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Age checks for online pr0n? I've never heard of it but it sounds like a good idea – survey


I mean, most providers block access to these sites anyway, so to access from the UK, you pretty much already need a VPN anyway..

Most of that sort of blocking is on mobile and takes a single call to switch off.


Re: Porn block from Easter 2019

Not the entire country - just that percentage of people incapable of getting around the "block".

Google brings 2-factor authentication to Gmail



If a keylogger had been in operation I'm sure whoever-it-is would have picked a juicier plum than a Gmail account!

Do a quick Google search - this illegal-access-from-Chinese-IPs thang seems amazingly widespread.


SMS authentication

I just had to reactivate my Gmail account via SMS after it had been accessed from a Chinese IP range (which seems to be amazingly common - do a Google search). Now, this is the second time this has happened, and both times I was using 12-character randomly-generated passes, so what gives? How are they cracking them? Are they brute-forcing the passes (seems unlikely) or is the suggestion that's floating around that there's some fundamental security flaw in Google's authentication system true??

UK probes ebook pricing


What an appropriate avatar

As has been said many, many times by authors and publishers and God knows who else ad sodding nauseam - the actual printing cost is probably the smallest proportion of a book's production cost. E.g., the printing cost of a hardback is less than £1.50 per copy for a small run, and an average-run paperback probably around 50p.

Virgin Media kills 20Mb broadband service


Cable internet service? Noooooo

Oh God no, avoid their cable service! Avoid it like the proverbial plague! Unlike ADSL, if your modem goes tits-up, you can't just plug in a 3rd party one. No, you have to wait a sodding fortnight for Virgin to send you a new one, and that only after you've finally flipped and phoned up to cancel the bloody service.....

Gov gone wild: Mad new pub glasses, bread freedom introduced


Too much choice?

Tall glass, thin glass, schooner, vase, bowl, goblet or pipette?

US woman sues again over XP 'downgrade', seeks class action

Thumb Up


I have to agree; some laptops just aren't up to running Windows 7, in the same way that back in the day underpowered laptops were flogged with XP and then Vista crammed on to them. IMHO you need at least a 2 GHz dual core and 2 GB of RAM for acceptable results with 7. Oh, and a decent video chipset if you fancy using the Aero eye candy.

Amazon: 'iPad LCD tablets no threat to Kindle'


Kindle formats

The Kindle will happily display DRM-free ebooks - eg from Project Gutenberg, or ones you've converted yourself. PDFs and TXT files are both acceptable formats, though your mileage may vary with PDFs depending on how they've been formatted; probably best to convert them first.

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