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Foo Fighters gig goes seismic


Gizza Kiss?

" a peak osculation of 3 Hz"? I dunno, I've never thought of the Foo Fighters as the kind of band to take a date to, honestly ... ;-)

Vote now for the best sci-fi film never made


On the Gripping Hand ...

That's what I voted for, and was pleasantly surprised to see it in front. I don't think it's _quite_ the greatest SF book ever written, but it would make a seriously cracking movie, so I think the poll is right.

Ubuntu tablet rumored for early 2011 launch



Someone said "Ubuntu has cruft" - but what does that mean? If you don't like something, you remove it. You have a standard set of apps in the default installation, the ones that Canonical thinks everyone wants, but you're not stuck with them. This even applies to the graphical interface e.g. if I get one of these, I'll probably install the standard GNOME desktop and use that instead. Or I'll try GNUstep on it, the Linux version of the old NeXT window manager, which is heavily icon-based and can still work with an onscreen keyboard.

The point is that it will be a full computer, far more customisable than one of those appliances with Android or iOS on board. If it's the same hardware as a Windows 7 tablet, why is that a problem?

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