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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

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That was the worst review ive ever read

Was that written by a 12 year old or something. Blizzard have done a fantastic job with the game. the level cap being 85 isnt really a problem as everyone is forgetting about the level cap being 85 is about 60% of the expansion work went into the original wow game levels (1-60) they are virtually new and any review that only mentions level 80-85 in cataclysm isnt even reviewing half the game and there is a hell of a lot of content at 85 anyways and personally i dont want a situation where i have to level a new character to level 120 before i meet any people( like what happens in most MMOs after a few expansions). and there are a percentage of players that do the levelling game and then get fedup and cancel, wouldnt matter if the level cap in the game was expanded by 20 levels

if your levelling to 85 and not changing your teir 10 gear out by the end of hyjal/vashir your doing something radically wrong, i got a random blue staff drop and it was better than my heroic Teir 10 staff. you need to change your gear rapidly

and secondly Pandarean as a playable race ?? WTF blizzard never promised that ever, the fans have been calling for them as a playable race but blizzard have never said they would be even present in the game. The pandarean were originally a april's fool joke that got out of hand anyways and if they put them into the game they'd never get a licence to sell WoW in china again



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