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Boffins hand in their homework on Voyager 2's first readings from beyond Solar System


technical point

Come on folks. While I have been and continue to be a die hard fan of the Voyagers, I do prefer technical accuracy, not blind adoration. A solar system is that volume of space under the direct influence of a central star (or stars - binary system). The Oort Cloud, which envelopes the solar system, is where the Sun drags comets from and therefore is under the influence of the Sun. The Oort Cloud isn't just passing by; it's anchored to the Sun. Stating the heliosphere or the magnetosphere to be the edge of the solar system, as so many do, is simply wrong. The Voyagers have only left the inner region of the solar system and have far to go before reaching, let alone passing through, the Oort Cloud which marks the currently observed edge of the solar system.

UN defends human right to WikiLeaked info


The UN actually gets it right.

The UN announcement on the Wikileaks bruhaha was quite an unexpected and welcome surprise. Until this announcement, the voice of reason has been drowned out by the primitive scare mongering of 'digital McCarthyism' that has flooded the news media. The path to a mature, intelligent and compassionate humanity depends on open and honest access to information which allows the common person to make informed decisions. Governments of course, find the concept of an aware populous to be anathema.


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