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LG 3D TV ads misled buyers, judges watchdog


I love my LG

I have to say, I'm delighted with my 3D LG telly. We can all watch the telly sat wherever and it works fine. I can't perceive any drop in HD-ness between 3D and non-3D. Plus we have 10 pairs of specs and get new pairs off ebay for 99p. If only I had something to watch :(

Sony PlayStation Network vs MS Xbox Live


PS Network is a dog

Whilst I agree that PSN has a superior selection of movies, I have to know 2 hours in advance that I want to watch a film so I can download it. With xbox live I can stream HD without worrying about buffering or pausing. This has been consistent across 2 different locations and with both BT and Sky broadband.

I happily pay £28 a year, (you're a mug if you pay the full £40) the quality of service on xbox live is vastly superior to that of PSN.

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