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Windows 8 security is like a swiss cheese flak jacket - sez AV firm


16% Fail Better than 100% Slow with Commercial AV

So 16% of malware gets through if I act like a complete moron. I'd rather take my chances that I'm somewhat more savvy and miss out on the CPU-sucking, RAM hogging, file diverting BS that is most AV software. My PC doubled its speed when I tossed out commercial AV software and let Defender do the basics. That was two years ago and I've only had one virus since then, which Defender caught before any harm was done.

Watchdog mauls Euro database of 'pirates'


Higher peaks to peek at

That's peek with an ee not an ea, unless you're actually on top of the naughty list.

Flickr flap illuminates cloud concerns


Backupify will do exactly that

Backupify specializes in backing up data you have on the cloud. They have specific solutions for Flickr, Facebook, Google Docs and many more. What I don't see in their product is a way to restore efficiently from the backup back to the cloud. [I haven't tried it myself because of this problem with restoring data.]

Assange: Text messages show rape allegations were 'set up'


Get thee to Sweden - and then disappear

Assange should get to Sweden post-haste. Drop this mucking about with resisting deportation and instead go and answer a few questions from the Swedish police. Remember, he's only wanted for questioning, not arrest.

The SMS referred to in this piece are widely available to Swedish speakers and they tell a pretty strong story that the allegations are simply lover's revenge from the women involved, which has gone wildly out of control due to the recent attention to Wikileaks.

Once Assange is free from the allegations here in Sweden he should hot foot it to a country without extradition arrangements with the USA, before the USA puts in official charges. It may already be too late though - he should have sorted this out a month ago.

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