

As far as the ease of learning Moviestorm, it is one of the most user friendly of all the animation programs out there. Animation is not easy to learn, but Moviestorm makes it easier. I don't know why you thought the graphics were low res because they are not. It must be the settings for your own video card. I have had movies made with Moviestorm on TV and they look as good and sometimes better than a lot of TV shows even on a 60 inch flat screen TV. Depending upon your graphics card and your monitor, you can make movies hi res enough to be shown on a movie screen.



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