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Boss leaves robot in charge of office

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We're off...

To button mooooooooon



Skype goes titsup across globe

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an odd feature

salada2k, a number of points.

in my experience, PC1 and PC2 do not have to be logged on at the same time. A number of others have reported the same. messages arrive seemingly out of the ether

not storing data in the first place is not the same as employing encryption. cryptography is not infallable. if I chose not to deactivate the history in my skype preferences, then why would I welcome the entire hidden bloody invisible cache of them being blurted back at me everytime I switch computers? it compromises productivity, I for one dont have the time to stop what im writing / reading to interact with the skype UI every other minute. give me a break

assume for a moment that this count be classed as a feature for the forgetful, its not the sort of feature that should be constitutively on.

in the absence of melodrama I reckon its a shitty bug at least, but its a potential privacy breach at worse.

nevertheless I hope the fucker starts working again sooner rather than later

scott 73
Big Brother

maybe a good time to mention

that when it is online, skype irritates the hell out of many users (some of which complain loudly on the skype forums - to no avail) who use the program on multiple machines. im speaking about messages coming back from the dead:


now, everytime I log onto skype using my travelling netbook, I have to shut the bloody thing off after 5 minutes. constant stream of messages that ought to be dead and forgotten. I cant stand it, every few seconds or minutes they come.

its feeding the conspiracy theorists out there that this issue is somehow linked to the US department of homeland security, and their desire to retain chat histories to keep the world safe.

not an illogical theory, and unlikely to keep me up at night since my life is too dull to attract the attention of the authorities. but one thing that does piss me off is the way skype barely acknowledge such a problem exists. some guys have even been told by skype tech support that this is a feature, not a bug.

which would be a lot more convincing as an explanation, would it not be for the fact that I (and other people compaining) deactivate chat history as a matter of routine. I would love to know which remote location(s) are storing my chat history

privacy breach?

scott 73

ps, ditto Dazed and Confused - the status page got me too!

immediately started fiddling with my network settings, doh



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