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Salesforce boss Benioff foretells grim, unrelenting hyper-capitalist future


But salesforce forgets about ITS OWN CUSTOMERS!

Benioff may (or may not) be right about the importance of connecting all things social to business CRM.

But as a heavy user of Salesforce (an AMAZING cloud platform with extraordinary customisation potential before you even start trying to write code) what bothers me is that for all the talk of THE ERA OF THE CUSTOMER or whatever and social bla bla.... Salesforce has yet to make a responsive, user-friendly mobile app for goodness sake.

And the user interface is slower than it should be, unattractive and can't be "skinned"... and I think Salesforce has generally failed to explain to the world that it's more than just a CRM package - way more - you can pretty much run your whole business on it - even if you don't give a monkeys about social media.

France demands Skype register as telco

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GOOD IDEA. Making Skype "be a telco" will force them to... be a telco!

This is a good idea.

It will actually wake Skype up and make them a full part of the telecomms infrastructure. It will accelerate the demise of regular telephony. No bad thing.

Smartphone users prefer LOVELY apps to fiddly mobe websites

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BUT.. a site which detects your mobile and delivers a GREAT mobile site version is maybe best?

What we really want is things to be FAST. And that might mean NOT having to download an app.

A few web sites just work - fast and brilliantly - on a mobile device. These are the sites which detect a mobile device, and quickly serve up an appropriate version of the site/content... that is FAST and probably faster than loading up (or installing) an app.

I reckon the reason for the outcome of this web research is:

- Many web sites work really badly on mobile devices

- Many "mobile versions" are crap

But there are crap apps too... Salesforce, anyone? Addison Lee's taxi booker?

Muso scrapbook Soundcloud gets $50m, corporatespeak makeover


I would pay for music on Soundcloud

I don't get it. I hear music I like on Soundcloud - a refreshing change from the mainstream a lot of the time - and I can't buy it. What kind of crazy business turns away money from punters?

Christmas shoppers hit by BT fire


Back up and running at 9.30am - thanks to a supply of batteries

Venus is a fibre internet operator based in Soho Exchange and others. Since our offices are around the corner we were able to bring over some fully charged UPS units (battery backup) and get all our customers back up and running by 9.30am

It's quite clear the BT has worked very hard to get this sorted out and power was restored for many of the LLU broadband operators before lunchtime.

The problem is that the melted circuit comes AFTER the generators etc... We've seen things like this happen in quite a few of the major data centres... it seems that disaster recovery plans are very hard to get 100% right.

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